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Sex: Male   Weight: 7 lbs.

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nibbly one, snuggly one, snuggly baby, little snuggly, fluffy-kins, fluffy one

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

April 9th 2006


sudden and loud noises (ie, telephone ringing)

Favorite Toy:
tubey thing on stick from the spca, fluttery things on strings -- toys that liken a bird or something wiggly

Favorite Nap Spot:
on my chest, near my neck, next to me!


Arrival Story:
went to the sf spca to adopt 2 little furries (aka kittens)! stinky came along with me so that he could help me choose and to help me bring them home with his car. last week i had swung by to just visit, so i already knew from which group of kittens i wanted to revisit/play with. there was 't-bone', a ~2lb black medium-haired domestic boy kitty about 3 months old with a roommate similar in appearance. t-bone was the first kittie i held when i got there this day, and i knew i wanted to take him home because he was somewhat playful when held, and he gave me a kiss/sniff when he smelled my face :D the other kittie was 'talia', of about the same age but black-brown short-haired domestic and female. she was also a bit smaller. she was just so teeny and cute, especially in comparison to her roommates, two kitties that were black and white, and smoky grey-black and white. so she stood out in her teeniness and cuteness. she was the other choice. in between playing/holding t-bone and talia, i maybe held/tried to play with 5-7 other kitties. all from the kittens' room in hall 10 on the second floor. these kitties, unlike the others in the building, were in cages grouped 1 to 3 in each, depending on their background/space/disposition, i presume. i was prepared with the paperwork (letter from landlord that pets ok, pg&e bill that noted my current address, sf spca adoption application, driver's license), and the consultation with the woman at the information desk took about maybe an hour at most. then the kitties came out in a small maybe 8"x18"x24"? close-able cardboard box each and off stinky and i were to the car with the little furries!! i was super duper excited. in walking to the car, one of them started making sad but cute little meowy sounds! 'which one is it?' i wondered happily and curiously. 'is it the girl or the boy?' then once in the car with both boxes in my lap, they both started meow-ing! and i was sad for them and pleased at the adoption at the same time. furries yay!!!!!

