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May 5th 2011 11:38 am
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That is cat for I'm very unhappy, I don't want to be here, and don't you dare try and touch me or I'll attack. Yes, needless to say I was very unhappy at my V-E-T appointment. The weather was nice and meowmy was able to take me over in my stroller. That was the only good thing about it. Once the vet tech called me back to be weighed, I started to growl. Meowmy was able to pick me up and get me out of my stroller to be weighed. I'm 13.2 lbs. Then they led me back to the examining room. Meowmy was in there with me. Dr. Jodie came in with the vet tech and I started growling and hissing like mad. The doctor was able to unzip my stroller. I acted like I wanted to attack someone, so they had a blankie there that they had to use to hold me down. The doctor proceeded to listen to my heart. I growled like a freight train, but my heart sounded fine. Then she felt around me to check for any masses, and again that was fine. Next came the tricky pawt, checking my ears and my teeth. The doctor had to be careful when she was checking my ears as I was still angry and acted like I wanted to attack. Then she checked my teeth out with the light from the thingy that she was checking my ears with. I tried to chomp down on that several times, but my ears were fine and my teeth looked nice and clean. Dr. Jodie was happy with my weight too. I really hadn't gained or lost much from the last check-up. Oh, and that "stool" sample that the doctor wanted was actually a sample of one of my newmies. I was wondering why they wanted one of my newmies though. Meowmy said it is to check for parasites, but because I live indoors, the doc said that it is unlikely that I have a parasite. Anymeow, I was very happy to leave the V-E-T's office. I calmed right down on our walk home. Now I'm just chillaxin near the top of our stairway. Meowmy really owes me another can of Tiki for what I had to go through today don't you think?



V-E-T Appointment today!

May 5th 2011 7:34 am
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I'm not a very happy camper right now. Meowmy just had the nerve to set up an appointment for me at The Animal Doctor (a.k.a. the V-E-T)today at 1:00. I'm due for my yearly physical. The weather people are forecasting rain/possible thunderstorms this afternoon. I sure hope they are wrong because just as much as I hate going to the V-E-T, I also hate car rides. They also told meowmy to bring in a fresh stool sample. What stool? Are they referring to the step stool meowmy keeps in the kitchen? It's not real fresh or new though. I guess I'll have to have meowmy run over to Target or Bed Bath and Beyond and pick up a new, fresh stool to take in to the V-E-T's office. Staff there sure have strange requests. I hope none of the clinic cats get in my pawsonal space like some of them like to do. I also hope there aren't a who lot of "ugly kitties" there. They are always so loud. Don't they realize that a cat appreciates some peace and quiet, especially while waiting in the V-E-T's office. I always escape the rude thermometer pawt that some of you cats out there talk about. In that respect I don't mind the V-E-T's office, but I don't like the vampires that come out once in a while. I certainly hope they don't decide to come out today.

I just knew there was a reason that meowmy gave me a can of Tiki today. It tasted delicious as usual, but I should have know it was a bribe. I'll let everycat know how my appointment went.

Colleen (a very unhappy kitty right now)


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

May 5th 2011 5:29 am
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Meow or as some humans would say Hola!

I just wanted to wish everycat out there who celebrates it a Happy Cinco de Mayo. I really don't dress up for the occasion or speak much Spanish, although I do know some impawtant words and phrases. I do know how to say Where is the Bathroom - Donde esta el bano? Please forgive my spelling as my secretary only had one year of Spanish in high school and that was quite a while ago, so that is why I am limited in my Spanish as well. I wonder what litterbox is in Spanish? Anymeow, since a lot of spanish foods are kinda on the spicey side, I really can't participate in that side of the Cinco de Mayo celebration, although my meowmy is probably going to have something to celebrate the day with herself.

I hope everycat's day es muy bueno! (very good)





April 29th 2011 1:35 am
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So in the news they've been talking all about this royal wedding that is taking place today. That leaves me wondering one thing. Why weren't all us cats on the guest list? After all we are royalty. I am Princess Colleen Kitty of The Condo. I also answer to Her Highness. Anymeow, it will be interesting to watch. I wonder what Kate's dress will look like and what William is going to be wearing?

I'm wondering how many other cats out there will be watching the wedding coverage? Also, what do you think about being left off the guest list?

