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Moose Musings

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Moose wakes Mom up be zapping her nose.

January 27th 2014 8:08 am
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Eye waiked Mam oop des marning wit a ZAP zoo heir knose! Meep meep! Eye sawed shie waz sorta wakings oop, zo Eye runned ove-fur end seded "Eh-eh!" End eye tried jest pawing her enn dee faice. Butt duh run-runings haded mucks electrastad-ick elec-prisity end mie paw gaved oot biggie spark end zap heir knose! Eye runned zoo hyde butt Mam shie grabbed mie end gaved mie ah biggie hoog! Meep keep, zoo gluds shoe know mads et mie!


Moose does Olde Furt stuff in honor of his title "Olde Furt- of the Month."

September 24th 2013 5:06 am
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Eye es stall Olde Furtie awve dee munt! End Eye es tryings zoo doo Olde Furtie thungs, mucks mie fronds proods awe mie... Yestfurdey Eye wented oozide end rawled in crunchie dryie leeves end eeted grasses tall Eye barfied. Eye nut knaw efs dhut awl es olde furtie, butt et waz funs!!! End twodey eye es wutchings oot dee windaw fur burdies end dogies awn dar welks. Eye es looking forwards two mie nappie zoon. Ohs! Nappies zeems zo vury Olde Furtie! Eye wells nappie tyme awl dee marning!! Meep meep, Zzzzzzzz!


Moose is Olde Furt of the Month!

September 5th 2013 7:00 am
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OMC! OMC! Eye es Olde Furt aw dee Monthie! Mie end Joey cattie! Whoaaa! Eye gets ah buddie awn dee pedistall!! Des es biggie biggie hon-purr! Eye es zo hoppy! Dhey intarvewed mie fur dee Olde Furts columns end ever-fury thang! Meep meep! Purrrrs!

Eye es celebrating inn dee catnippie bed in dee garten. Purrrrrrrs!


Moose is a DDP!

August 11th 2013 4:16 pm
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Yayy! Eye es ah Day-whee Die-air-ee Peak! Meep meeep Purrrrrrs! Eye es halve-ind gud dey. Dod dod dod gived mie huggies end eye eeted luts ah grassis ootzide. Hoppy DPP zo mie! Meep meep!


Moose catches a mouse! And it gets released unharmed,- outside the house.

August 7th 2013 11:02 am
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Eye caughted dee mawse! EYE did et! Meep meep! Eye waz stalking et aroond dee second flower. Dhan Eye chaised et intah dee hoomin bedralhm. Capt-tun Moogan end Dod gotten outtah beddie bye tah calm sees whut Eye haded. Dhut Mawsie sqeezied between dah teeny gap between dee flower bordies end dee wahall! Dod waz seysing "Et es inn dee whul! Cow's we gunna gets et oot?!" Eye jest tooked mie paw end claws oot end reached et down, grubbed dee mawsie! Dhun Eye swooped et oop en mie mouthie end brunged et oot two dee hallweigh. Captun Moogan waz dar, zo Eye handed et awf tah hem! Hie runned aroond wit et en hes moutie furs a whiles, dhun gived et zoo PurrC. PurrC waz carries et a bit, dhun gaved et zoo Dod who haded ah coffees tubbie bye than. He putted awn dee liddie end tooked dee mawsie ootzide two dee woodie pyle! He calmed beck enzide end saided dhut et waz fines, gno bluds, jest kitties slooberies! Yayyy! Wie caughted end releesed ah Mawsie! Meep meep! Eye zo clev-fur!


Moose Turns 11!

July 14th 2013 2:54 pm
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Hoppy Burpdey Two Mie!
Hoppy Burpdey tttoooo meeeep!
Hoppy Burpdey, Hoppy Burp Deyyyy!

Hallo everyfury kattie! Eye es 11 two dey! Meep meep!
Mam maded a pies fur dee Humuns end Eye guts cattie fuds!
Awe hole canns ah fruskies... Purrrrrrs!
Meep meep! Purrrrrs

Thunk ewes fronds fur celebruting wit mie!


Moose is a Diary Pic! And is planning a cat party at his- house because his Mom's away!

June 13th 2013 3:39 pm
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Whowsies! Eye es ah di-airy peak! Hoppies Meep meeps, Everfury kittie cattie! Mam es awiegh at dee grundhoomans haus. Eye es halms wit Dod! Dod es dee besties. Wie cans awl haves ah paw-tea atts me haus eve-fan wit Dod halm, hes cools wit dhat. Zo calms ove-fur awl mie fronds! Eye wills gets Dod two oh-pins mere cattie fuds furs oos! Meep meep!


Moose loves yoga time. And recognizes the Gaiam Yoga DVD- theme music motif!

June 5th 2013 9:15 am
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Eye es cattie what reellee luvs yogia! Eye luvs two rawl awn mie beck end purr end slewlee muv aroond... Buts Eye reely luvs et two whan Mam guts oot dee VDV aw dhat Rod-gnee Bee guie end doos dee Yogee wit hem. Eye rawl besides heir awn dee flar, zometymes awn heir mattie wit her end purrs end purrs.... Thes marning shie putted en dee VDV end et hadded dee starts oop musax motiffie. Eye guts zoo excyted dhut eye runned intaw dee livingsralm end throwed meself awn dee flur purrings end purrings... Yeeeeahhhs Yoggee tymes!!!!


Moose is a DDP!

April 19th 2013 10:25 am
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Wowsies! Eye es ah Dale-lee Die-airy Peak! Meep meep! Wie es utter ah biggie pyle ah snaw. Mam brung-ed us en ah bunchie en oor watur bawl zo wes knaw hases two gooes ootzide zoo snuffs dee snaw. Et es burrrrrrry cald end wets. Know goodies fur dee paws! Eye batted ats et butt than Eye trieds zoo lick et end waz awl "Ahhhhhh! CALD CALD CALD!" Eye meeped ah hoppy play-full meeps end zoomed a-weigh! Wheeee!

Eye talls Mam Eye es DDP, end shie seyz "Gud bey, Moosie Mun! Ewe kneads mere treets!" knaw shie getting mies mere greanies! Oh, purrrrrs! Eye es hoppy Moosie Mun! Meep meep! Eye wished shie'd funds mie anuther spyder!


Mom Gives Moose a Spider...

April 11th 2013 6:11 am
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Wowsies! Mam funded ah spyder en ah jahr bye zink these marning. Shie calmed ove-fur two mie (Heir buggie easter!) end putted et awn dee flur en frunts aw mie. Eye waz awl, whut yee do-ling Mam? Dhan OH! ZOWIES!!!! Eye LUVS Spyders!!! End eyes bean buzy fur ah halfs our chaises mie syder aroond dee wat-lur desh end fuds bawl... Spy-ders bees FUNS!

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