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What the heck?

September 16th 2014 9:39 pm
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I was chatting with the girls up here at the bridge. Emma got this very strange look on her face. Reno came running over, out of breath. Emma asked Reno what the heck was going on. "Mom! He's here!" I asked him "Who is here?" Reno points a paw and says "Paisan! Paisan is here!!!" And with that, Reno runs as fast as he can, grabbing baby Keiko along the way. Paisan was happy to see Reno and very happy to see baby Keiko. Then Molly ran over and hugged him. Emma, Mama Cat, Heidi, Raven, Eva all run over to see him. He was older than all of us on earth. None of them could believe he was really up there. Just then, Big Buddy comes thundering over, grabs Paisan around the neck. They roll backward laughing. Just then, Paisan turns to see the dogs he grew up with...Mandy and Ginger. After all the hugs, tears and questions...Paisan asks where the earth window is. Reno says "Follow me. I will show you. " Paisan peers into the looking glass. He just keeps staring until the Memphis house he lived in came into view. Then he could see inside the window. He sighed and said "I just knew it" "What's that Paisan?" Paisan says "meowmie won't cry. She said she has to be tough" Paisan just stared into the looking glass. "I miss meowmie and daddy food. I don't want to be here....I want to be down there" Reno pats his brother on the back and said "We all want to be down there, but we have to stay up here"



Today is my Birthday!

October 31st 2013 2:36 pm
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Today is my birthday! I am celebrating with all my friends up here at the bridge. My sisters Emma, Mama Cat, Raven, Eva, Molly and Heidi and my brother Keiko are here with me. I have alot of friends here and they have made my day special. I love having a birthday on Halloween. I get lots of treats! I miss my earth family, especially Paisan and Bella. I see there is a new kitten named Karisma. She looks cute. I am keeping a special eye on all the children out trick or treating tonight. I want everyone to be safe. I am off to go have fun! Thank you to all my Catster friends who wished me a happy birthday!!!


Hmmm. That was weird.

February 14th 2011 12:52 am
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Bella is 7 months old now. What is that...teenager years? omc! She is just about as big as the other cats now (hard to believe) and very active. She even brought out the "kitten" in Paisan who will be 15.

Bella refused to behave today. She kept attacking and biting mom. Mom had me and Molly's boxes out because she was looking at the paw prints.

Mom was on her way to put Molly and I back in our places, when Bella reached out an put her paw on my box. Mom stopped and brought my box closer to Bella. I don't know how much Bella knows about my being at the bridge, but she held the box with both front paws and rubbed her face on my box and my paw print.

Then, she settled down, just like when I was there and we would snuggle on the couch together. I know she misses me, but how could she know what is in the box??? Mommy never opened the boxes. They are locked. Hmmmm?



February 9th 2011 10:21 pm
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My fur sister has joined me here at the bridge. Unfortunately, I saw it happen. I wish I could point out the dog that hurt Molly, but I cant. I was covering Keiko's eyes so that he would not see. I was waiting for Molly, and threw my paws around her when I saw her. She said she was a little sore, but she would be ok. We both watched mom "forget" Molly was up here, and go outside to feed her, or find her, or make sure she was ok. Molly said she was sad but wanted mommy to know she was ok. Keiko was with me, and he was bouncing around like crazy. That boy tires me out! I did not know that when you came to the bridge as a kitten, you always stayed a kitten. Yikes! I have been keeping an eye on the Bella/Sasha situation. Mom does not know what to do. She loves them both, but she tries to spend more time with Sasha. Bella is far too busy terrorizing Paisan and Whiskers. Mom told Molly that I was the buffer between Sasha and Bella and when I left, there was no mommy cats left in the house, so they became jealous of each other. I know it will work out. It has to. Molly is just fine. I am glad she is up here with me. She can chase Keiko while I nap.



November 6th 2010 11:51 pm
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After the excitement of meeting my friends at the bridge, I had some time to reflect. I miss little Bella. I feel like I left her too soon. I was the mediator, the peacemaker. Now that I am gone, Bella is being pushed around by Sasha and Raven. Mom gets after them, but Sasha is really agressive. They are trying to fight over the alpha spot. Bella is only a kitten. She does not care who is the top diva, she just wants to play. I watch her often. Mommy is on top of the situation, but thinks its just a transition period for everyone. That was the only home I ever knew and I lived there for 14 years. Paisan misses me alot. I see him sad. But, Keiko bonded with him and he came to the bridge two days before me. No one expected either of us to leave so soon. But, it was our time. I was tired of being lost and confused, and I am ok now. Everything that confused me before now seems really clear. I will keep an eye on Bella and Paisan. I know mommy will take care of Sasha and her attitude.
Purrs from the bridge,


I am at the bridge now......

