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chapter one

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May 12th 2013 2:26 pm
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Woozle, my darling- I've been so busy and happy up here on the Cat Planet, I haven't paid much attention to your lives on earth!! I see you Gita has gotten you a friend (about a year ago last Xmas)! Do you like him? I can see that he's very attractive, in a goofy, floofy sort of way- not elegant, like I was, and definitely not suave like me. So the tables have been turned- you pestered me, and now Swiffer pesters you!!!
I hope you appreciate each other, though. Look- I see him splayed on the quilt right now, and you resting on Gita's filthy sweater. Good!!!

I miss you all!
your smushy


Thanks from the Cat Planet

September 19th 2012 1:43 pm
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AARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!! Thanks, fellow pirates, for remembering me up here on the Cat Planet!!! I've been up here for more than a year now, and I'm so happy!! I get to eat whenever and whatever I want, and run around in the grass and lie in the sun, and look down on the people and see that they miss me every daY!!! I see that Woozle the pest has a new companion cat, who drives her crazy the same way she bugged me, but I can also see that she's tolerating him, which, in Woozle language means she likes him. They don't cuddle the way we did, but he does lick her head, which is very sweet.
I hope all you cats down there are happy, too!!!



furst of all,

December 20th 2010 8:08 am
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Thank you to everyone who has sent us messages of consolation. Also, thank you to CATSTER for making me a DOD!!!!
Let me tell you a little of what's happened. I went to sleep, with my banana, and it was the most delicious sleep ever, because I didn't have to have one eye half open for predators, victims, etc. I floated through some soft, fuzzy clouds and everything around me was in the most amazing colors that I couldn't appreciate when I was on Urth. As soon as I got to the CAT PLANET, I saw Ruff, and she looks pretty good- maybe she took off a few pounds. and her nose isn't running. Hi, Ruff!!!! So I'm all excited, but then some cat in a white coat says I have to fill out some forms for my intake interview with the GREAT COOKIE PUSS.
They're just conventional forms, like: Have you ever had measles, mumps, chicken pox, blurry vision, difficulty breathing, intestinal problems, scrofula, dropsy,allergies, psychiatric problems, dizziness, consumption- you know. And for the "Have you ever had surgery- if so, explain" part, I had to write "neutered", but the nurse said don't be embarrassed, because it saved me a lot of aggravation in later life. And for "Have you ever been hospitalized?", I had to put that yes, I was hospitalized for vomiting and explosive diarrhea when Woozle moved in.
Brother! Anyway, I guess I'll be seeing the Cat Planet queen soon, for placement. Meanwhile, there's so much tissue paper, and so many cardboard boxes, and so much catnip that I'm pleasantly high all the time.
So please stop crying, Gita! I'm really, really good- and I'm shiny and my teeth are white and everything! Little Woozle, you have a lot of responsibility now, so don't be a pest, and take care of the people who love you! I know you've never been alone a single day in your entire life, but you'll enjoy the privacy, and I happen to know that as soon as you get used to your Only Cat status, they'll rescue a "companion" for you . So take advantage of this time!
I love you all very, very much!!!!
More updates to come!


THANK YOU to all our friends

December 12th 2010 7:59 am
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After my sonogram, I had a chest xray which showed that the lymphoma had spread to my chest, and that I soon wouldn't be able to breathe, and that my organs- my kidneys were already damaged- would fail, one after the other. I would live with constant fear of being trapped to take medicine and many traumatic trips to the vet for possibly invasive procedures and only temporary relief. Even if chemo were to debulk my tumors, I would be on a cocktail of drugs, and the quality of the remainder of my life would most certainly be compromised. After much tearful deliberation, Gita and Pita thought that I should gently cross the bridge, rather than surviving for what would probably be only a few more months of anxiety and discomfort before the inevitable. They held me and kissed me for nearly an hour in the doctor's office, and held me and kissed me while I was peacefully, painlessly, tenderly, and respectfully put to sleep by our very compassionate vet. I think this was a great mercy. I am glad to have left this world without pain and indignity, knowing how much I was loved. I had the luckiest , happiest , most beautiful life on earth a boy could have had- I was rescued when I was a very sick kitten and lived joyfully for 15 years with people who couldn't have cherished me more. . Now I am with my sister Ruff.
I know my earth family can't stop crying- it was so abrupt- but I will live on in infinite happy memories!
And Little Woozle, I don't think you'll miss me too much, since I stole all your treats, but when they rescue another kitty, be sure to let him into your heart.

with gratitude, love, peace and happiness to all my Catster friends,


Deep sadness.

December 11th 2010 9:12 am
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I have been diagnosed with lymphoma today. Gita is beyond consolation.We must decide what to do. I have had the most wonderful life and the most love a kitty could have.

Thank you to all of you who have been my friends.

all the kiity love on the planet,


c'mon, you guys! I need PURRS!!!!

December 10th 2010 6:50 am
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I'm going back to the vet to be violated some MORE, and I haven't gotten ONE PURR!!!!
Plus, Gita is forcing disgusting medicine down my throat, and Woozle is rejecting me because of my gross v-e-t smell. She is so superficial.
Gita is moping around like the world is coming to an end. Maybe it is. PLEASE PURR FOR ME, I beg you. Maybe no one is reading my diary.

Also, the more think about it, the more I think I need to write to the CSA (Cat Security Administration ) about my TOTAL BODY SCAN.

Possibly very sick Smushy


Worried. Purrs, please!

December 7th 2010 1:17 pm
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Went to the vet today, who, poked, prodded, squished, and humiliated me in every possible way.
She felt a mass in my abdomen, she thought, so I had an xray. It showed that some of my guts were thickened, but she couldn't really see the mass, which is near my liver and spleeeeen, because I was so full of food. So I have to GO BACK for a sonogram. Plus I've lost at least 3 lb. I feel FINE, except for some barfing, which I never used to do. Gita said she'd stay off the internet, but she didn't. she's afraid I might have lymphoma. That would be beyond devastating. the vet said not to get sad yet. I yam 15.
Woozle has been hissing at me since I got back. That is very unsympathetic behavior, if you ask me. This morning I stole her Greenies. So there, Woozle.
I hope it's treatable, Whatever's wrong. I know that Gita doesn't want to put me through any unnecessary trauma EVER.




December 5th 2010 11:28 am
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Gita has noticed- who wouldn't?- that I am acting crazy around food, AND that I seem to be losing weight. And also that some of the barf she assumed was Woozle's is MINE. I have never been a barfer. We have done some research, and I might be hyperthyroid. So I guess I HAVE to go to the V-E-T now. I hope I don't have to have surgery or anything. Gita's freaking out. Have any of my friends had hyperthyroidism?

Oy Vay.



November 30th 2010 6:26 am
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is more important to me than food. I yam the FOOD-PEST. But I yam fussy. F'r'instance, I love Thanksgiving leftovers, but I will not eat them from my dish, only from the floor. Also, I love BREAD, but it must be fresh and soft, and NO CRUST. Also, I would much rather eat Woozle's food than my own. I don't care if she starves. She's indifferent to food, anyway, except for Greenies.




November 25th 2010 6:46 am
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You all know that I live for food, right? Have you heard the quotation "revenge is a dish best served cold"? Well, that's what I GOT FOR THANKGIVING BREAKFIST!!! COLD WET TUNA REVENGE!!!! Gita says we must refrigerate our leftovers and eat them because it would be bad to waste food when other kitties worldwide are starving.
So I'll eat when the food gets to room temperature, maybe. We don't have a microwave.
And she did bring home TIKI TUNA for us, and also I see that we have an unopened bag of GREENIES.
Somebody barfed this morning.


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