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A Helping Paw

Gone but not forgotten

October 17th 2015 10:07 pm
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we've been having coyote problems in my area for a while and Miss Topsy and Shaft, we believe, were killed by them. Shaft in August and Miss Topsy just earlier this month. i realize that coyotes are animals too but part of me wants to just nuke the woods. too much pain in my heart.

i thank them for so many years of love and devotion that made my life worth living. the rest of us are carrying on as best we can.


Space Truckin! (with rude paw gestures)

February 15th 2007 10:11 am
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OH MY GOODNESS! I feel so awful! Shelly & I had our snip-snip surgery yesterday and we are both still way out of it! I smell of wee! :(
I KNOW I'm going to get a bath as soon as I'm up and around again. I'm crashed out on a heating pad as I type this....I don't have much energy. I would hate for Martin to see me like this, in dishabille! I admit I have been doing a bunch of yowling & howling but that is just my way to let everyone know how *$#@$$D OFF I am! I mean, I know I didn't really want kittens....(kittens are highly overrated!) and I wanted to live the carefree single life (with my boyfriend Martin, of course) but this surgery business is UNCOOL! I have been answering questions from 20 minutes ago! How long does this awfulness last?
Well, I just want to say..."I HOPE EVERYONE IS %$#%ING HAPPY, NOW!!!!" BLAH!


My New Boyfriend!

January 1st 2007 8:16 pm
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I have a new Boyfriend, Martin! OXOXOO
He is very handsome & sweet and I love him! MEOW! He is beautiful, black & fluffy (just like I like them) hee hee
He was named after Saint Martin de Porres and he's shy like me!

What a wonderful new year's gift for me!

Miss Topsy


A Helping Paw

December 21st 2006 7:55 am
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Mami bought a bunch of fresh green beans marked down at the store and then left them on the counter for a few days where they got even older. Then she threw them out in the yard so one day Shelly and & I decided to carry them all back inside! We played with green beans all over the house and had a big old time! Mami came home and threw them all out again but we knew better and carried them all back in again. Silly Mami!

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