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Mom says I'm famous! Wow.

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My first entry from Heaven

October 11th 2009 3:09 pm
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Wow. It's really nice up here, and so many of my pals were waiting for me when I arrived. It was pawsome. My sisfur, Chloe, sure acted glad to see me too. The first thing she did was fank me for looking after mommy, then she bopped me on the head. She said it was payback for when I always chased her around when I was just a baby. MOL

Sorry I haven't gotten to thank all of my wonderful pals who have sent cards, flowers, left messages on my page and sent me zealies, but THANK YOU!! I've been really busy watching over mommy and Felix.

Mommy has been really sad and I try to keep sending rainbows to her, but I don't quite have the hang of that yet. And Felix stopped eating for a bit after I crossed the bridge. He usually started dancing on mommy an hour before dinnertime, but the first night I was gone, he didn't even go to the kitchen after mommy put out his dinner. She even took it to him and put it down in front of him, but he wouldn't eat. I sent him some good vibes and let him know I am ok and that he has to eat so he can be the man of the house and look after mommy. I guess he heard me. He's still sticking close to mommy, but he's at least eating again. Whew.

I need to sign off for now. Mommy is crying again so I am gonna try to send her that rainbow.

Your heavenly pal,


I crossed the bridge

September 30th 2009 5:15 pm
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While they were trying to make me feel better, I stopped breathing and crossed over the bridge. Not long after that, mommy stopped by to hold me and tell me how special I was to her and how much she loved me.

Mommy is glad I'm not in pain, but had wanted to be with me while I crossed. I'm now with my sisfur, Chloe, and all my other pals at the bridge.

Thank you all for your purrs and prayers for me, but it was my time to go. I just couldn't hold on any longer. I'm at peace.



surgery called off

September 30th 2009 10:53 am
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I got to the hospital and when they ran tests, they discovered I am dehydrated and my kidney values are really bad, so no surgery today. They will see if they can get some fluids in me, but that will also make my blood count go down, so they are telling mommy surgery may be too risky at all.

If that happens, I will be crossing the bridge on Friday to meet up with my sisfur, Chloe. I'm really tired and mommy seems to know this, so she promised me I wouldn't have to stay in pain.

I don't want to go yet, but I'm hurting, so mommy says it's best for me. She's trying to be strong, but I can hear her crying sometimes.

I'll write more when the surgeon contacts mommy later. Just wanted all my pals to know I love you all and mommy has been comforted by the support.

Your very sick pal,


surgery today

September 30th 2009 7:47 am
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I haven't written in a while because I've been feeling pretty bad. When I went for my B shot Friday, I'd lost quite a bit more weight and was very anemic, so mommy had to take me to the hospital. I got a red blood cell transfusion, but my body destroyed them immediately. The next morning I got a whole blood transfusion and that got my red blood cell count up and I got to go home. Yippee

Unfortunately, I'm what the vet calls "bleeding out" because I'm throwing up, peeing and pooping blood. This will kill me, so mommy has decided to have surgery done to find the cause of my internal bleeding. They think it's the mass on my intestine. The surgery is risky, but it's my only chance, so in about half an our we are heading out for the hospital again. I really don't like that place, but I am not ready to cross the bridge yet.

Right now I'm on my condo looking out the window at the birdies. Mommy has been spending lot of time with me and has gotten so many pictures, I think I may go blind. MOL

Please purr for mommy because she's worried she won't get to be with me when I cross the bridge if I don't make it through the surgery. I know I'm in good hands and that mommy is trying to make me better, so I'm going to fight and be strong so I can come home.

I'll write again later to update effuryone.

Your pal, Jack


Mommy had happy tears today

August 18th 2009 4:18 pm
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Today I felt like playing for the first time in months. I found my fishing toy in the bedroom and dragged it all the way through the house to where mommy's computer is. She was so excited and I played and played. I must have killed that feather 20 times. Yippee

I'm off all my antibiotics now and my appetite is coming back. In fact, I'm eating like a piggy. Mommy is so excited she can't even see straight.

This is all very good mews, but the vets say I'm not "out of the woods" yet. However, I am doing much better and mommy will take any improvement she can get.

Thanks to all my pals who have been purring for me and sending me zealies. I'm too tired still to thank every cat purrsonally, but hope to once I gain some more weight and get a bit more energy.

