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Moose Musings

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Moose Love Dad Best, But Thinks Mom's Okay.

April 22nd 2011 6:44 pm
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Dod es greetest butt zomtyme Mam nut two badie. Leek whanevefur Dod leve two werk, Mam luts mie sat awn heir lup end purr end gut eer rubies end nuck scruntches. Purrrs! End eer-lee-are shie gotted mie attenton whan Eye know noteeceed ah squirral awn dee windough. End dun shie mucked mie ah fie-yar in dee fie-yar-peace! Meep meep! Eye cans end mie nite slupinf awn mie fav-rot chairie bye dee fye-yar warms. Purrrrrs! Hoppy Erp Dey!


Moose Scared of Wolverines in PBS's Nature Show.

April 10th 2011 8:22 am
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Oh! Thes hap-punned a feuw weaks agoo whan Mam shie werez wutching ah PBSes shaws aboot Wolvareens. End Eye es know TVs wutcher. Captun Moogan & Sparklebutt wutches dah TVs butt nut mie... Wall, shie waz wutching dus shew end thuy kepts seying "Moose... Moose... Mooses..." Eye calmed runnning en. Whut ewe sey mie naime, Mr. Tvs?! End dhar waz zometing caulled ah Wollvereen eeting ah biggie deeir thang wit biggie antlars. Thay caulled et ah Moose, butt et know lucked leek mie, know werries dhut know Moosie.

Butt as Eye watched dhat Wollvereen gui, hie waz biggie toofies end scarie dude! Hie gots oop end ranned at me! Eye runned end hidd behund dee sofia. Dhan Eye peeks oot. Whan hie sturted running aweigh from mie, eye calmed oot ageen two wetch hem.

Mam seyz dhat Eye spant dee whole TV shaw wetching end running fram hem running et mie, end sneeking beck two wetch hem running aweigh frum mie.

Phew dhut wers clothes! Eye waz almoose-t eetunned bye ah Wolvereen! Meep!


Moose Follow Up: Doing Great!

March 13th 2011 8:13 pm
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Eye es havling grut tymes wit dee painie meddies end dee wettie fuds deit! Mam seys dhat Eye guts Weat Foud whaneve-furs Eye asks fur et. Purr purr purrrrrr! Eye guts aboot 4 er 5 mealies ah dey. Et GREET! End dee payne meddies haves mie nut fealings bud et awl. Eye waz pooting awn dee radigator end Mam gaved mie me evaning medies end dhan eye waz awl "Whooo hooooo! Whar dee teys?! Brungs oot de feathur wandie end bawl-en-truk!" Zo Eye es doing gut end tanks fur dee purrs & luves, fronds! Eye es gud, know werries butt dee Mooz. Meep meep! Purrrrrrs!


Moose is home from vet, had one tooth extracted during- cleaning. (Poor Moose!)

March 10th 2011 3:02 pm
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Eye es halm frum dee Vampur Vettie! Des tymes hie nut awnly tooked blud (Att leest eye azoom shie dids dhat) butt shie tuked mie toofie! Et wered "Toofie Cleen Op dey" butt apawrently eye hazes soch purdy toofies, dhat dhey tooked sovieneer. Eye es halm gnaw butt loopies. Mam seyz eye es hygh awn druggies. End eye es hungaries. Mam seys eye cans has fuds butt slowwwwllleeee. Oh! Eye wunt foodies GNOWWWW! poot. puut. puot. Meep!


Moose & Capt. Morgan Go to the Vet for Annual Check up!

March 3rd 2011 3:22 pm
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Shie haties mie! Shie haties mie!!! Mam seyz dhat shie luvs mie butt Eye hazes prouf. Shie tooked mie two dee Vampur Vett!!! Eye beeing gud Moozman, Eye eeting ryte end poopies ryte end Sparklebutt know scrutched mie late-lee... Y shie tortore mie leek dhat?! Dee Vetman hie geved mie fullie exham, end seyz "Moosie luking gud." Ove coorse Eye luks GUD, Eye es fines! Eye knews sickie end knows needs glow zoo dee Vett! End dhen, ewe knews whut hapuned? Dee Vettie seyz "Meep thunks hie needy toofies cleening. Wie know knead blud werk twedey; hie coods calm beck witin won weak ah hes toofies cleens aptpointmint." End Mam, shie zooooo meanie! Shie gooes, "Oh, butt ifs yous haz tymes naxt weak... Coolds wie doo dee bloodie werks todey?" Ahhhhhhh! Dee Vampur Vett!!! Shie luts dham tulks mie blud agean! Eye talls ewe; eve-fury tymes Eye goos dhar, dhay tuks mie blud. Hmphf. Att leest shie tooked os (Mie end Captun Moogan) halm end feededs oos. Meanie Mam.

