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Ponderings of a Biscuit

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Important Message to You.

September 9th 2008 10:25 am
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Hi everycat!

This concerns our Patrick's Medical Wish List. He would've written this up in his diary but his page is new and I have about, oh, 2000 more pals than he has right now mol, so I'm putting out the word.

This word is VERY important so please take a moment to read even tho it's long:

Like everyone else, the bad economy hit our family hard. Mommy works retail and the business cut hours a lot. Still, we made do. But then over the summer our human grandma got very ill and spent time in ICU. Mommy missed quite a few days of work (she has grandma's medical power of attourney) and at her job she doesn't get paid days off.
At the same time Patrick was diagnosed with CRF.
Mommy had to move grandma to hospice after she left the ICU and regular hospital. (She's mommy's mom.)
She also had to make pre-paid final arrangements so we wouldn't be caught unprepared. Grandma had no insurance so the plans are out-of-pocket.
Mommy's pretty good at juggling her modest paycheck but this time the expenses piled up. The utility bills were pushed back late and began to snowball.

Grandma will be cared for at the hospice (the people there are verynice) but at our house the utilities were threatening to cut us off for being so behind. (We live in south Texas with triple-digit summers and must run the AC.)
Mommy was going to have to choose between having the utilities turned off or continueing with Patrick's CRF therapy. (He's been doing great, too, with his meds.)

Mommy has no human family (except grandma) and she'd never asked for help before.

It's VERY hard to ask for help =(

But she made a Medical Wish List with Amazon and put it on my/Patrick's page .
She'd never done a wish list and wasn't sure if she did it right mol.
Didn't know what come of it if anything.
And just prayed.

And the Catster's came to our rescue!
The first day some anonymous kitty bought Patrick a lil sharps container for his needles =)
Mommy was floored! OMC!

Then a pair of true Angels on Earth, Winnie and Chester stepped in with a gift card from Heaven!
Mommy burst out in tears at her work! HAPPY tears this time!

Then a generous anonymous kitty bought Patrick a case of medical food!
Mommy's eyes leaked again! AT WORK AGAIN mol!

Then our wonderful ladyfriend Scooter came thru with the IV stand (she uses one too!).
Mommy cried some more! DARN THOSE CRYING HOOMANS!

Hazel Lucy and Amelia are right there and our Rufus and all those wonderful kitties who have sent p-mails of emotional support and all the cute virtual gifts. There are too many to list and mommy's eyes are doing that THING again, gah!

Looong story a lil bit shorter: You guys are truely our family. Mommy has family right here.

Mommy had the cable TV/high speed internet taken out and is riding the bus to save money and gas. She replaced the phone with a pay as you go for emergency calls only.
With the generous help from you kitties and your mommies and daddies, Patrick and Little Red as well
have their special food and Patrick has his medical supplies to float him until mommy pays off the bills.

We are well on our way! Your gifts have allowed mommy to put her full paycheck onto the utilties. In a couple more we should have our feeties back on the ground =)

It seems like when you're down financially that's when people/animals get sick/the appliances break/or the weather is especially bad. We got hit left right and center. And we know you guys are in the same boat, and it isn't easy...
Bless you all.
Bless you for helping our Patrick to live and stay well. Little Red, too. They send their heartfelt kitty-love.

Mommy is overwhelmed and humbled and very thankful (and using lots of Kleenex).
We purrray that your caring, concern, and generosity comes back to you ten-fold.

We love you,
Biscuit, Patrick, Little Red and mommy (Roxy)
and Catfamily

The Medical Wish List is being taken down soon *now closed* because our Wishes have been Granted! (and then some).
We will be receiving:
Boxes of needles
Case of fluids
Potassium suppliment
Case of medical food for Patrick
Case of medical food for Little Red
(both with subsequent shipments as well)
IV stand
A really cool toy highly recommended by Winnie and Chester
Two sharps containers

EDIT: Some generous kitty purchased Patrick a bottle of tonic (he's a little anemic) just before the list was closed! THANK YOU and BLESS!

Thank you! How can we ever thank you enough...


Thanks for the Diary Pick congrats!

September 7th 2008 12:38 am
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I really appreciate all the gifties and well-wishes!

It was all about my catfamily member Patrick =)
Thanks for making him feel welcomed here at Catster.
Thank you from my heart and my mommy's heart.

You all make this ol Angel-kitty purrrr really loud.
Patrick sends his love and appreciation,too.

I love you,


Welcome our Patrick to Catsterland!

September 5th 2008 1:08 pm
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Please welcome our CRF kitty Patrick to Catster!

He's a great guy and an even better patient than ME (that's saying a LOT mol)!
He loves everyone and he's living, not dying, with CRF.

