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No one sleeps!

March 24th 2014 2:54 am
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I have kept Meowmie awake all night. I keep getting on her pillow, or I stand above her head and stare down at her. I guess she finds that strange and she starts petting me so I will lie down. But I don't want to lie down. I am not sure what I want to do...I mean it's dark outside and in the house. I can be stealthy! I can also hog the water bowl because Scooby is nappies in the teenager's room. I am a very restless cat lately. I am sure that by now Meowmie is getting annoyed, but I am bored in the middle of the night. I just figured that if I am up, Meowmie should be up too. I have plenty of daytime to take a the sun...with a breeze coming in though the window. Yes, I would much rather sleep during the day, when the house is quiet and the kids are in school. Happy Monday!!!!!



Had a rough night.

March 13th 2014 8:59 am
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Last night was rough! It was hot on Tuesday, cold yesterday...last night got really cold...and today it is sunny and nice. When I get cold at night, I bug Meowmie to let me come under the blankets. I lay so that my face sticks out because I like being able to breathe.

Last night I could not make up my mind if I wanted under the blankets, on top of the blankets, to eat cat food, to drink water, or to walk around the house. So I did it all. I kept waking Meowmie up when I would jump off the bed to go do something other than sleeping. I would wake her back up when I would come back and want under the blankets.

Meowmie has to stay awake, but I am comfortably settling down for a nap. I think I will stay on top of the blankets so that the sun might shine on me in the afternoon.

Peace out!



Well this is weird!

March 10th 2014 4:46 am
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It is dark outside. I know that we had to change all the clocks forward, and I love the day being light longer at the end of the day...but I did not think it would be this dark in the morning. It feels like 4 am, but it is really 6:45. My schedule is all out of whack!!! I was bugging mom all night. I kept trying to hog the pillow. I ended up in daddy's hair once. Then, I ended up on top of Meowmie's head and I woke her up again. Hee hee...I make sure that I wake her up when I can't sleep. Why should I be all alone, watching TV. I wake up Meowmie so she will pet me. I wonder how this time change will affect my daytime napping....Purr purr...



What a day!

March 5th 2014 6:47 am
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Lots of crazy stuff! We have a house guest. Yay. The human kids were moving all her stuff...she has alot...into the barn. And some stuff into the house. Dislike. So, while everything was getting moved around...Chasim got out of his room. I was at the waterbowl drinking. He stalked me and then he attacked me. Meowmie came running to save me. I ran under the dining room table. One of the human kids grabbed Chasim and put him back. Meowmie came and picked me up and took me into the bedroom. I was pretty shaken. I don't fight. I am not a young kitteh. I settled down onto mom's pillow and then the unthinkable happened. I went pee on the bed. I never do that. I am so glad Meowmie was not mad. She washed everything, and I got to lie on the bed when it was all clean. Leave me alone Chasim. You are mean to me.



Thank you!

March 2nd 2014 6:33 am
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Thank you to the Catster Overlords for choosing me as a DDP today! Pawsome!



March 2nd 2014 6:32 am
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Tomorrow is March 3rd. Will Catster still be here when I wake up tomorrow? I hope so.




Why me?

February 28th 2014 9:55 am
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How did I get so lucky? I spend my days lying on meowmie's pillows. Now all of a sudden, Scooby is allowed on the bed. Why? He is big, he smells, and he makes noise with his toys. He is a dog. I thought it was cats only! Well, at least he does not bother me or napping buddy. It seems strange. Scooby just seems happy to be in the room with us, he does not seem at all interested in bugging us. I guess that is a good thing.....right? He still a dog that needs a bath.



Thank You!

February 22nd 2014 4:27 am
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Thank you Catster Overlords for choosing me as a Diary of the Day Pick!!! So pawsome!


Mr. Food is sick.

February 20th 2014 2:19 am
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I am so bummed. Mr. Food...aka Daddy has been up all night very sick. I tried to snuggle with him, but he could not handle that. He said he was freezing, so I tried to warm him up. After that, I tried to sleep on his a hat. That did not work either. I decided to sleep next to his feet. I hope Mr. Food feels better soon. I do not like to see him suffering.



I scared Meowmie today!

February 17th 2014 8:16 pm
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As you all know, I am a senior citizen cat. I will be 18 on July 10th. With that said, I have had a pretty healthy long life so far. Today, I was nappies with Meowmie, and suddenly I felt sick. Meowmie put me gently on the floor and got me a towel. I got sick. After that was over, I tried to walk but I stumbled and fell down. Meowmie got onto the floor with me and laid there with me. She was saying something...sounded like praying. After a few minutes, she asked me if I wanted to get up. She helped me, and I walked to the litter box. Then, I walked to the kitchen to get water. I came back into the bedroom, climbed up onto the big box at the end of the bed, then found a place to snuggle with Meowmie. Daddy came home and came to see me right away. He said I fainted because no one fed me. Meowmie protested, pointing to the bowl of cat food. Daddy said " That is no longer sufficient." Daddy got up and I followed him to the kitchen. He made two tuna sandwiches. He went back into the bedroom, and I followed him. He put some tuna on a plate, and I was so happy! I was like nom nom nom nom! Then, I took a quick bath and went back to the kitchen for water. Daddy spoils me and I like it. I love you Meowmie, but you did not give me tuna.



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