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Cards for Meowmy

September 17th 2012 5:33 pm
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Today meowmy received several beautiful sympathy cards. One was from her aunt and uncle who are my cousin Kitty Mae's pawrents, another was from meowmy's great aunt and uncle who are the pawrents to my cousins Harry and Sally and to my angel cousins Bailey (cat) and Irish (dog), and the last card was from my vet Dr. Jodie. Inside the one from Dr. Jodie, she put a clipping of some of my fur in a little baggie. Meowmy thinks she is going to put together a memory book of sorts with all the nice cards and messages that different friends and relatives have sent meowmy along with other pictures and keepsakes from me. Also, my meowmy's cousin and her husband and their two fur babies Aurora and Ava sent her a sympathy card as well.

Meowmy would also like to once again thank all the Catster kitties and their families for all their nice rosettes, stars, and messages of support and sympathy. She is forever grateful to each and everyone of you.



Mr. T

September 17th 2012 6:44 am
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No, I'm not talking about the human with the mohawk who used to be on tv and was known for his "I pity the fool" saying. I'm talking about a cute little orange kitty that lives at my earthly vet's office. Meowmy went in today just to try and take care of some insurance issues and he was out roaming around. He is quite the friendly cat too. He came up to meowmy and let her pet him. Meowmy also noticed one of the vet techs calling his name. He walked right to her and she gave him some medicine/supplements which it looked like he didn't like. He did that same thing I used to do when given medicine - run away and lick his lips. I really pitty the fool who runs to a human thinking they are getting a treat, when in reality they are getting medicine!

If anycat is interested in seeing who I am talking about along with some other of the kitties and doggies who live at the vet's office I used to go to, you can go to and click on the link to Clinic Pets.



Cat At Disney World!

September 16th 2012 3:50 am
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So meowmy was watching the new this morning when she came across a story about a little black cat who ended going on a trip with it's meowmy to Disney World. It turned out this kitty made it's way into it's meowmy's suitcase somehow. They said that the security scanners at the airport don't scan for pets, just safety hazards and that is how kitty went unnoticed until it's meowmy got to her hotel and unpacked and kitty came out. Kitty was able to get home safely, but I bet he/she was disappointed that they didn't get to meet Mickey Mouse. I remember when I was an earthly cat, I tried to jump into meowmy's suitcase too. The only difference is meowmy caught me in the act and I usually ended up with a catsitter.

Just wanted to share some cute, uplifting news with everycat for a change.

Have a Happy Sunday!



Grandmaw and Grandpaw Had a Pawsome Anniversary and I made- sure of it!

September 15th 2012 6:34 pm
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So as I was meowing in my previous diary, today was my Grandmaw and Grandpaw's 39th Anniversary. Meowmy bought them some things with a little help from me from the Bridge. You see even from up here, we can help effect what our humans do. So meowmy bought them a scented candle that smells like a caramel apple (meowmy's favorite "healthy" snack), a hand towel with a little black cat on it that says Happy Halloween and some Halloween themed dish towels. One of them has an owl on it. Some cats might be wondering,"Why Halloween themed stuff for an Anniversary?" Well you see, Halloween was always one of mine and meowmy's favorite holidays along with Christmas. Then here is the good part - meowmy, Grandmaw and Grandpaw went to this new restaurant out near them called Joey Gerards. The food and service there was pawsome! Meowmy had their prime rib special. We have plenty of prime rib up her at the Bridge too, but I'm sure meowmy was thinking of me when she ordered that and how when I was a real young cat, I used to love things like that. She also had a bowl of french onion soup. Anymeow, when they were all done with dinner, Grandmaw and Grandpaw decided to order an ice cream drink. Meowmy was too full to order one herself. Grandmaw had a Brandy Alexander and Grandpaw has some kind of a drink that tasted like Tiramasu. When the waitress brought the drinks out, they had a candle in each of them since it was their Anniversary. They both said their drinks were really good. When they got their bill, they noticed that they were not charged for their drinks. They questioned the waitress about this and she told them that the drinks were on the house since it was their special day. I would like to think I played a part in this too.