Thank you Winnie, Chester, Taz and Hazel Lucy for helping Patrick to thrive!

I know Patrick will be as happy on Catster as I and the rest of the catfamily are.

Love you all!


Thanks so Much!

September 3rd 2008 9:18 am
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Thank you whoever purchased the sharps container for us from our medical wish list!

This really helps us! Patrick, who's battling CRF (and not on Catster) thanks you from the bottom of his heart!
He's going in for his checkup and blood panel today so I'm sending big Angel Purrrs that his numbers look good.

We can't wait to receive the giftie!

Everycat here is just so touched by the generosity...

Again, thank you!!!

Biscuit (and Patrick, of course)



May 24th 2008 10:17 am
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As you know, Simba went to join the Angels yesterday at the age of 20.

Today she's Cat of the Day!

Right now her treat bank sits at an impressive 81,000+

I think it maxes out at 250,000...

Think we can do it?

Simba's Page


(Feel free to crosspost this everywhere!)



December 28th 2007 8:56 am
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In her diary she said she'd be leaving Sat 28. Maggie Moo asked to have a Kitty Day to celebrate her. Saturday is the 29th. Today is the 28th and Hazel Lucy announced it is, in fact, today.

We are rushing out the pic. PLEASE cross post.
Her family is devastated.

Kitty will be making the journey to The Beautiful Bridge. Let's honor her by putting up her picture on Catster.

I've unlocked my pics so feel free to go to my page and save it and put it up on your pages everycat.

Here's a hosted link as well:


Thank you, my friends!
Black Jack



December 28th 2007 8:52 am
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In her diary she said she'd be leaving Sat 28. Maggie Moo asked to have a Kitty Day to celebrate her. Saturday is the 29th. Today is the 28th and Hazel Lucy announced it is, in fact, TODAY.

I'm rushing out the pic. PLEASE cross post.

Kitty will be making the journey to The Beautiful Bridge. Let's honor her by putting up her picture on Catster.

I've taken it upon myself to whip up a pic to display...I hope no one minds, I'm not very good with stuff like that...
I've unlocked my pics so feel free to go to my page and save it and put it up on your pages everycat.

Here's a hosted link as well:


Purrrrs, Biscuit


Merry Christmas Everycat (and doggie).

December 25th 2007 12:40 pm
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This Holiday at The Bridge has turned out to be quite an affair!

The Angels definately know how to party anyway, but this time I'm not a clueless newbie. And this time I'm surrounded by even more of my dear friends.

It would be a lie to say it hasn't been a heart-breaking year at Catster, especially as of late. While Heaven has gained so many gifts, I know the families have lost their furbabies (if even only in body).
The ones left behind...that's the heart-breaking part for us Angels.
The furbabies are fine here (and boy are we gonna party) but the mommies and daddies are sad. The furbabies left behind are lonely.

The hard part about being an Angel =(

Not much we Angels can do but purrrr for those and promise you will meet your loved babies again.
But that's a promise.
I promise.

So don't be sad. Have a wonderful holiday. Hug those earth babies and we will hug your Angelbabies and everyone will be fine.

A special message for those that are very ill over the holidays:

We are watching and purrring for you (and yours).
We purrr for healing and comfort so you can enjoy your families and festive time and get well soon. We aim for miracles! =)
But sometimes The Bridge does call. Sooner or later it calls for all of us...mommies and daddies start a new life whole and healthy and happy. Never fear it. We're having a Wonderful Holiday up here too!

Thank you so much Secret Santas. You made my families holiday.
Thank you my families dearest friends and our new friends-to-be.

Love and Headbonks,


One Year Bridge Anniversary

November 28th 2007 8:00 pm
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Thanks everyone for the pmails and rosettes and gifts for me and Black Jack. It doesn't seem a whole year has passed since we both, well, passed.

I am very happy up here with my bestest bud, yet it is bittersweet because mommy misses us terribly. Bittersweet because my girlie pal McKenna came for the anniversary with her brother Buddie...I wasn't expecting her but she suprised me. It's been fun playing with my friends up here but I am quite sad for her family. I know how it feels for the family to lose two babies together...

I purrr that her family finds the comfort my mommy did in knowing that I am with my best friend at The Bridge.

Purrrrs, my friends,


So Sorry My Friends!

November 16th 2007 9:39 am
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First, thank you sooo much for the wonderful gifts for me and my family! =)

We would love to give back and send our pals some goodies, but for some reason, we cannot access the gifts anymore. Not even plain ol rosettes. It may have to do with the new Catster upgrades and our sad ol just isn't working.

But thank you thank you thank you, and we will try to send out pmails to you guys as soon as we can.

Purrrrrs and Headbonks,
Biscuit (and Family)

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