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Sarge's week

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September 25th 2011 5:01 pm
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Thanks to everyfur for your support, purrs, and gifts. We thought this problem was licked but it's worse. Dad is going to talk to the vet and insist I go in tomorrow night so I can take the tests on Tuesday. It might not work out that way, but Dad is really scared and wants me in the hands of a professional. The tests require a fasting period and that's best handled there. Plus they can check to see if I'm hydrated and if not, give me water so that I have a chance to eat before the fasting starts.

Except for not eating I'm acting normal. I was driving Dad crazy by meowing at the front door to go outside. He let me go out and explore further than usual. There were some kids playing in a yard and I walked over to check it out. But they were playing football and Dad didn't want me getting in the way. Last night I was up on his pillow making biscuits on his head and arm like crazy for half an hour. Dad liked it except 1) he was trying to sleep and 2) I was making the chewing motions with my mouth which means I'm nauseous. I slept with him most of the night too.

So I seem to be happy and not in pain. Those are good signs. I don't want to leave Daddy yet and he's going to try and make sure that I don't, but he's done what he can so now it's up to the vet.

Keep purring for us!


At the vet now

September 26th 2011 5:07 pm
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Dad took me to the vet tonight for my tests tomorrow. I have to fast 12 hours before the tests can be done. I'm going to get an x-ray and a GI test. Do you have to study for those? (old joke)

Plus while I'm there they can help me get hydrated and check my newmies. They said I was in high spirits when Dad brought me in. I was meowing the whole trip and when Dad picked me up, I purred. I've been more affectionate than usual recently. I hope we can find out what's wrong before it gets more serious.


Vet report

September 27th 2011 7:04 pm
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Dad took me to the vet last night and left me there so they can do more tests. They gave me water and food when it was done and I ate it. They say I put on 2 ounces while I was there. Anyway, my x-rays came back fine. They couldn't see anything wrong. My blood is going out of town for tests and we'll know more in a few days. I was hissing at the attendants when I got picked up. Dad gave me my pill when we got home, but all I wanted to do was use the litter box and sleep. I haven't eaten despite getting the pill. We'll see what the next few days bring.

The good/bad news is that so far the tests have come back negative. So we still don't know what's wrong, but we do know that apart from that, I'm a healthy kitty. Keep up the purrs, we're narrowing down on my health problem.


Vet Update

October 1st 2011 4:35 pm
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Dad took me to the vet ... again for a weigh in. I lost 2 oz since last week, down to 9.11. That's not too bad considering how much I lost before. I lost the weight from my visit earlier this week and then some, but I think it was mostly water and I got sick a few times. The report won't be in until Monday or Tuesday. The person treating me thought it was a vitamin B deficiency which is treatable. Anyway, the put 200ml more water into me and some of it settled down in my left paw. It's twice as big as normal. Dad thinks it looks like a hoof and not a paw. Yeah, Dad. Really funny. I'll make sure to throw up on your new shoes for that.

Of course you can make it up by giving me more food. Dad's given up on making me try different cat foods and stick with the one I like best. We did discover that I like a little bit of baby food mixed in. It's not a long term solution, but the baby food is like gravy in that I can lick it up easily. Plus it has water and fiber in it which can help me. It's Beechnut chicken and veggies (the veggies are peas and carrots, no onions; onions are bad for kitties). I'm also switching my medication to something smaller. It looks like my hyperT pill. I'll hate it, but not as much as that huge pill I had before.

Things are OK otherwise. I got to go outside for a little bit with Dad watching me. I was really happy. Everyone thinks I'm going to be OK once we figure out my health problem. Thanks for all the purrs and gifts!



October 4th 2011 8:13 pm
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Well we found the trouble. I have pancreatitis. I gotta take more pills and I'm fighting Dad every step of the way to take them. They may make my diabetes worse and if it does, we don't know what will happen. But I didn't have it too badly before so we're optimistic. Only problem is getting me to take my pills. Dad will have to invest in a pill popper or something.



October 9th 2011 8:17 am
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Hey everycat, we wanted to let you know how things were going. Furst I want to thank everyone who sent gifts and well wishes to me. They've been very comforting in my recovery.

That's right, I said "recovery". Progress is being made. Friday Dad saw me drinking from the cat fountain in a long time. I also ate a lot of food. The latter wasn't such a good idea since I got sick overnight and on Saturday. It was too much too soon, but the important thing was that I was eating and drinking. (I also was not cleaning myself very well. I got stuff on my front paws and Dad had to wash them off.) Dad also started putting my pills in my canned food for me to nom up so he doesn't have to force them down my throat. I'm actually starting to think I'm going to beat this. This morning Dad thinks I'm starting to look better.