Your pal, Jack


Really good mews

August 14th 2009 5:54 pm
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I had to go to the vet again today to get my shot and get weighed. That part is not good, but I did gain a bit of weight. I didn't add much, but for the first time, I'm not losing. Mommy and the vet lady were sooo furry happy.

I hope this means I'm starting to heal, and want to thank all my pals who have been purring for me. I still have a long way to go, but gaining weight is a furry good sign.

Your very happy pal,


Need some advice

August 14th 2009 4:53 am
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Mommy is gonna search groups, but if any cat has irritable bowel disease like I do, mommy could use some help. I simply refuse to eat the two kinds of wet food my doctor sold mommy so far. They are just gross. So, mommy is looking for a new wet food to try. I'm super picky, so that doesn't help.

I like the dry Rx food, but mommy knows I like my wet dinner every day too, but we are having a terrible time agreeing on what I'll eat. She keeps trying to feed me this icky stuff, but I also need to gain weight, so we are at an impasse.

Any advice will be appreciated. I've also tried almost every brand of expensive wet food out there, but only like a few kinds of what mommy calls junk food which is Fancy Feast. It's not as bad as some, but I can't eat that anymore. I am very sad too. *sigh

Your pal, Jack


OMC I'm so excited

August 12th 2009 2:57 pm
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I just managed to get on the catputer because mommy has been busy today, and I am floored that I was a daily diary pick. This was just what I needed to pick me up a bit because I'm really getting tired of being poked and prodded by vets and running from mommy all the time time when she tries to pretend she doesn't have one of those nasty medicine droppers. grrrr

I thought I should get something really special to day and told mommy so. She thinks I should too, but we disagreed over what. All I wanted was a day off from taking my meds. I thought that sounded purrfectly reasonable, but mommy said no. Pfft. She rarely says no to me, so I was super upset. However, she promised she's make some of that famous chicken treat I sometimes get. I'm not allergic to it, so she boils some and then mixes it up in the food processor and turns it into cat food. I can't wait until dinner time. nom nom nom

Thanks to catster and to all my pals who read my diary. I'm a very happy kitty today, even if I still have to take my medicine.

Your pal, Jack


New furriends

August 10th 2009 1:07 pm
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Mommy has been really happy. Our pal Calvin's mommy found her on this thing called Facebook and she introduced mommy to lots and lots of my other catster pals and some we didn't know yet.

It seems many of them play this game called Pet Society that mommy is really addicted to. I don't like Pet Society at all. Mommy should be paying all of her attention to us, but I will give mommy some credit. When I got sick, she hardly was on the catputer at all. Now that I'm doing a bit better, she's playing with that "honey" pet again. Grrrr Oh well, at least she takes good care of this stupid virtual cat as much as she takes care of us.

Your mom rocks, Calvin.



mostly good mews

August 9th 2009 8:44 am
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I'll start off with the bad mews. I had to go to the vet again for a shot Friday and I have lost a few more ounces even though I'm eating quite a bit. That means I'm probably not getting the nutrients from my food, so next week, we may try something different. My fur is slowing starting to grow back, but I still look ridiculous.

The good mews is I feel a lot better. I am looking out the windows, following mommy around and fighting her when it's time for my meds. Back feet are great for pushing away arms that hold syringes :) Plus, I run to the door every time grandma comes over. She always feeds me, so I love her lots. MOL

I even went outside the other day (something I haven't wanted to do much lately). Grandma was working in the yard, but I pulled a fast one while she wasn't looking. I climbed the fence to my favorite spot: next door. This is a REALLY big no no, but I love it. I could have stayed over there longer too, but my stupid brofur, Felix, gave me away. He went to the fence and mommy came out and saw him. Then she spotted me. Grrr. Grandma came over and hauled me back home. I was so mad I hissed at her. The only time I've ever hissed at mommy or grandma is when they bring me back from next door. Anyway, I had to go back in the house and mommy told me I was a bad boy. However, when they didn't think I was listening, they were both really happy. They said I was doing lots better if I had the energy to scale the fence. Pfft. I was just determined.

Oh, I also won the radio station contest. Thanks to all my pals who voted for me. Mommy found out she got some really cool stuff too, but just having me win was enough for her, she said.

I need to nap now. I still get tired easily, and all this tying has made my paws sore.

Your pal,

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