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Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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DDP & Scary Hide Under the Covers Day!

December 18th 2012 4:18 pm
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Yayyyy! I'm a Daily Diary Pic again! I think the Diary Gal must be logging on my page because she likes watching the falling potatoes. I understand. They leave me drooling every time... Po Tah Toesssss!

That said, I spent hours of the day under the covers in bed hiding. Mom and Dad let these crazy guys with tools belts and tools and stuff in the house! And they're ripping out an old and putting in a new window in the kitchen! At least, that's what Captain Morgan told me. That's a better report than PurrC who told me they were sharpening their tools on the wall by the picture window. And Moose told me there weren't any workers, just friendly dudes with better back scratchers... I didn't peak out to see. I was trying very hard to be a tiny, invisible lump in the blankets till they left. Are they gone yet?! I sure hope so, cause I hear Mom getting a potato ready for me, and I need to venture out to eat it! Wish me luck!


Report From the Construction Zone...

December 19th 2012 6:47 am
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I'm a little shocked... I logged on and saw myself in Diary Central again! Really?! Does anyone else see me there? Am I going crazy?! If so, I bet I can beat PurrC at wrestling even more often! Huh. Ok! More potatoes for me! Potatoes of EVERYKITTY!!! Yippieeeee!

Our house is still a construction zone. Mom says those worker dudes are coming back and has us locked out of the "work area" that used to be the kitchen... After they left last night, we snuck in there and looked at the big plastic fort they'd constructed around the two windows in the kitchen. I wasted no time in ripping a hole and going inside to go sit in windowsill and look out the bay window. The other window smelled funny, kinda like the nail polish or caulking the humans like fumigating the place with... So I sat in the bay window. All the edging is off of it. I'm a little concerned that they're coming back for it.

Mom came in the kitchen, saw the hole, saw movement in the plastic fort and immediately yelled "Captain Morgan! Get out of there!"

Captain?! In trouble?! I poked my head out the hole in the plastic to see if he needed any help, and came eye to eye with Mom. She then yelled "SPARKMAN!?! Get outtah there! Are you the only one in there?"

So I zoomed out! And heard the distinct sound of duct tape being used on the hole behind me. Then they locked us out of that room. Moose keeps making brave dashes in and out when Mom goes to get coffee and such... But she nabs him. Me? I'm done being brave. I'm going to go bird watch on the sun porch and try not to think about the impending doom of workmen!


Tooth paste!!!

December 24th 2012 8:17 pm
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Wow I found a new treat! Mom was brushing her teeth with that minty smelling soapy stuff. I was sitting on the sink supervising her. She reached over and pulled a different tube of soapy stuff out of a drawer... It had a cat on it and said "malt" flavor... She put some goo on her finger & shoved it in my mouth! She rubbed it all over my teeth and gums. I kinda felt weird about it, but then I realized that that stuff tasted great! I sat there licking my lips & bathing my face & ears all over. Yum yum yum!

The next night I found Mom bathing her teeth again. I jumped up on the sink and gave her the kitten eyes. Then I sniffed the air and gave her hand with the tooth brush a little headbutt. She petted me & then realized what I was asking for. She put a tiny punt of the cat tooth soap on her finger and offered it to me. Oh, purrs! I licked her finger all over and ate the whole tiny lump of goo. It was just so wonderful. I sure hope this becomes a habit! I LOVE kitty toothpaste! Who knew?!

Happy Christmas Eve, every kitty!


Sparkman Strikes Again!

January 6th 2013 8:28 am
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Ha ha! I got to eat Mom's scarf last night!!! It's been months since I really got to eat fabric. Mom says that she has been hounding her guests and visitors and Dad, and then SHE goes and leaves out her scarf on the kitchen table! Ha ha! She woke up to Dad informing her that her scarf was in my food dish, one quarter sized hole and several small rips. It was a tastey tastey scarf. It was made of pure wool and it's flavor reminded me of the highlands of Scottland. Mom says that's because it was from Scottland and part of a tartan plaid. I would have tried wearing it too, if she'd told me that earlier! But as it was, I felt like a real fuzzy highland cow goat gnawing that scarf all night. I purred the entire time... Mom's kinda mad at me. But it was kinda totally her fault! Thanks, Mom! Yum yum yum.


Sparkman Health Update: He's doing fine!

January 13th 2013 7:45 pm
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I thought everykitty might need an update... I'm doing fine! I had ten minutes or so of barfing a couple days after I ate Mom's scarf, but then I went right back to eating dry food. I'm not sure if that was related to my goat habits, or just normal winter hairballs. Mom's been keeping an eye on me, and I've been doing all my normal stuff; eating, drinking, sleeping, using the litterbox, playing fetch... So after a week she says I must be fine! Whoo hoo! I think it's time for another snack. I wonder if Mom left out her socks anywhere?! I love hunting the house for stuff... Purrs!