Captun Moogan fines two. Dee Vampur Vett know leeks Purrate Blud.


Mom tries to give Moose a butter spread treat too, but fails- miserably. Sorry, Mooz.

March 1st 2011 9:12 am
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Mams waz puttedings buttar flaver spred awn two heir toest. Captun Moogan waz thar cries "Mie twos! Mie twos!!! Buttler sprod mie twos!!" Zo shie putted a globbie awn hes platie. Dhan Eye seys "Meep Moo to!" Shie puttid dawn peace awn an utter platie, end befur Eye eets et, Purr-C-Us calms en end talls mie dhat es hes, zo Eye luts hem eets et. "Mam! Know furgets Mooz treet!" Zo shie putted peace awn dee platie wit Captun Moogan, butt hie seyz ez hez, zo Eye askeds fur anudder. Shie putteds et awn mie NOSIE! Eye lucks starled, butt Captun Moogan hie halps mie licks et awf. Phew... Whys shie zo meanie end gives no buttar treets two dee Mooz?! Pout.


Moose frees he brothers who were incarcerated for beating- him up.

February 22nd 2011 7:51 pm
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Zo yestfurdey Sparklebutt wazed inn baddie moodie. Dhan Purrse-bus starteds inn two. Thay waz boot fowlowolwowlwowlw-ing mie aroond end byting me ank-alls end pawling oot me furs. Mam gots MADDIE at dhem fur dhat! Shie pickled dhem boot oop end carryed dhem ove-fur two dee beddie bye ralm. Shie shutted de dawr end waz gunnas leaves dhem in dar fur "tymes oot."

Eye herds heir taulking twos Dod lat-lur end tawling hem dhat shie bearly gots back zo dee livingralm whans Eye runed poost heir... Eye calds hears mie bruders crying end pawlings at de beddie bye dawr! Eye runned rite ove-fur end lats tham oot. Eye nos cow two op-pin ah dahr. Des utter guies know no dhat... End ewe no whuts hapuned dhan? Thay bited mie mare! Aft-fur Eye saved tham! Eye know uderstund!

Mam waz gettings groanies end seyz "Mooooooze!" Dhen Eye knaw shie bees mud at mie fur beeing so smarts. Shie pucks mie oop, (chacks fur any scratchus) end takies mie zoo baisemint dore! Oooo Funds! Shie opinned et end Captun Moogan calmed rooning ove-fur. Hem end mie wes wented syder hoonting ah hole our-er! Aft-fur dhat dee too luttle bruders waz sleaping zo et weres saife zoo runn roond de haus agean.

Meep meep!


Moose is very very happy this morning.

February 13th 2011 7:47 am
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Eye hazez mie Dod halm!!! Hie end Mam wented aweigh end Eye thunked heed nev-fur calms halm... Butt hie dided! End eye waz zo hoppy two sea hem end Mam dhat eye eve-fun purried end luved awn Mam two. Butt DOD! Dadodudododododudadadadaded!!!! Meep meep! Purrrs!
Gnow eye guts two kulls mie boia tey wandie. Jest two shews awf fur Dod. Eye es jest celebruting end hoppy hoppy hoppy... Mam amuzed cow mooch hoppy eyes hazes.


Moose gets scared by his own breath.

February 5th 2011 3:25 pm
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So de utter day-o Eye fallowed Dud awntwo dee glassie perch end hungs oot indee cald wit hem. Hie waz tulkin' end thar waz cloudies ah foggies aroond hes mout. Eye wuz jest wetchin' hem end dee foggies; whan Eye yawnied. End ottah ME moot calmed foggies! Butt Eye nut knaw dhat at ferst. Eye opinned mie eyes end thar waz foggied attucking mie! Eye kinda jumped end duckied aweigh frum dee foggies... Dhan Eye reganed mie coo-well. Dod end Eye kepted bein' man-lee-men awn dee glussed-en perch. Meep oot, dudies.


Bye Arnold P.

January 26th 2011 2:14 pm
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Goodie bye me bestie frond. Eye wills miss ewe so mooch. Mucks sures ewe watchis ove-fur yer Mam! Shie es gud hoomin.

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