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The Tess Mess

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I Think I'll Have a Birthday Every Day!

February 3rd 2010 12:37 pm
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Oh wow! My birthday was so pawsome! So wonderfur I think I'll just have one every day!

Like I said, my stinky fursibs let me smell their butts, and the humans finally got around to singing Happy Birthday to me, and the secretary entertained me by fishing my new mousies out from under her TV stand. I had a blast doing that until the kittens got wind of it. But it was fun while it lasted! And I got my favorite treat, cream!

But best of all, my Snookums *Mittens* sent me pawsome pressies! I got a soft beautiful blankie that is pink and has kitties on it! And he sent me a cupcake you can fill up with nip! Omega inhaled it and zonked out looking all stoned. It was hilarious. I smacked all my fursibs to get them away from my Sweetiemitts loot. Sheesh, it was MINE after all! I got some rattly balls and new mousies! I love mousies and of course knocked them under the furniture immediately. I was so annoyed coz the secretary took pictures, but I think she got some good ones. I'll try to get her to help put them on my page tonight! As you'll see, I also loved the purrty envelope Sweetiemitts sent them in!

Oh! And he sent me a hysterical card with a "moon" on it. MOL MOL MOL

Thank you so much, *Mittens* for my presents. You never stop spoiling me, and I love that! MOL I love you so much! *swoons*

And OMC, all my friends on Catster spoil me so much, too! A big thank you and headbutt to:

Mittens for the yummy cupcake and diary greetings
Sugar and "all of us" for the festive party hat and diary greetings
Aspen & Company for the beautiful rose
Mercy and family for the stunning emerald
Kitcat and Squirrel for the heart
Pansy (who better not be holding my mail to Mittenspoo) for the tasty shrimp
Edgar and family for the pawsome party hat
Sweet Kittanna for the Voki message

You all sure did make me feel special and made my birthday wonderful! Thank you so much! I'm sorry if I've left anyone out, and I hope to get around to thanking you all purrsonally super soon. But you secretary and all, that may or may not happen. MOL

Another thing that made my birthday special is the lovely, wonderful *Samoa* named my sweet brofur *Hitch* a Dreamboat-in-Training. We are all so excited and touched that she honored him that way. He's trying not to let his wonky head grow twice as big over it, but I know he secretly thinks he's the stuff. I'm sure I'll have to remind him who's boss, but I'll let him revel in it for a day or two first. (I know Samoa knows how that goes, living with Newman and all). MOL


Today's My Birthday!

February 2nd 2010 6:24 am
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I am so purry excited! Today's my birthday!

I can't believe I'm four whole years young already! So far all my fursibs have stuck their butts in my faces to say Happy Birthday, and the humans totally furgot to mention it this morning while they were dashing out the door.

Oh, well, I know they have big plans for me tonight. Or at least THEY BETTER!!!

And I get to spend all day with my Sweetiemitts! *giggle* Oh my he's the most wonderfur boyfriend. He sent me a big 'ol cupcake already. I'm not going to share it with anybody but him, either.

No, not even you, Sawyer!

Thank you so much for the cupcake Sweetiemitts. *swoon* And thank you Catster for the paws and the treats!

Okay, I'm off to celebrate by whacking all my sibs up side the head and tackling Sawyer.


Itchies and Scratchies

January 16th 2010 7:13 pm
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I had to go to the V-E-T on Thursday. My vet is a female and not as cute as my Sweetiemitts' Dr. Hottie...and she's my human sis/secretary doesn't mind that it's my mommy who always takes me to the vet. MOL

Anyway, I was so sweet to the Vet that my mommy was mad. I let her hold me. When my mommy tries to hold me like the Vet was, I slap her upside the head. But I didn't do that to the Vet.

I got shots! Acck! The usual ones and some for allergies. I've been itching so bad and a little bit of my fur has fallen out on both sides of my tail! The worst part though was they knocked me out and did the most dreadful thing pawsible to me!!!


