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The Tess Mess

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Wedding Bells!

September 21st 2010 8:02 am
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OMC, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited about meowing my beloved Sweetiemitts this Saturday!!!

The wedding will be at 3pm EST!!! I CAN'T WAIT.



The secretary is freaking out. Do we need to get bridesmaids dresses? OMC...SOOOOO MUCH TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Wedding Date!!!

September 16th 2010 6:48 am
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Me and my Sweetiemitts *swoon* are moving our wedding date up! Now we're getting meowied September 25!

We're still trying to decide on the time, but we'll let everyone know asap!!!



ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 10th 2010 7:06 pm
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T-minus one month and counting!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and my Sweetiemitts are tying the knot just one month from today!!!!!

HOLY CATS!!! I don't have a dress or anything!!! I have a useless secretary when it comes to weddings. She's a total commitment-phobe, so she's lost about what to do. No help at all! MOL

I think I'll ask Hondo to be our wedding planner instead. He's a diva, right?


Wedding Plans?

July 20th 2010 7:32 am
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Hmm. I had a thought.

Maybe Mittens and I should actually be making some wedding plans.

Wait. Really, though, I decide everything and just tell him what to do, right? MOL


Aw, shucks!

June 29th 2010 12:55 pm
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Awwwwwww, you peeps are too pawsome for words!!! You really rolled out the Rosette carpet for my DDP honor!!!

I had big fun gloating about being a DDP to my fursibs. They just ignored me and licked their butts, butt whatever! At least you guys celebrated with me!

Thank you so much to the following:

Hooch and crew for the purrty pink ribbon
Sugar for the yummy lemonade
Mercedes for the delish ice cream
Mea-Angel, Mikki, Miko, Milo, Mimu, and Maui for the lady bug to chase to work off all those calories!
Romeo, Lulu, and Lexi for the blue ribbon
Pansy for the tasty shrimp (I gladly smacked Sawyer for you)!
Khaki and Familyfor the ice cream--I love the sugar overload I'm still on!
Sweetiemittsfor the rose and extra kissies!!! *swoon*

Thanks to Gibbs and Cash, Angels Buddie, McKenna, Mookie, Angel and Ricki and REEREE for the concatulations pawmails!

Also, thanks for all the treats everyone!

I'm so blessed to have such pawsome friends! You rule the catosphere!


I'm a DDP?

June 24th 2010 7:48 am
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Shut the front door! I'm a DDP today!

Woot woot! Sounds like a great reason to smack my fursibs and eat lots of cream.

Thank you, Catster for picking me as a DDP today!


Happy Birthday, Little Britches!

June 14th 2010 6:20 am
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Today's my baby brofur Sunday's second birthday! We can't believe he's already two. It doesn't seem like five minutes ago he was hovering against our screen, thinking I was his mommy. He was so little. But he's all grown up now! I'm so glad he found us!

If you get a chance, we'd really appurrciate it if you could stop by his page for some cake and treats and nip and all that stuff! We pawmise not to let Sawyer eat everything! MOL


Breakfast at Tiffany's!

February 15th 2010 4:38 pm
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Have you heard Mittens and I are engaged?

Just wondering. I've been shouting it from the Catster-tops, but I suppose there's a chance you haven't heard yet, so I just gotta say it again. *big honkin grin*

Huge thanks to the following for the Concatulations Rosettes:

Mea-Angel, Mikki, Miko, Milo, Mimu, and Maui
Margo, R.K.N.
Biscotti & Co.
The Not So Evil Sometimes Pansy

And for the comments:

Calvin for the concatulatory eye roll
Boogers for hoping there's good food
Hazel Lucy

Thank you all for celebrating my big news with me! I'm so happy! And I'm so happy I have such pawsome friends to share the good times with!


Actually He Went to TIFFANYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND Cat in the- Clover!

February 14th 2010 6:31 pm
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OMC! I was so excited that I'm engaged...did you hear me and my Sweetiemitts are ENGAGED?...that I had to nap before I opened my pawsome Valentine's pawkage from him!

He sent me a purry beautiful Calvin collar from The Cat in the Clover! It's pink with blue and purple trim and a beautiful heart on it! I love it so much! My secretary helped put it on me and tried to get pictures, and I ripped it off and started playing with it! My secretary tried to explain to me it's a necklace, not a TOY. But I ripped it off again and started batting it around! MOL

HOPEFULLY she can get some good pictures of me to put on my page tomorrow night!

It came with a purry cute Valentine's card and a pawtastic catnip sack that's helping me bounce off everything even more. I can't help the bouncing, I'm so excited!

COZ DID YOU HEAR WE'RE ENGAGED?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*swooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooon*

I love you so much Sweetiemitts! Thank you so much for the engagement ring and pawsome book of our history and Valentine's Day ending with you asking me to meowy you!!! *melts* And for the pawsome toy! Um...I mean necklace...and catnip sack and card!

You're too wonderful for words!

And did everycat hear we're engaged?????????????????????????

***UPDATE*****OMC!!! OMC!!! OMC!!! Boogers Dude meowed to Sawyer that actually, Mittens went to Tiffanys! NOT Jared. *faints* *out cold* *swooned over*


He Went to Jared!

February 14th 2010 8:29 am
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*stunned* *meowless* *giddy*

My *Mittens* just proposed to me!!!


Of course I meowed YES!!!

I'm the most excited, luckiest, happiest girl in the whole world!

And I'm so giddy...OMC, I gotta go lie down...

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