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Now is the summer of our discontent

August 13th 2007 5:43 pm
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Dad's been unemployed now for two weeks. For the most part, it's actually been good, because we get to spend lots of time together. Lots of cuddling and playing and purring. He's also been going up to the big city to do fun human things with friends, and on those days I've been stuck home by myself, but I guess that's OK, too.

Seems like there's a bit of a sadness and anxiousness in the air, too, though. We can smell things like that. Dad says it's not really about being unemployed, except that his mind and body are releasing all stress and toxicity from the last few months - that sounds like vet speak. On Saturday he was kinda shaky sometimes and having head and tummy trouble - he cried a bit, too. That was OK because we were really sad about Sundance passing away. But he also got tears watching the movie about puzzles. He really likes puzzles a lot, but shouldn't get teary about them. And briefly teared up this morning when reading news about Karl Rove - that was the stragest of all because he's a scary man who did lots of mean scary things (even jokes about hurting small animals) and dad does not like him. So dad agrees something was going on weird with the teary-eyed stuff and the head and tummy hurts. But says it's something called "cathartic". I think that means that after hurting a bit, you feel better than you did before - plus it has the word "cat" in it, so it can't be all that bad.

And while I don't like going to the V-E-T, I think he should go. He said he couldn't go until the health insurance is straightened out - insurance is how humans pay for their own vet bills, it's a lot more complicated than it is for cats - and it seemed like there was a problem with the company, but should be OK now. And things seem to be better anyway. Not only does dad seem to be feeling better, it's not as hot today as it was over the weekend. I don't like heat at all, and mostly just find shady spots to nap when it gets too hot. Dad likes heat, and said being outside a lot has helped him feel better. He even tried to get me to go outside, or at least try using my harness again. I don't really like harness, but I was OK wearing it after a while. We didn't end up going outside, though. I remember Sundance didn't like his harness either, he would write about that sometimes. It's hard not to think about him or the other kitty friends we've lost recently. Hopefully things start getting better again.


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