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"Furry Girl."

Age: 12 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 9 lbs.
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Contemplating my next move...

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"Contemplating my next move..."

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I love my pretty blue blanket.

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"I love my pretty blue blanket."


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"I'm still playful after all these years!"

Sharing the spotlight with Toffy.

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"Sharing the spotlight with Toffy."

This is interesting.

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"This is interesting."

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Curiosity unites us.

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"Curiosity unites us."

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Van, Vanna, Ness, Pretty Ness, Silly Ness, Nessa

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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

October 6th 2004


mealtimes, playing with toys, sticking her head between the blinds at night and looking out the window, using the scratching post or just lounging on top of it

Toffy, the Swiffer, the vacuum cleaner, having her teeth brushed

Favorite Toy:
Pipecleaner toys

Favorite Nap Spot:
She has many! Here are just a few: under the bed, on the big chair, under the coffee table, high up on top of the bookshelf in the living room, in the laundry basket on top of an old housecoat

Favorite Food:
Raw meat! She likes it better than kibbles or canned food.

Scattering kitty litter, hissing, purring loudly, using the scratching post and scratching boards


Arrival Story:
I adopted Vanessa in June 2006 from a local no-kill cat shelter where she had been dropped off along with her 8-week old kittens a few days earlier. Vanessa's previous home was in Surrey where she lived in a trailer with her family (which included several little kids and a dog). When I first saw Vanessa (or Creamcheese as she was called at the time) I was surprised at how small and thin she was and how little fur she seemed to have. Giving birth twice in a six-month period had obviously taken a toll on her. I am grateful that her previous family decided to bring her to the shelter the same week I had decided to adopt another cat, because otherwise who knows what might have happened next. Vanessa was spayed the day after I met her and came to live with Toffy and me the following day.

Vanessa is a beautiful white cat with green eyes and pale pink ears and nose. She has become much furrier than I ever expected; the fur on her head and around her face is especially soft to the touch... and you should see how fluffy her tail is. She is rather skittish, which means she's playful and energetic (I love watching her bounce off the scratching post) but does not like being held, brushed or petted much... and she doesn't hesitate to let me know it. That said, there are times when she lets me cradle her in my arms like a baby for the longest time all the while purring contentedly. I realize that Vanessa may have had to endure abuse from the little kids in her previous home, not to mention the mean streets when she managed to get outside. She has adjusted very well here and I am happy that she is part of the family.

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7 of 9

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Furry Girl

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July 3rd 2006 More than 10 years!

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Catster's 2006 Holiday Picture Party!

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Vanessa's View

How I got out of another dental appointment, plus health- update

June 17th 2016 7:58 pm
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Isn’t it ironic that my last diary entry, from over a year and a half ago, was also about a dental appointment to which I didn’t have to go? The last time it was the vet’s decision to delay my teeth cleaning; this time it was because of my own actions in a time of desperation that I avoided going to the dentist. Let me explain.

At the end of December I went for a check-up. My weight was 3.71 kg, or slightly over 8 lbs. The vet said that this was a good weight for me. I got my claws trimmed and had blood drawn. The results of my blood panel were good. At that vet visit a look into my mouth alerted the vet to a situation going on with two of my teeth called “resorption”, which meant that these teeth would need to be taken out. Not something I was looking forward to.

Mom scheduled a dental appointment for me in the second week of January. I knew which day I was supposed to go because both Toffy and I didn’t get to any eat any snacks the night before and when breakfast wasn’t served either, there was no doubt in my mind what was going on.

Then I saw the stroller in the hallway. Wearing gloves, Mom came to get me. I briefly hid behind the TV and then ran towards the bedroom only to find that the door was closed. Mom caught me and shoved me into the stroller, zipped it up, and then quickly fed Toffy some breakfast and gave him his medication. While she was gathering her stuff and putting on her shoes and coat, I was meowing loudly in protest from inside the stroller. Mom noticed me butting my head against the mesh in anger and the next minute to her great shock there I was with my head stuck through a small hole that I had succeeded in making bigger in a section where the mesh joins the fabric at the front of the stroller.

Mom desperately sought a way to help me and grabbed the scissors with the intention of cutting a larger hole in the fabric so that I could get out. However, she hesitated because she didn’t want to risk injuring me. She tried to tear the fabric with her fingers but was unable to make the hole any bigger. Meanwhile I gathered up all my strength and by sheer force managed to squeeze my way through the hole and escape from the stroller. What had started out as a small hole in the fabric was now a much bigger section of torn fabric from which any cat would easily be able to escape. Mom had no choice but to cancel my dental appointment.

