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My kitty life

Plastic bags

June 6th 2007 6:29 am
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I have a very bad fetish of licking plastic bags. If there are any plastic bags around I will lick and lick until mom tells me NO! Then I wait untill she is busy again and lick some more. I love plastic just as much as chasing Kitty around the house.


Fluff`s Thought`s

December 28th 2006 5:59 am
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I am not much on christmas any more, just licking the tree. Mom gets a little sad because Scooter, Littleone and Friend(I have never met him) are no longer with us. I remember Littleone having to get shots 2 times a day and Scooter was getting pills 2 times a day. Littleone had diabetes and Scooter had thyroid problem. He was a big fat cat. Mom always hugged him and gave him anything he wanted. Littleone was so laid back I was wondering if he was a cat at all. When Littleone passed away the rest of us were crying along with mom. We talk about the three of them like they are still with us. 2 days ago mom called Littlefriend, Friender Bender and I saw Mom`s eyes well up with tears, She used to call Friend that. She told me that Friend died I think in 1999 and that devasted her so much she carried pictures of him with her for 2 months. and she dreamed about him for a whole year. Mom is such a loving person to all of us, she has a big heart, I just hope that heart does not include anymore cats. I am not too fond of new comers.


Christmas Day

December 25th 2006 7:28 am
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I agree with Bobbie, we love our mom, she gives the best hugs ever!!!


Kitty and Penny

December 22nd 2006 7:37 am
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Kitty is mad at me for taking her box, and Penny thinks she rules the house here, we all know who does, My MOM!!

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