Wow, when I got home I was a zombie. I didn't know who the heck those humans adoring me were, but I knew I like them a whole lot. The room was so pretty and colorful and the world was all aglow! MOL Then for a change I was so sleepy I didn't jump and run like the wind every time someone made the slightest sound.

I've finally perked back up, and I think it worked. I'm not as itchy and scratchy, thank heavens! I gotta be all purrty for my birthday and Valentine's Day after all!



January 9th 2010 8:50 pm
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Look at my pawsome page! My Sweetiemitts shared his code with me. *swoons* You know it's love when your boyfriend shares his CODE with you. *swoons again*

Thank you so much, Mittens! I love you so much. *giddy*


Santa SweetieMitts-Paws!

December 18th 2009 8:47 pm
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*Mittens* sent me Christmas presents! *chases tail* PAWSOME, PAWTASTIC, WONDERFUR Christmas presents! *does backflips*

He sent me a super cute kitty stocking, two seriously strong catnip cigars--WHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEE--a hecka cool Jingly Toy, two mousies, one of which I promptly chased through the house before it made the photo shoot, Party Mix--WOOT WOOT--and an adorable card he signed himself. *melts*

Isn't he the sweetest thing? *swoons*

Thank you so much for my pressies, *Sweetiemitts*! You spoil me rotten, and I love you so much!

(PS, my secretary is in big trouble for forgetting to let you know we got the pawkage. Hopefully I'll get lots of cream to share with you to make up for it...MOL)


Halloween Mittens!

November 1st 2009 11:25 am
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Aw. My pawsome smoking hot super fab boyfriend Mittens sent me a ghostie for Halloween! He treated me instead of tricked me! That's why I love him more than my luggage.

And have you seen his hecka cute main photo wearing his Thanksgiving bib? MOL His page is already decorated for Thanksgiving. I'm hiring HIS secretary.

I also got a cool witch's hat from Sofie! She rocks! Sunday meowed it's the purrfect hat for me. What did THAT mean?

I hope everycat had a Happy Halloween and got lots of treats. Now on to turkey time!!!


Deep Sigh

October 5th 2009 1:02 pm
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That does it! The secretary is fired! She tried to Halloween my page, and blew it up instead.

You just can't find good help anymore.


Mittens Finally Mailed Himself to Me!

August 31st 2009 6:50 pm
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Well, sort of. MOL

My Sweetiemitts sent me a stuffed Himalayan kitty for our first annifursary! It doesn't look exactly like him, but I don't care. I'm calling him Mini-Mitts!

Why? Because I love him! Just like I love my Sweetiemitts! I have tackled him, tried to carry him, kissed him, sniffed his butt, rolled him over, tackled him again, played with his tail, tried to carry him again...

Natch, when my personal assistant thought to switch the camera to video, I stopped and just sat beside him, smiling dreamily at him. No vid for now! Mom says it figures!

OMC, Sweetiemitts, I love love love my Mini-Mitts! And I love love love YOU! You're the bestest boyfriend in the whole wide world! Thank you so purry much for sending Mini-Mitts to me! It's like sort of having you here with me! *purrs and giggles and purrs and swoons and purrs* I have whacked all my fursibs senseless to get them away from him. He's all MINE!


Happy Birthday Mittens!

August 26th 2009 1:04 pm
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Today is my Sweetiemitts second birthday!!! He shares his birthday with his brother Tiskers and their littermate Biscotti.

I hope they all have a most pawsome birthday! I gotta get back to the pawty before Sawyer eats ALL the cake.


My Sweetiemitts!

August 22nd 2009 6:38 pm
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OMC! My Sweetiemitts got his birthday gifts from me already! We just sent them on Thursday by mail! This has to be some kind of record.

I totally forgot to send him the two or three strands of fur I've collected over the past year. See, I hang on to my fur for all its worth, so it's taking me forever to collect enough to send him. MOL

I wonder how his secretary liked all the tape. *giggles*

What? I like tape.

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