I sure hope my earthly friends have been enjoying their Saturday. I've been busy bird and rodent watching up here and getting in plenty of strolls.



Last Act of Kindness on Earth, Clinic Kitties and Grandmaw- and Grandpaw's Anniversary!

September 14th 2012 10:15 am
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I meant to tell everycat in my last diary entry, that before I went to the Bridge, I decided to give some extra Tiki Cat to the Muskego Food Pantry for kitties whose pawrents are struggling financially to feed them. Some needy cat is going to be in for a real treat for sure. You see meowmy and I had a talk before I left for the bridge and since it will probably be a few months before meowmy gets another kitty, we decided that instead of letting the food get old, why not help out some kitty in the area that really could use it.

Also, tomorrow is Grandmaw and Grandpaw's wedding Anniversary. Meowmy went shopping this morning and I sent her messages from the Bridge on what to get Grandmaw and Grandpaw. They are all going to try this new place near them after meowmy gets off work tomorrow night. I wish I could be there to celebrate with them, but that's o.k. as we have our own 24 hour buffet here at the Rainbow Bridge. It has fresh fish, chicken, turkey, steak, rabbit and anything and everything a cat could ever want on it.

So far my first day at the Bridge was pretty pawsome. I got to say hi to and get reaquainted with several old friends like Calvin, Violet, Spunky, Sugar, Rocky Ann, Sonny Bono, Gumpy, Picasso, Kashemere (sp?), and many others. I got to go for a spin in Sonny's pawsome hummer and Gumpy and I went for a stroller ride in the cool strollers we have here.

Last, but not least, meowmy stopped into my vet's office today to see if the vet had the papers filled out for my insurance yet. She hadn't and mom said that was o.k. She would stop back again next week when she has off work. Meowmy decided to say hi to the clinic kitties that were hanging out up front. Snoops (the very friendly kitty who was always very interested in my stroller) was there. Meowmy said hi to him and petted him. There was also a little orange tabby there (not sure of his or her name) hanging out in the cat tree that was very sweet and let meowmy pet him/her.

Anymeow, that is the latest from news at the Rainbow Bridge. Hope everycat on earth is having a good start to their weekend!



My Bridge Journey!

September 13th 2012 2:42 pm
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This morning meowmy gave me some extra attention. I left one last funny memory for her to remember. Meowmy was using the bathroom and I was hanging out in there. Meowmy flushed the toilet and I stood up and put my paws on the toilet and looked in, which was totally out of character for me as I usually would get scared and run. I then proceeded to climb up onto the toilet and actually put one of my paws in. Meowmy has a theory as to why I did this too. You see with the cancer I had, it got so I was unable to groom myself and she thinks I was starting to feel a little dirty and I thought the toilet looked like a good bath tub.

Anymeow, this afternoon came around and Grandmaw and Grandpaw came over. Grandpaw had a bad cold and Grandmaw thinks he was having a very hard time with the idea of me going to the Bridge so he didn't come up and see me to say goodbye. Grandmaw did and she petted me. We all went over to the vet's office in Grandmaw and Grandpaw's car as it was raining. They all decided that they just couldn't stand to watch me die even though they knew it would be very peaceful, so meowmy just went back with the vet tech to the room to help me out of my carrier and say her final goodbyes. Meowmy got choked up and started to cry.

I think that with all the rain today, I will be getting in a very good shower at the Bridge.

When I arrived, all my Catster friends were there to greet me. It was great getting to see all my angel friends. There was also a huge buffet there with chicken, fish, turkey, beef, rabbit, and catnip. I took a couple of really big plates as I was starving. I also noticed that the Bridge has some of the most pawsome strollers ever! I can't wait to go for a spin in one of those. I know I'm going to like it here at the bridge once I get through orientation. I also forgot to mention that there are plenty of birds to watch here too and they are not for eating either. Let me tell you, these birds know how to party too. There is meowmy's bird Jack that keeps saying "Have A Beer" and also my late Great-Grandmother, who I never met's birds Pretty Pat and Polly too who are quite fun to listen to chatter and play. Then there is meowmy's gerbils Rusty and Blackie who are busy rolling around a lot in their little balls. Blackie also has a huge strawberry he likes to go play in and nap in too. Like I said, this Rainbow Bridge is quite the entertaining place.

