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Day in the life of Hondo

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I'm Cat of the Day!!!

February 20th 2012 1:25 am
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Wowsas! Mom was about to shut off the computer when she saw she had an email from Catster on her phone. I can't type well on the iphone and prefer the keyboard if you will :)

Unlike my siblings, I don't get honored as much 'cause I'm a shy, quiet cat. I'm happy to report *knock on wood* that my belly, "oopsies" haven't showed up so again, mom's hoping my herbs, HB Three Seeds Combo 300, continue to work until my followup in a few weeks.

Enough chit chat, I'm going to get pampered!!


Poo and belly updates

February 16th 2012 8:28 pm
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Many many thank meows to my friends with their valuable feedback!!!

Mom admits she was very skeptical when the lady vet specialized in holistic, herbal treatment before medicine (she would obviously if need be!). Like we said, it is worth a try!

So far I haven't poo'ed on the floor, but my poo's are still a bit smooshy and not 100% firm so I'm on Metronidazole liq 100/ml 2x a day until gone. I'm still on my herbal pills 2x a day too.

Since then we have bought the 40 lb Precious Cat clumping litter (that odorless cat attract Dr. what's-his-face's name, blue bag), 2 GIGANTIC non covered boxes that have HIGH sides, and a Litter Locker II Hygenic Soiled Litter Disposal System that's coming tomorrow via amazon, mom's favorite place to shop.

Dad ('cause mom doesn't like litter duty) is going to use Nature's Cure (that red/white bottle) to clean the Litter Robots and to eliminate any prior smells in the coming days. Mom just can't bring herself to get rid of working robots (she hasn't scooped in 5 years with those!!). She might just use 1 'cause there are 6 of us.

I suppose it's better that I poo and don't Ur-in-eight on the floor but poo'in CLOSE to the box isn't good either. To think, this all started after my first and only UTI... I know mom is still a bit sad, and she really didn't want to have to spend so much trying to alter things but I know she loves me... Even though she was really REALLY upset the other day, she loves me. I do feel bad though and hope this stuff works.

BIG MEOW OUT to Albus for all his help!! He too has a holistic vet and they live near us!!! If this doesn't work (I have a follow up appointment in a month) mom is bringing a list of the meds Albus' is on to get feedback and maybe some of the same herbs!!


Bathroom woes :(

February 14th 2012 7:20 pm
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So last night mom saw a small stinky on the floor OUTSIDE the box and a small pile of soft stinky by the small stinky. Then 20 minutes later I yacked up yellow fluid, and then 2 hours later another TINY stinky on the floor...

Ever since I had my UTI 3-4 years ago, I on occasion associate the pain with the box. Our usual vet wasn't in so we saw another vet, Dr. Hoffman. She is a believer in holistic medicine and said my food, Blue Buffalo is a great food, but there's no medicine to cure my issue.

Mom knew that and they talked about Feliway, more boxes, odorless litter, etc.,

So I'm on: HB Three Seeds Combo 300. My stool checked out fine like it does every year, and if I'm still having soft stinkies by Thurs/Fri, she'll prescribe something else.

We shall see... I'm also going to check out a store she recommended that sells a lot of holistic foods (probably the stuff Boogie gets from Murrman). She said see if they can recommend a food that has even less Carbs. She seemed nice, and mom and dad feel that since there's no cure for my oopsies, it's worth a try. It's a hard thing to "cure" as mom has read.

She also suggested replacing boxes every 2 years but I don't think she knows much about Litter Robots as mom's not spending another $600 for my divo ways!!! Mom was in tears yesterday as she hates that I do this... Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Dreamboat #71b!!!

February 9th 2012 11:34 am
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I'm tickled pink now!!! My entire family just received word that we've made it on Samoa's Dreamboat list!! I know right?

I think this calls for a shopping spree no?

What an honor!! Like my mentor, Elle Woods, if you dream big, it can happen!! I'm meowless! You can read all about our household of dreamboats *HERE*

This is my first honor of 2012 too!! *grins* Ok, time to shop!! Thanks Samoa!!! (Who first rocked the boa on Catster)


Stray cat update

January 17th 2012 11:57 pm
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So mom is very sad that she can't find the stray :( KY had BAD wind gusts and now we're getting them so mom is even MORE upset she can't find the cat. He must be COLD!!!

