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Punky's Scratching Post


February 20th 2011 4:09 am
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I don't usually play tag, but Dashiell tagged me! He is a stoopid boycat, but his sister is a fellow detective and a good furriend! She is a very smart detective too! So, I am going to play....

So, Dashy wants to know the 5 most annoying things my mommy does (FIVE??? I could list 1000!!).

(1) My mommy locks me up in the bedroom!!! I don't like that!

(2) I have to live with a sister!! I don't like her!!

(3) My mommy picks me up!!! I don't like that! And she knows that I don't like that and she picks me up anyway!!

(4) There are never enough treats!!

(5) I don't get brushed nearly often enough!!

(6) My mommy tells people I am a short bus kitty!!

Okay....I'll stop here. If you haven't played yet, consider yourself tagged and tell us all about YOUR bad mommy!




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