I know meowmy is going to miss me, but when she is ready to adopt another kitty, I will be helping her pick out the purrfect new little friend. I noticed Meowmy and Grandmaw went over to ACE Hardware later on today to pick out some paint. They want to redo my bedroom so that it is nice and fresh for the next kitty. They picked out a peach color which I think will be very pretty.

I will continue to communicate and keep everycat updated here from the Bridge. Meowmy would like to thank each and everycat and their families for all the positive thoughts and purrs. It means the world to her.



I'm Going To Be Making My Journey to The Rainbow Bridge- tomorrow!

September 12th 2012 8:21 am
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I just wanted to let everycat know that tomorrow I will be making my journey to The Rainbow Bridge around 1:45 pm. I know my meowmy will be very sad and so will Grandmaw and Grandpaw too. I know Grandmaw plans to come with meowmy to be with her when I make my journey to the Bridge. Not sure if Grandpaw is coming or not too. I'm looking forward to being able to eat anything and everything again, just as I did as a young, healthy cat. Who can forget the great friends I've met who are at the Bridge too, like Calvin, Violet, Sugar, Spunky, Rocky Ann and many others! I will look forward to seeing and partying with them again. Meowmy said that maybe if it is nice out tomorrow, we can stroll there so I can get in my last earthly stroller ride as I've always loved my stroller. I sure hope they have strollers at the Rainbow Bridge.

Please everycat, just purr very hard for my whole family tomorrow as I know it is going to be very hard for them. I will certainly be watching over them each and everyday until we meet again.



Purrs Needed!

September 12th 2012 4:50 am
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I hate to report that I am not doing to well. I've been eating over the last few days, but not very much and it is just my wet food. In the morning, I come down and meow for cat treats and when meowmy gives me the cat treats I try to eat them, but can't. I'm now on prednisone two times a day and it doesn't do much. I still drool some too. Just this morning meowmy noticed that my tongue is over to one side. Obviously, the tumor in my jaw/mouth is growing and causing me a degree of discomfort. Meowmy is going to be calling the vet this morning before she goes to work to discuss my condition with the vet and to see if she thinks it is my time to be with my Rainbow Bridge buddies.

I know mom will be very sad when I do go to the Bridge. I know she will do what is best for me and I will be watching out for her from the Bridge. Also, Catster pals don't fear, I will still be near and updating my page and Diary from the Bridge when it is my time to be there of course. Please just purr for strength for my meowmy to do what is in my best interest.



Steak and Rat Subs - OMC!

September 6th 2012 8:34 am
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So meowmy was telling me about a story she heard on the news where a sub shop (not going to name drop), made a mistake on their sign and instead of Steak and Brat subs they had Steak and Rat subs. Well, if you ask me Steak and Rat Subs sound quite delicious. Maybe this particular restaurant should really consider adding those to their menus. It would bring in a lot of business with us cats. What does everycat think?



DDP Again!

September 5th 2012 2:47 pm
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Wow! Diary Gal must really love me! Thanks for all the congratulatory p-mails, rosettes and messages and thanks for all your purrs. Keep them up! I seem to be doing pretty well with the liquid prednisone, even though it tastes icky. Mom thinks it is helping me feel better and helping me eat a little more. The tumor is still there and the main goal is to keep me comfortable until it is my time to join my bridge buddies and meowmy hopes that is still a little ways off. I've been able to eat some cat treats and I've been eating almost a whole can of Tiki Cat the past couple of days.

In my spare time, I've been continuing to enjoy my stroller naps.

Hope everycat is having a good week!


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