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Adventure in tree climbing

August 27th 2007 4:42 pm
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I had so much fun last night I just have to mrow about it.
Mom took me for my walk about 11 pm last night like always but before we got anywhere the neighbor from across the street pulled up in the car and she and Mom started doing the people thing. They just stood there and talked and talked and talked. Boring!
That's my time. My WALK time. For ME! I have Mom very well trained. As soon as I hear her say bedtime I run and grab my walking jacket and bring it to her. She knows that before bed it's my walk time, for me. I really LOVE my walk time, for ME.
Mom puts my walking jacket on me and attaches the leash which is really cool. It's 25 feet long and retracts and everything. Usually we go around the block which is about 1/2 a mile and I get to say hi to the neighborhood. There's lots of friends both cats and dog who expect me then. I even have people who like to see me every night. I call them my fan club. I even go out when it rains even though I'm the only one outside then.
Anyhow, last night I fully expected to have my walk until Mom just started jabbering away. I sniffed around and rubbed up and tried pulling on the leash. I even hollered as loud as I could but Mom totally ignored ME. Obvciously I need to give her a refresher course in proper slave behavior.
Our front yard has this great tree. I'm a GREAT climber but Mom seems not to understand that. Every time we go outside I run up to the tree so I can climb it but Mom just doesn't seem to understand what I try to tell her and just pulls me out into the street so we can go walkies. I really like the walk and I do have events to keep up on in the neighborhood so I don't really try that hard to get up the tree. After all, my fans (people) and friends (cats and dogs) are expecting me so I just go walkies with MOM.
But last night she wasn't paying attention. And, the tree was there within my reach so.....UP I went. Wow! WOW!!! What fun I had. I got all the way up to a branch about 3 times as high as Mom's reach but when I tried to get down the leash got wrapped around the branch and I was STUCK. Yipes!
I got really angry and hollered for help and Mom noticed then. Yep, she SURE did.
Have you ever seen people try to figure something out that they don't want to do? It was so funny I just hollered louder and louder. My Mom's nice but not very coordinated. She can't climb. Isn't that strange. She can't even use a ladder. So she pulled the ladder out from the back yard and the neighbor had to climb up to get me but the ground is so uneven and sloped that they couldn't get the ladder to stay firm.
Needless to say I just cheered them on and before you know it more neighbors came out to see what a good climber and singer I am. Finally someone managed to hold the ladder so Iz, the neighbor could climb up and get me.
Well, I never got my walk last night but I had ever so much fun. When I got inside I had a long leisurely wash and slept all night under the covers with Mom so she could appreciate how great it is to have someone like me to keep her busy. Entertaining and caring for our people can be hard work but it's worth it when something like this happens.
Try it sometime!
Purrrs and sandpaper kisses to everyone, Bounce


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