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The life of lovely little Lena

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Got some sad news

April 17th 2016 5:27 pm
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I took Lena in for her check up last month and her kidney disease advanced to stage 3. The vet said she has about a year left. I have to start giving her fluids twice a week to keep her hydrated. So far it's going fine and I think she's improving. It's hard to tell sometimes though. She has her good days and her bad. I'm trying to focus on giving her a good quality of life. I want her to make it to Labor Day because that would be 10 years since I adopted her. Of course if she starts going downhill before then, that will have priority. Until then we're taking this one day at a time.


An update

March 6th 2016 4:31 pm
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Catster is still broken and people can't reply to diary entries. I've pretty much given up hope. Maybe things will change and when they do, I'll be back.

There was one big, unfortunate, event that happened last year. When my neighbors were taking care of Lena while I was at a family reunion, Lena bit my neighbor when she reached under the bed to give Lena her medicine. The bite got infected and she had to go to the hospital and have minor surgery. Lena had to get tests. My neighbor made a recovery and insurance helped. But now Lena has a mark on her record even though she's a sweet kitty with me. She had to go to the vet and had to be sure she didn't have rabies (of course she didn't).

So I had to get a new cat sitter. This time I went with a professional who knew how to handle cats. So far it's been working out pretty well. Lena still doesn't like strange people but she's warming up. That's provided the sitter remembers that Lena is the alpha and should be brushed first.

On the plus side she's been known to jump up and sleep on my shoulders. *sigh* She's just Daddy's Little Girl.


We're still here

November 28th 2014 4:45 pm
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Dad has been discouraged with how Catster was being run so he hasn't been here much. Things seem to be getting better so we'll see what happens. I'm still eating the wet food. Dad's trying out a new brand of dry food. So far he hasn't found any signs I've been throwing it up. The neighbors took care of us while Dad went to visit his family. His Mom sent us some pheasant feathers. I don't care much for them but Pepi was digging through a sack to find them. We're happy to have Dad back home.

We got word about Josie. She's continuing to thrive in her new home and bonded closely with her new Mom. Finally something went right for her.

Dad started using the electric blanket and Pepi and I love it. It gets cold in the bedroom and now we can sleep with Dad all we want (until he has to get up to use the bathroom). I just wish he wouldn't try to cuddle me as often.


Eight Years Home

September 2nd 2014 7:00 pm
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Wow! Today I celebrate eight years of being with my Daddy. I wish Sarge was here too since Pepi is a pain in the tail. We played with my foam ball a bit. Daddy would toss it up the stairs and I'd run after it and bat it around to watch it bounce. I'm glad he took me home and gave me time to adjust living here. After being a stray and returned once it took me a while to accept I had a furever home. My Daddy loves me very much even if I can be a nag when I want to go outside.

I'm gaining some weight, slowly, so I may get up to my proper weight. The neighbors said I was looking better and Pepi was losing weight too so the canned food diet is doing us both some good. Daddy and I have been through a lot together and I hope we'll stay together for a long time.


Got word from Josie!

May 29th 2014 6:45 pm
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Josie's mom wrote to Dad today. They're both doing very well and have really bonded with each other. Josie now sleeps with her Mom's bed nearly every night and asks for play time every day. While we're sad she wasn't happy here, we couldn't have asked for a better pairing.


Good news!

May 28th 2014 7:53 pm
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Daddy took me to the vet last Friday morning. I gained five ounces since I got my teeth fixed! Then Daddy left us for the weekend to visit his parents and their kittens. They loved the feather wand he got them and were head butting his foot and hand for pets. But they didn't like being held. I missed him and wanted to get held a lot when he got home. The neighbors came by to watch us and they gave me a new plate for my food each time. Usually I just get one a day so this was nice (Dad thinks they misunderstood his instructions). So things are back to normal now except it's warm and Dad doesn't like it when it's warm at night.


New Blanket!

May 18th 2014 7:44 pm
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Daddy's aunt sent Pepi and I a quilt she made. I got first billing on the package so I get to brag about it. Sure Pepi was first to lie on it, but I like it more! It's bright and has lots of colors. I can even see some of them. Daddy folded it twice and put it under the table for us to enjoy.

I also got to go outside a lot this weekend too. The weather is warm and the sidewalk makes a nice backscratcher. Plus the grass is green and ready for me to nibble on. I love the spring. I wish it was warmer here though.

Since I got my teeth pulled, I am eating more than just the gravy of my wet food. Daddy has to put it in the food chopper to make it mushier and smaller for me, (sometimes I eat it at normal size too) so he's hoping I'm not losing weight. He wants to take me in early for a quick weigh-in before the holiday vacation rush. I sure hope I'm getting better. Daddy loves me lots and I don't want him to worry about me.


Dental Visit :(

May 3rd 2014 10:10 am
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I've had a rough few days. Thursday morning Dad took me to the vet and left me there! He took a different train to work where there were some obnoxious teenagers who were being loud and was very rude to Daddy when he asked them to keep it down. Then they harassed him like it was middle school again. Meanwhile I had to get examined then they made me breath gas until I fell asleep! When I woke up my mouth hurt and I had this thing in my arm. I ripped it out leaving a big bruise then they put another one back in! By the time Daddy came to save me I was grouchy at everyone. They cleaned my teeth but they had to have three removed which is why I wasn't eating much and lost weight since my last vet visit last month.

At home Pepi was being extra hostile because I smelled like the vet. Daddy put some food in a mini-food processor and mushed it up for me. I ate it up. It stopped hurting when I ate and I was hungry. This was mushed up enough so I didn't have to chew or lick up the gravy like I used to. I ate so much I almost got sick but I kept it down. That night Pepi tried to fight me and got some of my fur. Daddy tried to stop it but there was only so much he could do. I was under the bed most of Friday but by the time Daddy got home I was feeling better. I would roll around on the floor, demand to be petted, and purr when brushed. Pepi was still a pain but not as bad.

Last night I still slept under the bed but I'm still eating the pureed food. Daddy slipped in some sweet potatoes and carrot pieces for extra nutrition. He checked, it's OK. Today he's making chicken stock. Usually we can't have any because he puts onions, garlic, and other things bad for cats. But today he's making a second batch with chicken ribs and one carrot just for Pepi and me! I'm so lucky! Now if I'll just eat more food I'll be doing much better. I'm still not eating the kitty krunchies, but that's OK. I will in time.


Vet Visit

March 28th 2014 4:05 pm
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Well after being gone last weekend due to work, Dad had the day off and what did he do? He took us to the vet! The good news is that I'm in good health. The bad news... well you saw my profile, I'm officially down to 7lbs. Now Dad and the vet are getting worried. I'm small but this is too little for me. Plus I have to go back to get my teeth cleaned. They'll do some blood work then to see if there's something medically wrong. In the mean time Dad is going to try and get me to eat more. Would I feel like I'm being punished if Dad put me in a room by myself with some gushy food for a while to encourage me to eat?


I love Daddy!

March 16th 2014 9:52 am
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Daddy had his friends over yesterday. I let them pet me but they knew whose kitty I was when I jumped into Daddy's lap, climbed up to his shoulder, and began grooming him. Everyone laughed while I did it. I got some holding time too. I love to be held while I sleep. Daddy thinks I miss Sarge and Pepi isn't as much fun to nap with. I've been asking for more attention lately. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. I have my annual check up in a few weeks so Daddy will ask about it then.

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