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Fat cat? Who me??

May 14th 2012 11:47 am
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So mom said she always laughed when people posted pics of their cats in a sink. Occasionally I like to visit mom while she's in the bathroom getting ready. So she was in the powder room and I joined her. She saw me jump up and I stood in the sink and started scratching the bottom. Mom was worried thinking that I, Boogie, would do a bad bad in the sink! :) *grins*

Please! I'm a well mannered cat!! Instead I sat in the sink! Mom was surprised that 1) I fit *hmph!!!!* 2) that I enjoyed sitting in there! She grabbed her phone and took a pic :)

My beautiful sister-in-law Allie said the pic makes me look thin! SEE MOM!! I AM NOT A FAT CAT!!!


Daddy's back (finally!)

May 13th 2012 6:53 pm
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So dad has been gone for 4 days 3 nights as he was participating in the annual LEU ride from VA Beach to DC. The organization raised $260,000 which helps the family's who lost a loved one in the line of duty last year.

Mom went with Dad today to DC as he was going to meet the family of the late officer dad rode in honor of: Jamie Zapata from TX. It was very emotional and mom said she teared up when the mom and dad hugged our daddy. Jamie had 4 brothers, 1 sister and left behind a fiancee who was also there.

I'm proud of my daddy for completing the 257 or so miles in 3 days on his bike! Cops from all over the USA participated in this (about 300 riders).

I'm glad he's home but not glad that I have to give up his side of the bed...


OMC errr OMHP!!!

May 7th 2012 4:23 pm
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Squeeee!!! I'm very very proud of Pansy's mom!!! Not just because the kitchen reno involves a personal "Pansy pantry stocked of Wellness Chicken and Herring" but something that me and my friend Harry would be very supportive of!!

I'm so happy that I don't need cat nip for a few days!! Hehehe

And no, her mom isn't adopting me :)


Donde esta FOOD!?!?!

April 26th 2012 7:25 pm
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Ohhhhhhhh it's almost Cinco de Meow!!! Mom has bad memories of this holiday as last year she ruined her back and couldn't walk well for a month! Her back is better after yesterday's adjustment so she's hoping she's done for a while as adjustments can be tender (he does messages too for her lower back).

For me, Cinco de Meow hopefully means mom will bring home Mexican food!! Mexican food is mom's favorite food!!! Mmmmmmmmmm Ole'!

I should be on Catster more now that mom's back is better and she can sit.



April 24th 2012 1:21 am
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Can I have some of your birthday cake???

Today is my mom's 34th bday and mom said she had to do the math as she couldn't remember if she was 33 or 34. Geeze mom!!! If you can't remember, then you're old!

Mittens is on his last day (only 5 days) of meds, and has since taking 2 sizeable #1's. Obviously he's done more but to actually see HIM do this is a hard thing with 6 of us. She has yet to see him do a #2 so she's still stressed, but would assume he's done so as he's gotten enough food!!!

So maybe he was straining from #2? If so, then mom will have to inquire with the GOOD vets about something to help him, but it was never an issue... Maybe a one time thing? Mom hasn't seen any squishies in the box so that's good. And she knows what Mittens' #2 look like (we will spare you the BIG details)...

For mom's bday, she is getting a few HP things, but the best thing she's getting? Dad is cleaning the entire HOUSE!!! Normally mom would but her back is still on the mend. Mom says she has to swiffer vac DAILY to get up the cat fur/hair tumbleweeds. She doesn't think dad realizes how hard it is to keep the house clean. He's going to do the whole kitten kaboodle! Mom is thrilled :)


Purrrs needed stat!

April 20th 2012 2:42 am
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Ok, now mom feels bad for naming Mittens "Skids".

She saw him scoot his behind AGAIN around 4:45 am today and he kept cleaning himself. Then mom saw he went into the box 2x within 5 minutes and both times only a TINY (size of a quarter) soft poo came out and he was straining :( Mom's a mess now, googling what could be happening. Mittens is never sick!

Vet opens in 2 hours and dad gets home around 8am so he'll be calling as mom needs sleep. It could be impacted anal sacs (not sure why they'd act up NOW??), or he could be straining so hard do to no urination which could mean UTI or crystal.

I am purrring that we can get him in today as if it's the later, those need to be attended to stat! If not, he's going to the very expensive ER as this can't wait! Mom might have to cancel her appointment for her back but Mittens needs to be fixed first.

Please purr for him!



April 19th 2012 9:28 pm
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So mom is going to get adjusted in 15 hours from now with her Chiro. Her back is still hurting. Mom wishes she never pulled it so bad a year ago as she's never had back issues until she pulled it BAD!!!

In the meantime, dad is going to be in MD with mom on Saturday as he's doing his first cad 5 (meow? cycling talk) race. 16 miles as fast as he can. Mom is glad the weather is supposed to hold off a bit as she didn't want to watch in the rain.

On Tuesday mom turns really old, but dad works on her bday so they're celebrating Wednesday.

Nothing new with me other than I'm keeping mom company along with stinky doggy Ethan. Did you know his feet smell like Frito's?


Easter Bunny came!! Mine is fired!!!

April 13th 2012 11:04 am
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So who says the Easter Bunny doesn't work over time?? Since my mom *gives stink eye* didn't do anything for us this Easter (and too many to mention!!!) you can imagine how jealous I was when my good friends Albus, Skittles and Harry mentioned their Easter Bunny hooked them up!! I mean, endless eggs stuffed with nip and goodies?!? I immediately put in a good word saying I would work for free, would love to live with THEM!!!

Well, today we got a package in the mail and their wonderful Easter Bunny hooked us up! Included Ethan, the ugly kitty!

We went NUTS over the 2 bags of easter egg filled with catnip and goodies!! We saw a few had MOUSIES inside!! Ethan got a chew toy that you can play tug a war with from their dog sibling Toby in pawticular!

Thank you guys so much!! Mom is having so much fun watching us lodge the toys under things mwhahahaha!!!!


Catster Picture mystery SOLVED!

April 12th 2012 6:20 pm
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YAY!! Watch cat wrote back to me (HQ) and said that they noticed a lot of my pictures were set so that they weren't to be displayed!! Mom knows she didn't do that, but noticed the NEW pictures were set to no display, where as our OLD OLD pics were ok, hence they showed up.

The watch cat said that when they doubled our photos from 100 to 200, it was impossible for all 200 to display.


Ok, I can tell my doggy to back off and not hurt Princess as I told him SHE was to blame!! :)


Picture woes

April 9th 2012 3:26 pm
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Dang... The arranging feature on Catster is still not working properly. But it appears to work on my siblings' pages??

I keep re-arranging my pictures, and I make sure I save, yet the first 10 pictures you see on my page are NOT what I see and assign on my "arrange pictures" section of my account.

I tried giving myself a treat to refresh the cache, but it still doesn't work. Where's Harry Potter when you need him to do magic on your page....

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