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Kallis kool life

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OMC! I'm Cat of The Day!!

January 23rd 2009 7:46 am
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Wow! I can't believe! Betty keeps bragging because she got COTD last year on Valentines day. But now I can brag hehe. Thanks HQ and thanks everypur fur the gifts and friend requests!

Oh and this weekend I'm adding some new pictures and videos :)


Fleas =o

August 28th 2008 8:32 pm
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Mom hasn't de flead us yet this year so we have fleas really bad so this weekend mom is going to wash everything, shampoo the carpets, spray flea stuff all over the house and she is going to put flea medicine on us! I hate flea medicine!! So mom is going to have to sneak up on me when she does it because as soon as I see her getting it I run and hide MOL

I know I haven't written for a while but I promise I will alot more!!


Hey everypurr!

May 27th 2008 10:26 am
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Wow! I haven't written in my diary fur a while! Well alot has happened since I last wrote! Lets see... On January 31st it was Kit - Kits birthday, then on February 2nd it was Betty's birthday, then on Valentines day mommy left and came back an hour later with a PUPPY :O, then on April 29th Matilda bit the puppy and she almost died, then on May 11th mommy had to get rid of Matilda :( and on May 3rd it was my 5th birthday! Yay!! I'm sooo old now MOL! Mommy got some new pictures of me and I will add them in a second! Oh! And I also re did my page! Now its ready fur summer! My most favorite season! Well I gotta go bye



December 26th 2007 2:13 pm
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I had a really fun christmas! I got alot of fun toys!! I got a crinkley long tunnel, toy mice, cat nip, treats, a new toy box and ALOT of other pawsome stuff! oh and I got a cardboard kitty scratcher thingy so that me and my sisters will stop clawing on the couch but it isnt working MOL, the only one who claws on it is Oreo only cuz she is a mommys girl. My favorite toys are the catnip and the little mice! Well I better go bye! Oh and it snowed a little bit, but melted in a few hours :(


My boring day

November 26th 2007 8:55 pm
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Today it was raining ALL day long so all I did was Sleep on the computer chair in the morning and then I went to the back of the couch. It is REALLY cold here today, I hope it snows soon, I love to dig holes in it and then stick my face in it MOL, mommy thinks it is funny when I do that.

I can't wait until Christmas, I just love it because I get lots of treats, toys and CATNIP!! I love catnip, but Oreo, Betty and Kit-Kit always try to steal the catnip box from me, I hate it when they do that.

Well I gotta go, I will try to write more tomarrow. Bye


My Pawsome page!!

September 24th 2007 9:00 pm
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Do you guys like my pawsome page? I decorated it fur halloween, but all I need is a halloween animation of me but none of the kittys no how to them only the doggies do!! Can you belive them!! well gotta go attack Betty BYE!


My Paws are tired AGAIN!!

August 4th 2007 10:33 am
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I just got done inviting over 85 kitties to my group!!! Now I gotta go kill Betty! BYE!!


My kitty paws are tired!!

August 3rd 2007 4:16 pm
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I just got done inviting over 70 doggies to my group, ♥Mixed Brreds Rule♥. Good thing they didnt see me! MOL. Well I better go take a catnap so I can ivite some kitties to my group either later or tomarrow. BYE!


Lazy day

July 8th 2007 9:30 pm
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Today was SO borining all I did was sleep on the new carpet and dodge the dog MOL And thanks to all you kittys who gave me nice compliments on my page!


I've been tagged!

May 24th 2007 9:41 am
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I have been tagged by Aireanna!

The Rules
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

My Seven Random Facts
1. Im Like a dog! I will follow my owners EVERYWHERE(when they are outside)
2. I like to eat dog food.
3. I was rescued from the tacoma and pierce county humane society.
4. If im in a deep sleep and I sence ny little sister Betty is comming I start growling
5. Im the queen of the house
6. Instead of going potty in the litterbox I go outside!
7. ummm... Im spayed!(is that random enough?)

I tag these cats:

Karma Kitty

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Oreo " Ory "


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