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Vet Visit

March 28th 2014 4:05 pm
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Well after being gone last weekend due to work, Dad had the day off and what did he do? He took us to the vet! The good news is that I'm in good health. The bad news... well you saw my profile, I'm officially down to 7lbs. Now Dad and the vet are getting worried. I'm small but this is too little for me. Plus I have to go back to get my teeth cleaned. They'll do some blood work then to see if there's something medically wrong. In the mean time Dad is going to try and get me to eat more. Would I feel like I'm being punished if Dad put me in a room by myself with some gushy food for a while to encourage me to eat?


I love Daddy!

March 16th 2014 9:52 am
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Daddy had his friends over yesterday. I let them pet me but they knew whose kitty I was when I jumped into Daddy's lap, climbed up to his shoulder, and began grooming him. Everyone laughed while I did it. I got some holding time too. I love to be held while I sleep. Daddy thinks I miss Sarge and Pepi isn't as much fun to nap with. I've been asking for more attention lately. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. I have my annual check up in a few weeks so Daddy will ask about it then.


Not the final entry

March 2nd 2014 10:20 am
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We've all heard the news by now that Caster will keep going for a while and we're happy about that. We're still saving our pages just in case. Dad still expects a site redesign in the future. Anyway the real reason I haven't written much in my diary is because not much has happened to me. I still sleep with Dad when I get the chance and play with the foam ball he tosses up the stairs for me. Live is good but we wish things would warm up soon.


Final Entry (probably)

January 16th 2014 5:33 pm
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When Sarge passed I planned to shift to Lena's diary for everything. But that didn't really happen. Lena's life has been pretty uneventful. Considering what happened with Sarge and Josie, that's a good thing. Lena just stays herself, sleeping on me, asking (demanding) for brushies chasing her foam rubber balls, and occasionally having to put Pepi in her place. She's amazing for someone so small.

I wish everyone here a successful life. Once I've saved everything, I may or may not come back to Caster before they shut down. There have been some good times here and I will miss everyone.


I'm a good kitty!

October 6th 2013 6:55 pm
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Today the temperature was finally cool enough for Dad to open the patio door a bit to let some fresh air inside. I saw an evil chipmunk eying Dad's herb plants. I meowed for Dad to let me outside and when he did I chased that evil thing to the trees. Dad didn't want me going further into the trees. It would be hard to find me if I got lost. He called me to come back inside and I did. I ran right back to the door and waited for him to open it. See everyone cats DO listen to you (occasionally).


Happy Birthday

September 2nd 2013 7:25 am
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It's my birthday today! If you read Pepi's blog you'd know that we brought in another kitty, JoJo, who needed to be rehomed. She's a different kitty than the one in my July blog posts. She's been here almost 3 weeks now. I've accepted her being here. So has Pepi, but JoJo hasn't accepted us yet. She didn't grow up around kitties so she doesn't know what to make of us. She's been hiding for the most part. Pepi keeps trying to be friends with loud results. JoJo, I've been smacking Pepi when she gets too close for years, she never learns.

One nice thing about JoJo is that she's why Dad didn't visit his parents this weekend. She's not ready to be all alone for several days. This means I get extra pets and naps with Daddy!

Thank you to all my well wishers.


Good news!

July 19th 2013 6:39 pm
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Some good news, Daddy found out the kitty who was rehomed has settled in and seems to like it there. She's indoor only and they let the other cats outside so she really has a chance to settle in and establish herself before the other cats come inside for the winter. So no third kitty here for a while and the people at work were impressed with how Daddy was willing to take her in. Everyone wins!


Dodged a bullet ... or did I?

July 15th 2013 8:19 pm
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Things have been normal here. I have asked to go outside occasionally, but not so much now that things are really hot. Dad was thinking about getting a third kitty since he misses Sarge so much and there are SOOOO many cats that need homes. But he decided that what he really wanted was for a cat to be like Sarge was and that wasn't a fair thing to ask.

But this morning when Dad arrived at work someone sent out an email about trying to rehome this 10 year old gray female with an anxiety disorder due to allergies. Dad asked if the cat got along well with other cats because he was ready to bring her home. He didn't get an answer because the person sent out another email saying the cat had already been moved to a friend. Dad still offered to take her in case that place didn't work out. (We're simplifying things a bit since the exact details aren't important.) This kitty needed some TLC and a quiet, safe environment. I'm not too keen on another cat here. I have enough problems with Pepi. But if this cat is mellow, Dad hopes we can be friends.

I hope it won't come to that. I hope this kitty is happy in her new home and won't come here. We'll find out what happens in a few weeks.


Just call me Lena Potter

April 19th 2013 2:20 pm
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Dad took the day off work today. This morning a handyman came over to fix one of the stairs. A support broke and the stair went out of its groove. Anyway while a new support was being made I jumped into the hole the stair was covering up. Dad was NOT happy about it. Pepi almost went in too but he stopped her. Then I popped out after he called me. So there I was, under the stairs like that magic kid. Tee hee.

Pepi and I hid under the bed when the noises got loud. During a break, Dad opened a window and closed the door so we couldn't get into any trouble. Of course that was before he really understood how cold it was after the flooding.

But shortly after the stair was fixed and we were out of the bedroom safe and sound. The stair feels different now. I guess we were so used to stepping on it when it was loose that it being fixed is a new experience. At least I know what's under the stairs now.


Ahhh the VET

February 22nd 2013 9:06 am
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Daddy took a day off work today to relax. He slept a little later than usual which was nice because I like to sleep on him. He put some canned food on a plate for me and Pepi. Yummy! Then he went down to get the other carrier. That can mean only one thing! I knew what was going on and took off with Pepi behind me. Daddy had to chase us up and down the house. He caught me first. I squirmed out of his grip but he caught me again before I could get away. Pepi gave him a tougher run, hiding in the basement three times! We were late at the vet by five minutes. Pepi made Daddy move so much he was sweating and didn't need his coat despite it being cold outside.

The good news is that I'm in good health. My weight stayed the same at 7# 7oz. I got felt up and down. I didn't like it and protested. There's some tarter on my teeth we may have to address in a year or so, but that can wait. The bad news is that I have a yeast infection in my left ear. It took about a dozen ear swabs to get it all out. It feels a little better now that all that handling is over. I have to get medicine in it twice a day for two weeks!!

I protested on the way home too. I've settled down now and finishing the rest of the canned food. Thank catness this only happens once a year.

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