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The life of Boogers!

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New stroller came!

August 8th 2006 11:32 am
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YAY! My new stroller came! And to our surprise, it zips up much easier in the front!! When my parents get home from work, if it's cool enough, we'll stroll tonight:) Also my grandpawrents are coming tomorrow!! YAY!


Congrats Hondo!!!

August 9th 2006 12:50 am
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Wow, my brother is Catster Diary of the Day!!! He's so happy! He got a good handfull of cat nip. I was nice and didn't eat his:) MOL I'm so honored to be living with him:) He's the bestest brother! He lets me pick on him!!


My pal Rocky Ann is the bestest!!!

August 9th 2006 8:57 am
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WOAH!!! I just received the coolest gift today in the mail! Actually it's my FIRST official gift from a friend!!! (After friendship of course). *ROCKYANN* was ever so kind to send me a stroller friend! He of course, is the COOLEST cat known to cats. ::drum roll please...:: GARFIELD!!! He has these cool shades too! I'll have to invest in those! MOL

THANK YOU SO MUCH Rocky Ann!!! You're here with me in spirit during my strolls:)

((head butts))
Check out my new pics (4 of them on page 1)

ETA: I'm so happy that Rocky Ann received my package today! Wow, we both received packages the same day!! How cool is that??? Ok, back to my catnap with Garfield! Purrr


I'm having a pawsome time!!

August 11th 2006 6:01 am
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Hey friends!! Again, I wanted to say hi to everyone!!! I'm going through Catster withdrawal since I can't be online much. I'm on just to check pawmail and to peak in my favorite groups. I'll be back on Tuesday when they leave (and when we get our new brother Fido--yup a day earlier!!). I'm having so much fun with my grandpawrents! So much better than the last time. If you read my bio, you remember I was a bit ill when I first came home, and needless to say, my grandpawrents saw me at my worst:( But now I'm all cute and stuff! I am still warming up to them, but I love them:)

Our cat stroll will happen today I hope. Been 2 days since my last stroll =( Last night was SOOOOO muggy, my hair was frizzin'.

Ok, I gotta go and let my siblings write an entry. But don't furrrget about me:)
PS THANK YOU *SPOT* furrr the rosette!! (Who I see is a Catster plus for 2 days and going!!)


Kudos to Billi Bi Humphrey!!!

August 13th 2006 5:37 am
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WOW! Did you check out *BilliBiHumphrey* diary?? He wrote me a song!!! He's a poet and didn't know it!! Be sure to add that to your cat resume!!! Thanks again!



August 13th 2006 7:36 pm
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Hey everyone,

On behalf of Hondo and I, we hope our resigning from some of the groups we belonged to doesn't ruffle any fur =( We hate to leave some of the groups, but honestly we were in too many, and we could never keep up with the boards/pawmail. We feel bad... But we hope the friends that we made will continue to pawmail us!!

((head butts))


MOL Check my friend's page out!

August 14th 2006 3:14 pm
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Ok, first off THANK YOU SO MUCH *MONKEY(Blue)* furrr my Rosette!! Mmmmm, it's purrrty! In the meantime, I want all my feline pals to check his page out and look at his 30 second survey and pawmail him!! Hillarious!!!

PS, no stroll tonight:( It's crazy hot today... At least I got 4 strolls with my grandpawrents.

PPS, our brother Fido will be arriving tomorrow so please befriend him!!!



August 15th 2006 12:51 pm
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WOAH!!! My brother Fido and I were sitting next to eachother, and all of a sudden he LEAPED at me!! HISSSSSSSSSSSS! He's a growler, but it's sorta cute... Ok, they're leaving for the Vet... PHEW!


Taking one for the team...

August 16th 2006 12:01 am
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Ok, so our brother Fido... I'd like to say that me and Hondo GAVE UP our room, and 3/4 of the house for him. We're going to sleep in a spare room tonight while the cat gets to free roam INCLUDING our pawrents room.

Fido is comfy in our home, BUT he's not warming up to us yet...

Me and Hondo are VERY VERY passive cats, we're wimps I tell ya! And we have no problem with the new cat. In fact, we're really curious! But this lil' cat at 8 months old is acting like the Alpha cat and growling. It's a weird sound that meowmy and daddy never heard of... But he makes the same sound when he plays w/ MY (so not jealous) Mr. Feather!!!


Pant, pant, pant

August 16th 2006 6:54 pm
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Hey everyone!

Wow, what a great day I had! Made my debut at the Super Stroller Grand Opening! Met a lot of new people and finally got to talk with everyone! I can't believe how fun it was!!!

Then after my pawrents had a quick bite to eat, we went on a stroll as a family for 40 minutes! (Well, meowmy, dad, Snooper and I went on a stroll). Hondo doesn't like the outdoors, and Fido? Yeah, ::HISSSS::

So yup, we're still working on the new bra.. I mean brother. Thank you to everyone who has given us suggestions! Me and Hondo just sit there, minding our own buisness, and Fido will just stare at us and growl =( I hope it gets better! It just kills my meowmy to see us not get along right away... I know it'll take sometime, but =( And to add insult to injury, Fido is the MOST effectionate cat when he's not near us. But we were told he was good with other pets... Hmmmm

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