Mom said he's a SOLID gray (not a tabby stripped gray like me) and has a white chest like me, but no white paws.

Mom said 2 nights ago the food was eaten, but this morning when she checked the food didn't look any different :( She KNOWS the cat isn't our neighbors and worries about the guy.

In our backyard we have a mini conservation and there's a lot of trees. We hope the lil' guy found a place there to get warm as it's lower. If mom catches him, we'll lock him in our basement bathroom or something and take him to the vet. Keep your paws crossed! Mom hates thinking of the lil' guy as he was "cute". Now she knows how you all feel when your human finds a stray on their porch/deck! Mom is still shocked!



December 21st 2011 10:00 pm
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So today we all got a package from one of our first friends on Catster. The family of Snowmitts, Biscotti, etc.,

Biscotti is the litter mate to my twin brothers!

Since I'm the oldest I'm doing a diary :)

Inside was a bunch of goodies! Did you know, orange is the new pink according to Elle Woods? She's right! I look good in pink and I certainly look good in orange and gray stripes since I'm gray!

In addition to the shirt, auntie Barb made us a red/green blanket! Boogie has claimed it as his (for now) but it's beautiful! We also got a bag of Party Mix, 2 Appetizer treats, 3 blue toys, a Santa toy and mom got 3 k-cups for her Keurig, a pair of Santa socks, a silver cat frame ornament that mom plans on putting Boogie's picture in it since it has green Swarovski crystals, and this cool gray tabby (looks like meeeeeeeeeee!) decoration that is on our mantle. For it's legs there's fishies that dangle :) Thank you so much guys for making our Catmas special!

Pics to be posted soon!


1 year, 5 days ago...

November 19th 2011 12:27 am
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...was the last time I was a DDP!! So imagine how surprised I was that I am a DDP today ALONG with Ethan our dog!

He's not so bad really. He often will sleep next to me but then he stretches out and then gets up in my face. Ewwwww.

I can't believe Catmas is just around the corner! Mom and dad put up our lawn decorations and lights on our deck and garage. Later today they'll put up the rest of the lights on our porch.

It's about 5 days early but dad works Thanksgiving weekend so better to do it while it's semi warm outside!


Shopping for dad!

November 13th 2011 1:44 am
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So dad's bday is coming up (the big 3-1) and while his new Orbea bike and new shoes and helmet he bought in FL last month is the bulk of his bday/xmas (and mom said for 2012 too MOL) she wants to get him something else small.

I can't meow exact details as he does read my diary from time to time but I'm glad mom consulted me prior to shopping this time! I hate when she makes decisions without me! I'm a divo!


Mom's a geezer like me!

October 11th 2011 10:31 pm
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Uh ohhhhhhhhh! Mom had a mini senior moment at the age of 33... So she was doing things on gmail and was moving contacts. There was 3 sections on our end: Most contacted, and sometimes contacted or something like that.

Well mom was, what she THOUGHT, moving things to "most contacted" and next thing she knew ALL BUT TWO contacts were remaining!

Mom said many many bad words and now she is writing a list of people she has to call/text/contact on FB and Catster for their info again.

Seriously mom, you are almost over the HILL!!!


New Drinkwell!

September 7th 2011 7:01 pm
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So the drinkwell 360's we had for over 1.5 years have been replaced. In addition to getting 2 new ones, they now have a refillable 360 filter! Gone are the days were we had to buy a 3pk refill for $10 2x a month! We bought two of the new refillable ones and all you gotta do is change the carbon inside! Much more efficient and less waste and cheaper in the long run.

Oh how I love water!

Speaking of. Mom got mad at me. Dad had brought mom a glass of water and mom was finishing a few things. She went to sip her water and I FORCED my way and stuck my paw in her glass of water :) My bad! I just like fresh, filtered water! I'm a divo! Can't help it! What I want, and when I want it? I WANT IT ALL!!

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