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The Life of a Feral Cat

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Mommy is so proud of me!

May 29th 2008 12:05 pm
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On Monday when mom and her mom were cleaning the patio, me, Kalli, Betty, Oreo and the puppy were outside too and mom went up to me and I didnt run away, so she bent down to try to pet me and I let her!! Mom was sooo shocked cuz in my whole 4 years of living here I have never let her get close to me when i'm outside, but I do let her pet me inside! I'm getting to be an affectionate kitty MOL


I havent written an update in a while!

May 9th 2008 9:58 pm
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Hey everycat! Hmmm... Lets see, nothing really has been going on with me latley, Well except fur in february mom got a new puppy, then last week, Matilda bit her, the puppy ended up in the ER and now has to wear a cone and then on wednesday mom had to get rid Matilda who she had fur 2 years :'(.

Anyways, right now im adding some new pictures of me!! And then sometime next week, ill add a bunch more, well I better get going, bye!


Im engaged!!!

March 7th 2008 12:07 pm
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OMC!!! Today, Twister and I had a date and he asked me to marry him! And guess what I said! I said YES!! YAY!! We still havent made the plans yet
but of course I will let everyone know, when it is! Gotta go bye


Christams was so fun!

December 26th 2007 2:14 pm
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I had a really fun christmas! I got alot of fun toys!! I got a crinkley long tunnel, toy mice, cat nip, treats, a new toy box and ALOT of other pawsome stuff! oh and I got a cardboard kitty scratcher thingy so that me and my sisters will stop clawing on the couch but it isnt working MOL, the only one who claws on it is Oreo only cuz she is a mommys girl. My favorite toys are the catnip and the tunnel! Well I better go bye! Oh and it snowed a little bit, but melted in a few hours :(


My eyedropper thingy is missing!!!

December 3rd 2007 9:07 pm
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OMC! Im so sad, me and my mom were looking all over fur it and couldnt find it! That is the only thing that I will play with and now it is gone, oh well ill get mom to look fur it again tomarrow bye


I had a fun night!

November 26th 2007 10:27 pm
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About 2 hours ago, I was playing with my eyedropper and so mom came up to me and threw it form the dining room into the living room and I ran as fast as I could and I was batting it around, mom said I was like a dog that was obsessed with a Tennis Ball MOL. And I was letting her pet me and pick me up and everything! Im getting pretty social, mom says she is glad she got me from that petstore when I was a kitten. And im glad I found a loving furever home! Well gotta go to sleep after all that running bye!


Birdies and Mice!

November 4th 2007 6:31 pm
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Hi everycat! Sorry I haven't written fur a while, I will try to more often. Anyways, so last sunday my little sister Betty caught her 1st bird all by herself! She can get on my nerves sometimes but I was so proud of her! Usually she needs mine or Kalli's help catching something but she did this all by herself!! You should have seen the look on her face, she had s HUGE smile on her face as she was trying to bring it in the house( I still have to teach her to leave her purresants fur mommy on the porch)! And then on Monday I caught a mouse! And then my sister Oreo took off his tail!! Now I can't sling it around anymore but then on wednesday I caught a bird and another mouse!! Our porch is now a cemetary MOL. But mom keeps telling us that she is going to take them off the porch tomarrow so we better play with them while we still can!

And here is some more pawsome news about me, I am getting to be a very social kitty! When my mom's daughter holds me I purr and purr and when they are sitting outside I will let them pet me, well only if they don't stand up MOL. Well I gotta go! Meow to ya soon.

Kit - Kit



September 24th 2007 8:55 pm
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Sorry kitties, Im still having problems standing up to Matilda! She is just way to big, sooo that is why I havnt been on catster lately But I got new pictures! Like em? I just dont uderstand why I am so cute! Do you? Uh Oh now Kalli is coming to kick me off the computer! Gotta go



June 8th 2007 12:50 pm
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Hi Kitties! Sorry I havent meowed to ya lately, My stupid dumb dog sister is ALWAYS on dogster and everytime I go up to her and politely ask her if I can just go on my page and do a few things she starts growlin at me! So guess what I do, I run under the bed and hide! But the good thing is that she is sleepin right now and Im gunna put some pictures on later!! I,ll TRY to meow to ya later! Bye


This is gunna be the shortest entry of my life but...

April 3rd 2007 8:26 pm
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I slept allll day and went outside!

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