November 2nd 2010 11:35 pm
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Hi to all my friends! It's me, Chasie! I just wanted to let you guys know where I went. It was sudden, really but I am 14 years old. I had dementia, but that was ok cuz mommy would find we when I would get confused or lost and scream. She always held me and talked to me. Then I remembered that I was ok, and would purr.

Well, my official bridge date is October 12, 2010. I was going to turn 14 on Halloween. What happened to me was that I was diagnosed with age related respiratory failure. At my age, there was not much that could be done.

Mommy took me home that night, and I said goodbye to my family. I had to take Bella aside, and explain to her that I will always love her and will always be her personal guardian angel.
I have been keeping my eye on her and she is doing ok, but with me gone, Sasha has been acting up. I am keeping an eye on that situation too.

The afternoon of the 12th was a sunny, beautiful day in Southern California. You could see the mountains that day. Mommy and Grandma went into the room. Since I have only been with one family my whole life, it was hard to say goodbye.

But I was really tired, and it was so hard to breathe. The vet gave me the tranquilizer shot. Mommy laid her hed next to me and talked softly to me, telling me how beautiful I am. She kept petting me, and I purred loudly. As my purring began to slow down and then stop, mommy lifted her head for a second, and then put her face next to mine as the vet gave me the shot that let me fly to the bridge. After I was gone, mommy and grandma stayed with me, well the earthbound me...and petted me. Mommy said I would be a beautiful angel.

I have made alot of friends here. Some were my friends already, but have gone to the bridge before me. Since Paisan and I have lived most of our lives together, mommy kept a close eye on Paisan. But, he is happy I am free.

I hated to leave mommy so soon after Keiko came to the bridge, but my lungs did not want to work anymore. I know mommy is happy for me. She keeps my little cedar box in the living room so she can see me all the time. She kept some of my fur too.

I don't want anyone to be sad for me. I was confused alot, and mommy had her hands full with me. When Bella came to the house, we bonded really quickly. I will miss that silly kitten. I let her know that I am still around. I give her angel kisses all the time.

Although, I have left earth, I have not left Catster. I will be around, and will check in from time to time. I will miss you all. You have been true friends to me.

Love you guys!


Bella and me.

September 12th 2010 5:24 am
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I admit it. I love her. She keeps me focused. I get forgetful. She acts like I am her mama. I never had kittens, so I just let her hang out with me. Sometimes, I forget who she is and I scream. She jumps on my back to play with me. Then I remember who she is. Then I smack her with my paw. She has too much energy for one small kitten. Maybe her daddy was energizer bunny? who knows. K going back to sleep now, until the next Bella attack.
Purrs, Chasie


Mom called me Chasie Face!

June 10th 2010 12:25 am
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I was giggling. Mom called me Chasie Face. She was giving me snugglies and telling me how purrrrrrty I am. So, I started purrrrring and chirping my little Chasie Chirp as mom calls it. I am happy right now. Purr Purr Purr


It's me, Chase!!!

February 27th 2010 5:13 am
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Hi everyone. We have moved a couple of times. We have to move one more time. Sigh. Well its ok, cuz I will see my favorite hooman neice, Melissa. She loves me. She told mom that she misses me. I have been having fun. Since I am senile, I get away with everything. I have been running around like a kitten, tearing stuff up and acting silly. Mom just holds me and tells me it's ok Chasie. I am so glad that mom understands. Now...if I could only get Eva that silly cat to understand.....Meow at you all later! It's raining here and I feel like running around the house. Purrs.



August 17th 2009 3:08 pm
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When I can think straight, I am fine. I can play, be friendly, and act normal. It's when my mind gets all jumbly that is scary. I slap my best friend and sisfur, Livvie. Mom says she lays next to me to protect me. Sometimes, I don't recognize her and I slap her. She does not leave. She just shuts her eyes and lets me smack her, like she understands it is just a moment. When I am normal, I love Livvie and we are snuggly. She seems to just know. But, lately....I seem more lost. Mom has not been sleeping because I scream at night. She has tried everything. Now she leaves the TV on in the living room, after being up for hours trying to comfort me. Usually, I dont recognize her either. I bite and scratch her. She still loves me. When I am ok, I realize how lucky I am to live here, where my other behavior is just forgiven. I would have probably been tossed out or put to sleep if I lived anywhere else. My vet says that I am physically healthy. He jokes that I have Catsheimers. I go to the vet twice a year now. Mom is just too worried about me. My vet visits are always fine. The vet said we will keep an eye on Chase but she is doing ok. So mom has taken it upon herself to watch over me all the time. Poor mommy.
Right now, I am sleeping in the bedroom with Mommy. Well, I am sleeping and she is typing. I cant type in my sleep. MOL.


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