Sewing Confusion

January 15th 2013 5:54 pm
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Two sewing machines?! TWO?! I was helping Mom and one of her friends playing with fabric and that crinkle paper she folds up and keeps in envelopes on the floor. It's awfully fun to sit on whatever they're cutting, purr, and act like I don't know they're telling me to move over when they're cutting the fabric up... But after all that fun I had to go get a snack and check in my Captain. I found him in bed, gave him a few head licks (pirates don't bath themselves you know!). Then I heard the sound of the sewing machine going... But there was an echo or something, cause it sounded louder than usual. I wandered back in the room and found there was now Mom and two friends over playing with the fabrics. I hopped on the table, planning to sit in the way of the machine like I always do. But then I realized there were TWO sewing machines! I stood on the table and looked at one then the other then back at the first again. Then I turned to see Mom sitting between them, hand sewing the scarf I ate last week... I walked over to Mom and told her how confused I was. "Merow merow merow merow...." How am I supposed to help with sewing time when there's only one of me and two sewing machines?! I decided to give up on my usual cuteness task, and instead sat on Mom, while rubbing my nose in her tastes scarf. And purring of course! It was fun, even if I was very confused... There's not supposed to be two!



January 18th 2013 8:36 am
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I might just be the luckiest Sparkman in existence. My Grandhumanmom Santa helpers sent me a whole box of feather toys that elves made from their pet duck feathers. They were tied together with short pieces of digestible cotton threads, but PurrC and I have been merrily ripping them up and carrying the feathers all over the house... Then a few mornings back, I wasn't feeling all that into playing fetch with Mom (the radiator was warm! I wasn't about to leave that!) so she kept throwing around my fetch mouse and trying to get my attention. I'd look over when I heard her say my name, then sleepily go back to chillaxing... Then at one point I looked up and fetch mouse had grown a great big feather tail! When she threw him that time, the feather spun around with fetch mouse and I had to run after that!

A few more days went by and even feather tail mouse was getting dull. But I followed Momup to the bathroom and flopped on the carpet. Then under the corner edge, I saw that feather peaking out! I pounced and attacked and started doing wild summersaults through the air. There were bunny kicks and boxing paws... I thought sure the carpet would be in shreads, but I had to kill that wiggling feather.

Then Mom and I finished up our game, I ate a potato treat and she drank more coffee... I heard Dad getting ready for a shower. I ran up the stairs, dashed in the room, and saw that feather still under the carpet! I rushed in, dove at the feather and just barely missed slashing open Dad's foot. He jumped out of the way and told Mom what had happened... He just needs to learn not to stand on my feather!


Green Bow Tie & a DDP!

February 3rd 2013 5:20 pm
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Whoa! I somehow missed being a Daily Diary Pic! But as I always tell Mom, my angel pal Buddie and his family always help me celebrate with a happy, cheering, loving poetry message that makes me feel like it's my special day whenever I read it! He tells me to put my paws in the air and do a happy dance! So that's what I 'm doing! Purrs & joy, everykitty!

I've been helping Mom sew a green dress. Whenever she's cutting out fabric, I like sitting right there to purr/cheer her on. And in return, she decorates me. If there are any long ribbon like pieces, she wraps them around my neck in a bow... So I have a green bow tie! And when she took it off me for the night, I whimpered. She said she was sorry, but that I can't be trusted with it overnight. She put it in her bathrobe pocket, and we went to bed.

The next morning, she found me on the radiator mesa and gave me a wonderful present; my green bow tie! I woke up to her kissing my forehead and slipping my bow tie back on! I was so happy I immediately started purring and sniffing it and posing with my handsome bow tie. I wore it around all day, much to the envy of my brothers. PurrC tried to wrestle it off my neck, twirled around on the floor biting it and clawing at my pretty bow tie... But it survived and I fought him off!

That night was the same story; I whimpered, Mom put it in her pocket, and she woke me up the next morning with it! So I'm on day three of wearing a lovely green bow tie. Oh so wonderful! Purrs and purrs!

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Footnote: Is anyone else having trouble uploading pictures to Catster? I can't seem to get my pictures online and am curious if it's my computer, or the web page!


Sparkman Complains About Being a Hand Warmer...

February 6th 2013 12:01 pm
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I love it when Mom wakes me up for snuggles, I really do. But now that's it's cold outside, she has this annoying habit of waking me up and rubbing her cold nose and icy fingers all over my warm, sleepy fur. I always wake up with an "Awww, Mom!" and then progress to a "Whimper! Maaaaawwwwww!" And if she persists in using me as a warmer, "Groan! MAWWWW!" By then she usually gives up and goes to bugging any of my brothers. Moose runs away, Purrseus bites her (on the face even!), but Captain Morgan just snuggles tighter into a ball and ignores her. Maybe I should try that one... But when she's not a human icicle, it's sure awesome having Mom around to wake me up for ear kisses and neck scratches! Purrrrrrs...


Sparkman Smells Like a Coconut!

February 28th 2013 3:12 pm
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I had a diary pic!!! Thank you friends for letting me know! Mom was out of town and missed it. But she says I get even MORE potato treats when that happens, cause she feels guilty... She should! I mean, I'm the center of all attention! How dare she forget!?!

Mom was gone just long enough for us to get a good thick layer of cat fur on every surface of the house. And we were really feeling proud of the cat bachelor pad oder we were all acquiring. (We had an awesome pet sitter, in case she's reading this. It's not her fault we're little boy cats! I mean, I blame PurrC for the worst smells. That dude stinks!)... Then the first thing Mom did today was clean the whole house & wipe us down with a dryer sheet (to get us less static-y). And threatened to dump PurrC in a tub, but he got away... And now I smell like coconut hand lotion. I think Mom petted me too soon after putting that stuff on herself.

I'd complain more, but the truth is that I'm just thrilled to have Mom back, even if I smell like a coconut! I woke her up twice last night, just loudly purring to have her back on her half of our pillow... Missed you, Mom! Never ever go on a vacation away again, please.

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