Fast forward five months and the dental appointment that was supposed to take place at the beginning of the year, finally took place today (Friday, June 17th). I made sure that getting me into the new stroller was no easy feat. In recent weeks I’ve been spending my nights and mornings under the bed, and that’s where I was when vacuum monster suddenly invaded my space. I ran to the living room and soon found out that the real enemy wasn’t vacuum monster but… “M”, as in “Mom”. She was trying to capture me and to my dismay when I made a dash for the bedroom, the door was closed. Mom soon scooped me up and with great difficulty put me in the stroller and zipped it up. We were out the door and on our way. I protested by meowing loudly for about a minute but when I realized that riding in the stroller was actually quite an enjoyable experience, I calmed down.

Luckily it was nice and sunny out today, the perfect day for a stroller ride. The new stroller is bigger than the old one and the ride seemed smoother than in the past. I think that it could carry two cats at once, but as you know, with Toffy and me that ain’t happening. Besides, unlike me, apparently Toffy likes to spread out and occupy a lot of space while inside the stroller.

Today I weighed 4.13 kg, or slightly more than 9 lbs. The vet didn’t seem concerned about my weight gain, because it turns out that there’s a more serious issue going on with me. My urine was very dilute, and I was very low in potassium. Consequently, I now have to take a potassium supplement daily for life, just like Toffy does. This is apparently one of those conditions that affects older cats. The technical term for it is “hypokalemia”. It leads to kidney disease or may mean that kidney disease is already present. Oddly enough, Mom says she hadn’t noticed me peeing more than usual and thought that the reason I was drinking a bit more water lately was because I’ve been refusing to eat most wet foods offered to me and preferring kibbles instead, which really doesn’t make any sense if my teeth were supposed to be bothering me. Ever since coming home tonight, I’ve been hanging out by the water bowl and I’ve eaten wet food again, including some of Toffy’s food.

So to make a long story short, today I had a dental cleaning, two teeth pulled, blood work, urine sample taken, claw trim and multiple mats removed from my fur, in other words, I guess you could say that I had “the works” done on me. I’m sure that the bill they gave Mom reflected that, ha ha ha!! They wanted to give me a lion cut but thank goodness Mom said “no” to that idea!



The dental appointment that wasn’t

October 7th 2014 11:58 am
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This morning as soon as the stroller was taken out of the closet I ran to the bedroom and hid under the bed. Toffy wanted desperately to sit inside the stroller but it was all zipped up. I heard Mom calling me and telling me to hurry up. I stayed put under the bed despite being tempted by a little pink ball rolling towards me and the rattling of a container of kibbles (nice try, Mom, but I know what you’re up to!). Unfortunately, there was one thing that succeeded in making me come out from under the bed. I’d tell you what it was but I think I’ll save it for one of the questions in my next game.

At first when Mom put me inside the stroller I was meowing loudly in protest. I calmed down after a few minutes and quite enjoyed the cool but pleasant weather. We arrived just in time for the morning drop off period. The vet assistant weighed me. I weigh 3.45kg, which is 200g less than what I weighed at my last appointment in June. Mom filled out the paperwork, signed her name and went home, leaving me at the vet clinic.

About two hours later, the vet calls Mom and says she’s concerned about my weight loss and recommends doing a full blood panel so that it can be determined if there’s anything wrong with me. I’d go in for my dental appointment in two weeks. Mom agreed it would be safest to proceed in this manner.

I am a fussy eater sometimes and if I don’t like the food that’s being served I won’t eat it. Good thing we always have a variety of foods on hand so that if I won’t eat something (the usual suspects, which I won’t name here), I won’t have to starve. Some foods just have more liquid in them than others, which could mean that I’m getting fewer calories sometimes. Mom said she didn’t realize that I had lost weight and told the vet she’d feed me a few grams more at each meal.

One thing’s for sure: I’m not dieting. I did have to fast overnight due to the dental appointment, as did Toffy, to prevent me from eating his food. Mom fed Toffy this morning just before we left for the vet clinic.

So, to make a long story short, I got out of having to go to the dentist… sort of. I guess having your blood taken isn’t much fun either. Now I need purrs that my blood panel results turn out normal. If they don’t, I wonder… does that mean no dentist appointment?



Thank you, friends!

October 7th 2014 1:04 am
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Hey cats! Thanks for remembering me on my birthday! My page looks so much better with all the new rosettes and special gifts. I truly appreciate them and your friendship.

I do have some new photos to add to my page but have decided to wait until the issue with losing one’s CatsterPlus Photo Book is resolved. I don’t want to end up being a non-Plus member like Toffy. So you’ll just have to wait before you can see some cute new photos of me, including a few with Toffy.

Wish me luck and purr for me today (Tuesday, October 7th) as I have a dental appointment that I am not looking forward to. I shall enlist Toffy to assist me in making it difficult for Mom to get me inside the stroller in the morning. I can just hear Mom saying “What are those cats up to now?” MOL!

It seems that commenting on diary entries is not working. Too bad because I wanted to do a new game in my diary with some cool prizes to choose from. Let me know if you’d be interested in playing once things get fixed around here.


P.S. Here's a recent photo of Toffy and me.

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