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March 28th 2012 8:25 pm
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I'm one of the diaries of the day! Hooray! I got some nice prezzies. I got a ribbon and some shrimp (yummy) and a rabbit (a little too rich for me but still yummy) and a bug for Lena! Daddy thinks he might have found a food that I'll eat and it's not the kind with gravy. But he only had one can so we'll have to wait for the weekend until he can get more. But I still have other foods to try plus the dry food too. The vet is closed early this week so I won't get my medicine until Saturday. But that's OK. I'm doing a little better now.

Thanks again everyone!

PS Dad's Mom is still sad about Wally. She really misses him. I offered to mail her Pepi but she said it was OK. Pepi isn't much of a cuddler and I understand there's more noise at their house than here. Pepi would hate that. She's too high strung.


Wally is gone and my vet report

March 23rd 2012 2:12 pm
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Wally went to the bridge today. Dad's parents thought he was doing better in the morning and thought to wait until Monday but they were convinced by friends that despite appearances he was still in pain. He passed about 1pm CST. It's so hard to notice little changes every day and too easy to fool yourself into thinking it's better. That happened to us just now.

You see I lost 8oz since mid-January. Dad thought I was at least maintaining my weight but that's not the case. The vet took some blood and they're running tests to see if I need to change my meds. Dad also thinks I may need a hunger stimulant because I just lick up the gravy in my canned cat food and leave the food part behind. (Hey if you humans had the choice, you'd eat nothing but this iced cream Dad sometimes buys for himself so don't judge me MOL.) I didn't get my vacsinations but apart from that and a little dehydration, I'm doing well. Just a problem that needs to be taken care of. And soon I hope.


Wally is Going to the Rainbow Bridge Tomorrow

March 22nd 2012 6:50 pm
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We got the news tonight. Wally, my Dad's parents' cat, was confirmed as having FIP and had been getting worse quickly. Anyone who has seen what FIP does to a cat knows what we mean. They're taking him to the vet tomorrow to go to sleep and be free of the pain. Daddy asked if they wanted him to come but they'd rather he remember Wally as he was before he got sick. It's probably for the best. And the appointment is in the morning so even if he did go, it wouldn't get there in time. They're going to ask about donating his body for science but it may not happen.

Please send purrs for a peaceful crossing and you angel kitties who read my blog, please welcome him. He wasn't a Catster kitty but he was very sweet and loving to everyone.


Sad, sad horrible news

March 19th 2012 5:28 pm
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Dad calls his parents every Monday. Tonight they told him their kitty, Wally, came down with FIP recently and we're all very sad. Wally is a very friendly cat who loved everyone and let anyone pick him up and pet him. He's very loving and loyal to his Momma (Dad's mom) and wants to be near her. Everything was fine last week then suddenly this... The scary thing is that Wallers is 13 years old. We thought FIP was a kitten's disease but the vet says it was dormant in him his whole life, he might have gotten it from his mother in the womb. Wally has a great life with a loving home and lots of attention. He couldn't have had it better.

Right now Dad is still in upset about this. His parents adopted Wally and another kitty, Gus, about the time he moved out here to Chicagoland. Don't worry about Gus. Vet says he's probably safe but he's getting checked anyway.

FIP is terminal and there's no treatment. All we can do for Wally is make him comfortable until the end. We miss him already.


Delilah got adopted!

February 25th 2012 7:16 am
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My Valentine, Delilah got adopted last week! That's super news. Her foster brother, CK, misses her but that can't be helped unfortunately. We wish her and CK the best and purr that everything works out.

I'm doing fine. I'm eating but using the litter box a lot. Daddy will have to speak with the vet about that when the girls go in for their annual check up. (Shhhh don't tell them. I want them to be surprised!)



February 5th 2012 6:02 pm
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Wow! This cute kitty named Delilah wants me to be her Valentine! Sure! And guess what, she's still available. Her family had to give her up through no fault of their own and now she's a foster who needs a furever home. She lives in NYC on the island so if anycat has a human who knows a human who needs a special kitty, let her know! Spread the word and help give my Valentine the best present ever!


Happy Birthday to Me!

February 4th 2012 6:30 pm
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Well I did it, hit the old double digits, the big one-zero. Sometimes Dad wondered if I'd make it. But I'm eating well and getting better every day. Friskies changed their formula to my favorite flavor of their canned food and now I won't eat it. Dad's been getting me different kinds and I found a few that I like. I prefer seafood to poultry or beef which is the opposite of my Dad. The only seafood he eats are tuna and salmon either as smoked, steaks, or sushi and he won't let me have any!

I want to give a big thanks to those who sent rosettes; Smiley Cassanova, Felix, Sammie, Kiki, Ember, littleboy and his family. It's really sweet I had so many people think of me on my birthday. I didn't get much in terms of hugs or treats that day. Dad had a job interview after work. Before anyone wishes him good luck, he's not so sure he likes the company. Remember during an interview you're checking them out as much as vice versa. It's a small company and he's had bad experiences with small companies before. This one probably has those same qualities that led to his dissatisfaction before. Since he is working now, he can be a little choosy and find a job that's right for him.

Don't worry though, I'm getting lots of holding time today and extra treats. Thanks again to all!


Vet Results

January 18th 2012 4:56 pm
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Well the vet found sugar in my urine so I'm back on insulin. Just the token amount of one unit once a day. The good news is that I'm loving all the different foods Daddy bought me. I'm eating up most of them and haven't gotten sick yet. (What do you want to bet I'm going to throw up some food soon?) Daddy thinks I like fish since that appears to be a favorite. I just like some variety, that's all. Otherwise I'm in very good health, all other readings are normal and I just got done wrestling with sis.

I have things pretty good here. :)


Vet Report

January 14th 2012 6:50 pm
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Trip to the vet was OK. I got some treats. They said I was my usual self so I must be feeling better. Heh heh heh. I'm down 2 oz but my doc isn't worried. He said that's a trip to the literbox. They took a urine sample (Dad turned away when they did that.) So we'll know more once those tests come back. All and all I'm slowly getting better. I haven't gotten sick this this morning. Dad's been giving me little bits of food so I have time to digest them. I still turn my nose up at the Friskies canned food. Dad was able to exchange the 18 cans he already bought of their special diet white fish for 18 cans of other kinds (had to still be Friskies though) so there may be something there I like. Dad just has to remember, little bits.


Ohhhhh my tummy

January 14th 2012 7:21 am
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The past 12 hours have not been good. Dad did get some new food for me to try and get my weight up right before the vet. I got 2/3 of a small can of food. It was delicious. He gave it to me in the bathroom so Pepi won't dive in and put the rest on the counter. Well soon I knocked it off the counter on the carpet so everycat can have some, but it made a mess right before his friends came over. Then everyone got some of the Friskies Special Diet beef food (because Dad thinks we're sick of the whitefish) and we ate that up too. Then later I'm taking a nap on my perch when I get sick and throw up all the yummy food on the pillow and carpet! It smelled bad. I got sick a few more times but it wasn't much, just purging the rest of the food I was so happy to eat. We think I had too much new food too soon.

Then I was fine until this morning. I'm sitting on bed with Daddy waiting for him to get up when I start getting sick again. Daddy rushed to get me off the bed and away from the books and sweat clothes he keeps near the bed and I barely avoid getting sick on them. But I still got sick in the bedroom. Dad was NOT happy about that.

Fortunately no one else got sick. We'll have to tell the vet everything that happened and ask for advice. We're pretty sure it was the food since I wasn't getting sick before and I handled the mini-cans all right. Let's hope we can find a brand of canned food that doesn't make me sick.

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