i call him thus (snuggly) because of how he snuggled with me the first night i brought him home. although somewhat more aloof towards me and taking in the environment of my apartment the first day during the day, when it was time to sleep, things changed. i turned out the lights, and he was on my head! well, so he was purring quite loudly (a little motor!), and circled anxiously around my head/pillow. he seemed anxious, and wouldn't settle down. so i reached out to hold him close to me, and after a bit more of circling, he settled down. continuing purring for several minutes, he finally went to sleep near my face, in my arms. meanwhile, nori utterly ignored me and had found a soft comfy space between cushions in the center of my sofa nearby and was out. in the middle of the night, i awoke and so did he, and with a bit more anxious circling, he finally settled down again in my arms with his purring. he's done this almost every night (less circling over time) since here. hence, the snuggly one, my snuggly baby, little snuggly. sometimes nibbly one, little nibbly: i named him after the futurama show's leela's pet nibblonian, 'nibbler'. i love the nibbler character, he is adorable, but that is another story. since my kittie is black, and i figured i could name him nibbler. incidentally, while nori, his adopted little sister is a little piggie, nibbler really does nibble! he picks/licks at his wet food a bit, eating not even an ounce/a spoonful twice a day. he seems to nibble on his dry food intermittently throughout the day though, which is good otherwise i would be really concerned about his eating. (the vet has told me this is fine, many kitties get finicky and chose more of one type of food over the other.) incidentally, he would eat the nutro lines, but he wouldn't even taste hill's science diet. i guess i don't blame him -- the hill's science diet chicken and liver is quite stinky smelling, especially in comparison to non-liver flavors. they didn't seem to have other non chicken and liver kitten flavors though. snuggly one is quite the opposite of nori in many ways. aside from eating and snuggly habits, nibbly one is waaay more mellow than nori. although he'll have his playful mode at various appropriate times of the day (morning, night), he is more or less a mellow relaxing sort of kittie. nibbly also doesn't get as excitable about certain 'toys' as nori. for instance, he's not so excited by round furry toys, or toilet paper cardboard rolls or binder clips. i think he likes long things on sticks, like the tubey thingy on a stick from the spca, and the string with a bunch of feathers and shiny foil strips attached to it -- maybe because it's like a bird? he likes things that wiggle or flutter more, it seems. recently, i rolled my bright pink rubber squishy therapy-like boundin' ball (pixar's short called boundin that was released with their movie, the incredibles), and he likes to roll/pat that around. funny how the other day, i would roll to him, and he would roll to me, and we did this back and forth thing for a few times successfully :D i could have sworn he knew what we were doing, playing ball together! nori didn't get as excited -- but more fearful, uncomfortable! -- about the ball, which is interesting because she's rarely frightened. nibbler doesn't like loud, sudden sounds. he's super sensitive to noise, especially loud obnoxious ones. he runs away when the water kettle starts whining, taking cover under my bed. he also freaks out when my phone rings. i think he's getting used to my phone alarm though. nibbly doesn't like getting picked up -- i think it's better if you let him come to you. he'll rub his face against your hand, or arch to convey that he likes being petted at that moment. for the most part though, he saves the cuddling for sleeping times. the rest of the time, he'll always be nearby, but not necessarily on my lap or next to me. sometimes he'll be under the bed on the soft kittie pad/bedding or cushion. it's quite cute actually -- they're both nearby everywhere i go these days. in the kitchen, they'll hang out in the nearby chair or on the kitchen rug. if i'm at the computer, they'll be on my lap, or on the nearby living room rug. hee! it's cute. but i tell them sometimes: 'it's okay, you guys can go play, no need to hang around boring me!' nibbly one has awesome litter box habits! he makes mountains out of his coverings of poo with the clay litter -- it cracks me up!! the litter pan will be empty around the inner sides, while all the litter has been piled into a little mound/hill on top of his latest business. he seems good with both poo and pee. nori is nowhere near as meticulous. he's also very clean and rarely stinky. he cleans himself (and nori!) pretty well. it's very cute and heartwarming when he tries to clean nori. usually she's too hyper to tolerate it, but if she's sleepy, she seems to like it. nibbler is like a big brother to nori, even though they're not related (as far as i know). nibbler is older by a month. why did i choose nibbly one at the spca? -he was the first kittie i picked up and played with outside of the cage the second time i went to the spca. he kissed my nose (or sniffed me), something the other kitties didn't do. i was immediately smitten. -he was one of the few male kitties there. i heard that male kitties can be more snuggly (hee!) so i wanted to see if this was true by adopting at least one boy. -he was furry! as a medium-haired kittie as opposed to short-haired, he was much fluffier/furrier looking than most of the other kittens there. the volunteers were saying something like how medium-haired boys were not so common, so i felt lucky. he was also smaller than his littermate, and i have a weakness for smaller things.

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the baby sister

September 20th 2006 6:28 pm
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i don't know what the big fuss is. nori was all hissy fitting about our new baby sister that our parent brought home to us the other day. she's pretty cute with her different colors and being so small, and just like us she just wants furry friends. tried playing with her the first few days, but at first she was all standoffish and tense, but i think she's lightened up some. she doesn't (yet) play as easily as nori though -- this one makes weird screetchy sounds when we're wrestling, don't know if that's good or bad.

our parent keeps putting her in the bathroom though -- i wonder what's up? she makes sad little meow-y sounds -- i'd go visit her, but the bathroom door is closed up tight. maybe our parent has some sort of grand plans and will let her out later.

i've been trying to clean her -- she's seriously in need of some looking after -- she seems to let me clean her when she's sleepy, otherwise she gets a bit rambunctious.

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