Princess Colleen Kitty


A Numi for the Newmies

April 23rd 2011 11:50 am
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Lately, they have been talking about this new fancy toilet that Kohler has made called the Numi. When I first heard this, I thought how purrfect, a Numi for the Newmies. If anycat would like to check this new invention out, here is the link: Purrty impressive if I may say so myself.

Secondly, I hope everycat has a Happy Easter tomorrow. I sure hope the Easter Bunny brings me some Tiki.



Happy Birthday to Me!

March 29th 2011 4:39 am
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Happy 8th Birthday to me! Happy 8th Birthday to me! Happy 8th Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!

Today, I'm 8 years old. What a big girl I am. My special day started out with a nice snooze under the covers with meowmy, then I jumped up on the small cat condo near the window in meowmy's bedroom. From there I nudged the blinds, jumped up behind them and took a good look outside to see if there were any birdies, chipmunks, or squirrels out and about. This being 8 thing feels great. They say you are only as old as you feel and I still feel like quite a young kitten.

Also, I had a birthday pawty on Sunday with meowmy, grandmaw, and grandpaw. They gave me a Target gift card, some treats, and cat litter and a card. Meowmy bought me some treats and a card. Meowmy also bought me a cake from the Pick N' Save bakery. It's yellow cake with white frosting. It had purple icing along the bottom edges and pink icing along the top edges. Meowmy bought some blue frosting and wrote Happy 8th Birthday Colleen on it and she had some cats and fish from another occasion that she put on it as well.

Also, thanks to the kitties who have given me rosettes so far. You are making my day quite special.



Meowmy, Where were you?

March 21st 2011 7:12 am
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I wondered where my meowmy went. You see Friday morning she gave me a full bowl of cat food which she normally doesn't do. Then she shut my door which doesn't happen until it is time to go to bed at night.

I just saw her again last night. I was meowing like crazy. I wanted to roam around the house and I was hungry. Meowmy immediately gave me more food and gave me some extra kitty/meowmy time. She explained that she went away to St. Louis to her cousin's wedding reception party. She told me the reason I didn't go was because I'd be crying the whole way there in the car and her aunt and uncle really aren't animal people.

I wasn't very happy to be alone, but I'm glad meowmy, grandmaw and grandpaw made it back safely and now meowmy is making up for it by giving me extra attention.



"Caught Being Bad"

March 11th 2011 12:25 pm
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As some cats may have noticed, I decided to change my profile picture. Meowmy bought a Irish Cream and Raspberry late from the local coffee shop this morning. I decided to be mischievious/cute this morning and sniff at it. Meowmy quick got the camera and took the picture. She also helped me compose this poem about all the trouble I've gotten into. I hope everycat and the Diary Gal likes it!

"Caught Being Bad"

I used to chew computer cords
To replace meowmy could not afford
Without fail I used to knock over garbage pails
Making mischief,
I'm no beginner,
I even stole meowmy's steak dinner,
I don't eat toffee,
I was caught sniffing meowmy's coffee
I chewed a hole in Grandmaw's shoes
I was told chewing shoes is bad news
Opening up cupboard doors
Hacking up hairballs on the floors
Meowmy knows I keep her on her toes
As I don't have a dad
Who would've thought a cat's life would be so rad
Especially since I was caught being bad.


Daily Diary Pick!

March 10th 2011 6:26 am
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First off, I would like to thank all the kitties sending me congratulatory p-mails, messages and rosettes. I wrote another little poem with meowmy's help to celebrate this occasion. I hope everycat enjoys it!

"Daily Diary Pick!"

It's been many years
As a cat I have no fears
I've celebrated with many friends, grieved for others, and shed many tears
That's life in Catsterland
Where do I stand?
I check my e-mail and without fail,
Kick tail! I'm a Daily Diary Pick!
I know just the trick,
for the Diary Gal to pick my entry,
for I'm the cat poet of the century.
At last, you might ask,
Daily Diary Pick? What's that? What do you get?
You get congratulatory rosettes,
P-mails, not e-mails,
Comments on it,
Daily Diary Pick!
On this date I celebrate,
Hoping Diary Gal will always think I'm great.


Poem I wrote about Newmies!

March 9th 2011 11:37 am
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I wrote another poem with my meowmy's help. This one is about Newmies.


Meow, Meow, Meow
Check out my kitter litter
I left some newmies
Now my box isn't roomy
Groom me!
I've got newmies on my floofy
Don't bring on the cling-ons
Don't want newmies to be runny
Or my tail end to smell funny
No more newmies
I prefer my box roomy

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