I have more than a week of pills daily to go through before we start stepping down. This coming weekend he wants to take me to the vet again for a weigh in and maybe hydration (or sooner if the vet wants).

Keep the purrs up, I'm not out of the woods yet.


Not doing as well as hoped

October 13th 2011 5:31 pm
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Very very observant watchers would notice my weight officially went from 10 to 9 lbs. I lost 10 oz since the 1st. The vet is very concerned about it, as are all of us. He thinks I may have an infection as well as pancreatitus. It's the best explanation we have. He felt my tummy and said I had a lot of newmies and they were well formed which meant 1) I was able to eat well enough 2) I didn't have diareha and 3) my diabetes did not return. Normally those are good signs, and they are, but the fact I'm still losing weight is a big concern. Hence the infection theory. I got a shot of anti-biotics after I got my hydration treatment and Dad is going to give me a shot of it again every day for 10 days and see if that fixes things. I sure hope so, we're tired of being stressed and having to take meds. At least this is injected and not a pill.


Getting worse

October 19th 2011 7:53 pm
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I go back to the vet tomorrow for a weigh-in and water treatment. My B12 levels are high last time we checked. But Dad can feel my bones more easily and I'm not eating as much. I'm fighting him harder to take my meds. He did start giving me antacids so I don't feel as nauseous as before and those are working somewhat. I've been hiding out in the bathroom and behind chairs. I've been very lethargic lately. I stopped greeting Dad when he gets home from work or hanging out with him at the computer. We don't know if the antibiotics are working or not.

We have a great vet. He's doing everything he can. We don't need advice. We need to get me better if possible. Dad is losing hope. He doesn't know if I can beat this problem. We're doing everything we can but it's not working. I eat but I get thinner. Why is nothing happening?!

We also can't look at other cat's diaries and comment on them. But other people can. I wonder what's up with that.


Overnight at the vet again

October 20th 2011 8:10 pm
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I lost another 5oz over since last week. We knew that if I was still having problems I'd have to get an ultrasound. That's why I'm stuck at the vet tonight. To get my examination done I need to be given a sedative and that works best if I have no food and I'm well hydrated. This is going to be a big input to output examination and I'm glad I won't be awake while it happens. My vet is well informed. He knows it's not the IBD or diabetes. We know something is wrong with my pancreas but the medicines aren't working. With luck, I should be a recovering kitty in a day or so.

Thank you for all the purrs. We know some people here have been giving advice. We appreciate the thought and all, but we have a very good vet who knows what to look for. Not all the details are posted in my diary so while any advice is well intended, it doesn't help. Whatever has been said has either been done or is part of the plan. Asking if we did X or checked for Y just makes Dad worry and second-guess himself which makes him feel bad. I am perfectly capable of making him feel bad myself. MOL

We'll let you know what happens!


Back Home

October 21st 2011 4:47 pm
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This is it, this is the big cause of why I'm ill. This is the big boss battle that happens after you thought you just beat the last boss in a video game. I have a tumor near the base of my stomach. It's pretty big by kitty standards, even by human standards. The doc took samples of it for biopsy and we should know more about what it is soon. The only real question is whether or not it can be removed. If it can, Dad will insist it be done ASAP. If not well ... It has to be said, we shouldn't be afraid of stating the worst case senerio. If it can't be removed or controlled, I'll have to be put to sleep before it can cause me constant pain. It's the only decent thing to do. It will be difficult and we hope it won't come to that. But that's what I'm looking at and we have to be honest with each other.

Speaking of honestly, this ordeal has been very trying on Dad. There have been times he nearly broke down crying, even at work. It's made him a bit blunt. Catster is a happy place (current hacker problems notwithstanding) and we know people want to help. Well wishes are great. Advice, not so much. We don't want hurt feelings, but in this situation Dad doesn't want to think about the "if only"s (as in "If only we did X!")

Dad's not a big social networker and doesn't feel the need to post ALL the details about my life up for the world to see. (Side note: seriously people NEVER announce to the world you're going on vacation unless you're tired of all your stuff.)

Dad's GTG so I'll wrap up and say when I got home I was HUNGRY. The vet said not to give me lots of food until tomorrow, but I was put under in the morning and woke up before noon. I'm in good shape apart from the tumor and I have the ultrasound to prove it. I think I can handle some food. I ate about half a can of the wet stuff since I got back. In a morbid sort of way, it doesn't matter. If I can get better, the earliest I can go in is Monday. If not, well what's one big meal going to do?

Wish us well!

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