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Fido the sweetie cat!

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Vet Visit!

January 6th 2010 1:39 pm
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Ahhhhhhhhhh I didn't like it! NOT AT ALL!!! All I did the entire time was burry myself into daddy!!Ahhhhhhhhhhh

I got poked too!! A distemper shot and a 1 year rabies shot "Purefax" to avoid the bump many cats get from the 3 year rabies shot.

I'm still 14 pounds and super healthy! Both me and Boogie are A+ in the health department. Although, Boogie had to get his anal sacks expressed MOL!!! He's stinky and does express them on his own, but mom wanted to make sure :)

The entire time I was just submissive, laid flat on the table, looked for daddy to take me home... My vet pic didn't turn out well 'cause I was scared as all MEOW!!! But I survived... Will post a pic of me and my pawsome vet Dr. Carskaddan soon!


Vet visit!

January 4th 2010 6:09 pm
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Dang, what a way to start the Mew Year!! Me and chubby Boogie have our annuals this Wednesday. I tend to roll up in a ball when I am put on the vet table. I'm very shy, but daddy is coming 'cause mom can't lift Boogie by herself.

Not much is new here. My mom is happy to meet our contractor and we're on the books to have our plot dug up Jan 8-14th :) Weeeeeeeeee

I can't wait to move so I can go on strolls with Boogie! In the summer, our strolls are scheduled around Daddy's schedule as mom can't lift 50+ pounds down 3 flights of stairs. Of course, Boogie makes up most of the poundage :)



December 27th 2009 1:43 pm
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WOAH! I'm never a DDP (well if you compare me to piggy DDP Boogie). Thanks everyone for making my page purrrty and for the well wishes!

Mom and dad just got back from shoppin'. Mom's Catmas, Bday, Vday, and Annifurrsary (all happen before the end of April) is a new Yamaha 47" piano!! They paid for it today after she tried many out (Kawai's, Boston's, Steinway's, etc). Mom is ubber excited and hopefully she'll have a studio when we move (she's very sad to be loosing a few of her FAVORITE students).

Then the rent's got some grub, got some Royal Cannin hairball dry food for the raggies, and did some errands at Target. Busy day! Daddy goes back to work tomorrow *pouts*

Ok, time for a nap!


Party time!

December 22nd 2009 7:28 pm
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My big BIG brother Boogie is turning 6 years old on December 23!!! Mom can't believe he joined our family 5 years tomorrow!!!

His bestest Pansy threw him an all day party *HERE* and everyone is invited!!! I told Pansy she should have a veggie platter, we shall see if she listened MOL!!!

Happy Bday bro!!! I love you!!!!


I bet Picasso sent me these mousies!!

December 21st 2009 2:51 pm
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Oooooooo Cocoa and family sent our family a huge box of goodies for Catmas. I have a feeling, my bestest, Picasso had something to do with all the mousies inside the stocking? :)

They sent us a Santa door man hanging dude, Party Mix (the blue bag), a small green stocking with Porker's daddy "Monte" on the front, and sent mom gifties too (Pretty Catmas pillow and a Yankee Candle--our mom's LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEE Yankee Candles).

Thank you guys so much!!! I'm going to play with the mousies now 'cause I am certain Picasso wanted me to have fun with them :)



December 18th 2009 5:44 pm
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*pouts and throws a tantrum*




Allie SPOILES me!!!

December 17th 2009 4:07 pm
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Oooooooo so guess what! I received not ONE, but TWO gifties from Allie!!! One arrived yesterday! I did write her and thanked her for the PURPLE heated bed!!! OMC!!! I couldn't post or take pics 'cause mom had a friend from GA visiting. She just left an hour ago and she seemed nice, but none the less, she wasn't daddy :)

Earlier today they went out for lunch and visited our future home. We also showed her what our house will look like as we visited Daddy's co-workers who live near us :)

When we came home, there was a package waiting for me in the office!! So daddy got it for me. I just now opened up package 2 and inside were OODLES AND DOODLES of toys and balls and goodies (for me to share with everyone), a CUTE orange cat catmas card, a red catmas collar for me to sport (HAHAHA that won't fit Boogie!!) and lastly, the creme de la creme, a BEAUTIFUL cat frame with.... MRS. FIDEY inside!! OH SHE LOOKS BEAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL!!! *faints* She's so purrty!!! I have the bestest wifey ever!! Thank you for everything Mrs. Fidey!

Oh, Allie made a funny... See, Pansy took our pic the other day (main pic) and the picture was named, "Alfie" and Allie said "That's like Angelina and Brad Pitt, you know, Brangalina" MOL



1 Year of Marriage Bliss!!

December 15th 2009 8:23 am
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Can you believe that today, December 15 me and Allie celebrate our 1 year Annifurrsary!! Holy cats!! It seems like yesterday that my brother Hondo was frantically setting things up for our reception and ceremony!

I'm the luckiest cat!! She feeds me well that's fur sure! Even though I am still thin, my metab is just fast, so don't worry folks, she feeds me WELL!

I told Allie we will have to have a romantic dinner once our schedules and holidays subside. I am fortunate enough that I get to have mini dates with my wifey Allie every Saturday as we both participate in our Harry Potter Meowathons :) I get excited for those dates :)

Here's to many more years of love to my Allie Girl! *Swoooooooooon* Seriously, it's not fair that I'm that lucky to have her!!!



Catmas tag!

December 9th 2009 2:25 pm
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I saw this in Harry's diary, who saw it in Newman's diary so I decided to play too!

1. Do you believe in Santa Paws? If not, why?

Ummmm, yes and no... Yes 'cause he is super nice and brings me toys but no 'cause he stuck me in the same family as Boogie (I kid I kid)

2. Have you been naughty or nice?

Depends who you ask :)

3. What would you like Santa Paws to bring you?


4. What is your favorite Christmas carol?

I'm more of a cat who listens to Classical music...

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Harry Potter series (I had the same answer as Harry! MOL)

Tag yourself if you would like to play.



December 5th 2009 7:43 am
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As Tiski said in his diary, mom is always keeping the heat high and us covered with our cat blankets from friends over the years. I don't mind it at all! In fact, I snuggle and burry my head under the blankets.

My favorite blanket is my purple one Allie's mom made for me a few years ago or the quilt she sent me for a birthday. I'm not kitten'! Honest to cod! Those are my favorite blankets! I'll use any blanket really, but those are my favorite.

I'm laying on Hondo's Cat in the Clover bed (the pink one) and my nautical blanket is halfway under my body, and the purple one is on me :)

Back to my snugglies!

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