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Day in the life of Hondo

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Cat Treats

January 1st 2013 7:30 pm
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So I'm sometimes picky when it comes to cat treats. I sometimes go in spurts when it comes to treats. Mom is going to try some new treats to see if I will eat them. I'm sure my siblings will approve! I just hope Mittens doesn't eat them all up! I know PorkChop won't touch them as he is even more pickier than I am when it comes to treats!

Mom is just happy and surprised that there's actually a moist food out there that he will eat! He sometimes ate ProPlan's urinary moist, but that was a strong SOMETIMES. Who knew Fancy Feast was the key to his heart, I mean, stomach!



December 4th 2012 8:57 pm
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As Mittens meowed, me, Porkers and Mittens tend to do our own thing. But lately PorkChop and Mittens have been protecting me. Like they seriously got my back, errrr tail. Yup, even though we have all had a spat here and there with each other, we will always stick side-by-side one another. We're good like that. Why? 'Cause we're cats that's why! Doggies don't think and do what we do. They are nose brained. All they think is food right?

Anyway, time to do what I do best, nap :)


Stitches out!

December 1st 2012 9:15 am
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So about 10 days ago I had surgery on my tail. I had finished my anti-bee-otics for what my vet Dr. Weltch thought was an abscess. Well after I finished the medicine my bump was still there which meant that it probably wasn't an abscess so I needed surgery. They removed my large mass and I got about four stitches on my tail! They had to shave that area but thankfully the hair is starting to grow back :)

Today I got my stitches out as they were starting to itch! The good news is my bump came back B-9!!! Yay!!! No dreaded cancer! Mom is relieved as she would be so upset if it was. On the way out of the vet my carrier popped open!!! I didn't run thankfully but was just frozen, scared! Yikes :)


Affectionate me!

November 8th 2012 6:54 am
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So in my youth I was more outgoing, and then came my siblings one at a time. I am not sure if I would be better as an only cat, but don't get me wrong, I love my siblings!

As I've gotten older, mom said I've gotten more affectionate. Particularly at night and the early morning. The past month or so I've woken up mom and would purrrrr really loud in her face. This would wake her up and she would pet me. She gives great head scratches and always tells me she loves me! I love her too!!!

Mom said I will always have a special place in her heart as I was her first cat ever. What can I say? I'm affectionate! I give killer head bonks too :)

I'm going to be busy for a while so I won't be writing in my diary but I'll write when I can and will catch my friends up when things settle down.


Ouchie! Vet appointment

October 25th 2012 9:58 am
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Just got back from seeing my vet along with Ethan my brother. So I in fact had an abscess!! There was no wound/bite mark but my vet did a "Ll Fine Needle Aspirate, LI Cytology" and yup! An abscess!

So I'm on Zeniquin 25mg tablets for 14 days and if that doesn't help then I have to get it lanced. I also got my rabies shot and took it like a champ. I weight 15.5 pounds :)

Ethan the dog got an annual exam, and Vac/Bb/PI/CAV 2 annual and Vac Lyme Disease annual. He also got his nails trimmed and weighs 43.80 pounds.

Thank you for the purrrs! I hope the medicine works!


Needing purrrs

October 20th 2012 7:49 am
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So mom found a large bump near the base of my tail, sorta at 11:00 for location. It's pretty big and she's not sure how she didn't see it until yesterday. She brushes me a lot 'cause I seem to shed to no end. She made an appointment but it's going to be a while till I see the vet mom wants to see. I don't appear to be in pain but she hopes it's just a big old man bump/mass and not the dreaded "C".

Seems weird to have the dreaded "C" since it's by my tail no? It's not an impacted gland as I never had issues with that and it's on top not the bottom.

Purrrs appreciated.


Can't get enough water!

October 17th 2012 4:24 pm
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So many know I'm all about water! I love the kitchen tap and lately I've been on the counter more and more demanding fresh water from the kitchen faucet!

I never in my 9 years did this, but the past month or so I'm claiming my alpha status (well, working on that) and have been jumping on the counter more. When mom prepares meals I know she'll use the faucet so I've been timing it just right that when she's about to use it, I jump on the counter and tada!! I get my water fix!

I love water!


All better

September 23rd 2012 7:41 pm
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So my cold is all done and I used up the extra Clavamox pills we had on standby. Good timing as they expire this month!

Mom brushed me the other day and she can never get over how much fur she gets off of me when she's done. I like the slicker brush and mom has to pull the fur off at least 5 times. Mittens and the other raggies don't really loose a lot of hair, but me and Boogie do. Fido doesn't shed much.

Mom says my fur could knit a sweater at the rate I loose hair when I get brushed!



September 16th 2012 12:58 pm
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Yup, a cold again. I sneeze quite often but yesterday I was non stop sneezing and then my nose sounded snotty. So I'm on Clavamox pills which always do the trick.

I've been sleeping a lot trying to fight off my cold. Mom got her flu shot last week so hopefully we can keep the household healthy!



August 25th 2012 10:23 pm
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So a week ago grandpaw had to use the drill to open our door that goes from the garage into our kitchen. We had changed the locks for personal reasons and grandpaw shut the door and didn't realize it was still locked!!! (It's one of those that will open from the inside, and still be locked from the outside).

It scared me to death when he started to drill the lock!!! So much that mom later that night saw about 10 small bloody dots on her comforter. Mom noticed my left back paw was a bit bloody. It looked like my middle nail tore off a bit but I wouldn't let them touch it. Mom thinks my nail got caught when I tried to run from the drill noise.

I'm not telling. I do have a bit of dry litter stuck to my paw but for the life of me, I won't let mom touch it. I'm not limping and appear to be fine but mom doesn't want to upset me. I do know she'll try and investigate further if I don't cooperate.

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