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Thank Goodness for Bissell Spot Bots

January 31st 2010 11:12 am
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So today the barfies did return, at the same exact time as yesterday so the new med routine did not work. I was told to stop the antibiotic and Mommy will call the Vet tomorrow to see if we can try something else. It is no fun eating when it comes back up anyways.

Some helpful cats were mentioning anti nausea pills and the antibiotic shot. Mommy will ask about both of those. Thank you so much for the info. I'm not on pepcid ac anymore as that wasn't helping with my regular crf nausea and was changed to Ranitidine (Zantac). I just started that very recently and it was working really well until I had to start taking the antibiotic. So we'll see if the Vet has some ideas also. It made Mommy sad to see me having an upset tummy. Luckily I'm getting fluids.

The Bissell Spot Bot is a carpet saver! It makes it so easy for Mommy to clean up after me.

Thank you Chrissy Whitesocks for the sweet get well card. Chrissy, I have the card on the shelf right next to my massage bed so I can look at all the cute hello kitties white getting massaged :)

I'll have a restful Sunday so I'm ready to fight in the coming week.

Goodbye January!!


Thank you Sheba & Star for the super cute Get Well e-card with the PINK Hello Kitty on it!


Fluid Experience

January 30th 2010 10:48 pm
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Tonite Dr. Dad and Nurse Mommy gave me my fluids for the first time. They got everything ready. Fluid bag was hanging high, my patient table (ottoman) was draped in a bright pink towel and in I come - the patient. The whole thing went really smoothly. Probably took 5 minutes. Mommy held me down and Daddy did the needle and watched the bag. I think I was sort of in shock that my pawrents did that to me in my own home. But afterwards I got a little treat of low sodium tuna water, which I love. Then I went straight to my heated bed for a vibrating massage. So cool that Annie has the same bed as I do! Afterwards I acted like nothing happened. I looked all nice and fluffy instead of skinny. Hopefully it will go this smoothly every night.

Otherwise...I've been feeling yucky all day. The antibiotic is making my stomach feel icky. I threw up twice today. My pawrents still went ahead and gave me my evening dose on a new timing of getting it after a call to my Vet. If I throw up again I'll have to stop taking it. No running to the litterbox at least not yet. Hopefully the pumpkin I'm eating will prevent that.

Thanks again for all your comments and making me laugh, your sweet messages on the giftees, music on your page (Bellzy!), diary entries and stroll pictures.


Please also purrrr and keep in your thoughts and prayers, my friend *Taylor* and her Grandmaw too. Thank you.


Yo, how you doin' ?

January 29th 2010 9:45 pm
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Hello friends. I hope you are doin' fine!

At noon we went to my Vet to pick up my new meds, more food and got a fluids demonstration. I actually didn't go to the Vet, Clarice did! The Vet techs were really nice and Daddy did a good job right away giving me my fluids. He thinks he will have no problem doing this. Mommy will hold me still. She could never stick me with a needle, she has to look the other way. I will get them at night when Daddy comes home from work. Hopefully I will just get use to this routine.

On the way home, Clarice pooped in my carrier!! How sweet that she didn't do it at the Vet's office. Today, giving me the new meds went well. I took it all like a champ. I have my next Vet appointment next week and they will draw my blood again. Hopefully there will be an improvement and I'll have put on some weight. I'll be fighting hard all week.

I'm resting well in my PINK slipper bed. A fighter does need her sleep.

Thanks again friends for being in my corner for this fight. You are making it alot easier. Thanks for everything.

"Going one more round when you don’t think you can, that’s what makes all the difference in your life!"



Those Are Fighting Words

January 28th 2010 6:22 pm
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Inconclusive. Ok, a fighting word not words.

That is what the pathology report says. They don't know what is happening in my lung. There are some odd cells that shouldn't be there but they can't say it is cancer. So....that means I'm in for the fight of my life. And I'm determined to fight! The Vet agrees that I shouldn't be put thru the ultrasound biopsy if I wouldn't be up for the open chest surgery if it did turn out to be cancer. (Ouch!) So we are going to fight it like it is an infection with antibiotics and see what that does to those cells.

OMC.... catsters have the strongest Power of the Purr!! Please keep me in your thoughts and hope that this is just an infection and I just have to deal with my kidneys after this. I appreciate everything you've done with your comments, purrs, prayers, pawmails, Rocky Ann Stroll, Groups, giftees...catsters are the best.

With my kidneys we are going to try different things with that too. Tomorrow I'm going to the vet to get fluids and pick up all my new meds and supplies.

Thank you so much to *Angel Ashley* and Aunt Brenda & Family for the beautiful flowers they sent to me and my family. All different colored flowers including PINK and butterflys were in the arrangement too.

I'd like to introduce my goddaughter to you.... *Molly*. I have to stick around to spend some catster time with her!


Your support has really helped Mommy and me thru these days. I promise I will fight as hard as I can.


Thank you to Pansy for my fighting outfit, to Violet for my fighting gloves (see close up in Power of Paw Charm Rosette and to Mercy for my fighting song. This tough chic is ready to knock out Inconclusive!!


Thank You All So Much

January 26th 2010 4:20 pm
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I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love, purrs, prayers, comments, pawmails, diary entries, blog entries, and giftees. Forgive Mommy for not getting back to each of you but she has read everything you've written. We could feel your purrs and love from whatever state or country you were sending it from. We appreciate every one of you.

Daddy stopped by to get my blood panel results. All the results were very very bad. I'm at the end stage of CRF and the end stage of my life.

It helped for my pawrents to remember that it was almost 3 years ago that I was diagnosed with CRF and we were told and have read that alot of kidney failure patients only live 2 months to 2 years. I surpassed that. I did good.

Mommy and I had a long talk about the beautiful Rainbow Bridge during one of my massages today. She told me it makes her feel better to know that I have so many angel friends at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me. And she knows I will be healthy again there. She will always hold me in her heart. And I always will be her favorite. She knows there will never be another cat that will love her as much I do.

We don't know when I will be going to the Bridge. I might be around for a couple of days or a few weeks. It all matters on my comfort. But I'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks Catsters for all the love. I love you all right back.



I Just Got Back - Not Good News :(

January 25th 2010 11:45 am
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I just got back from the Vet. I actually had my PINK muzzle off when Dr. Tom walked in the door. Then I proceeded to pee all over the counter, which dripped on to the floor. Dr. Tom actually took a pee sample from that because he knew nothing was left inside my bladder. I then went ballistic so the muzzle went right back on.

My blood pressure was taken and it was normal, which really surprised my Dr. But he noticed that I was breathing way too heavily thruout the whole visit. I was taken into the back for bloodwork, fluids and an x-ray. My pawrents and everyone else could hear me back there. Then Dr. Tom comes out with the bad news from the x-ray.

There is a mass on my lung. He was able to get a fine needle biopsy as best as he could but by the looks of it on the x-ray he believes it is cancer :( Pathalogy will be back at the end of the week. My bloodwork will be back tomorrow nite.

Needless to say we are all really sad over here. I'm almost 19 and my pawrents know how lucky they've been to have me for so long. Lots of times cats with CRF die from something else besides kidney disease. We already discussed with the Vet that if it comes back as cancer, no heroic measures will be taken. No further biopsies or tests will be done. He agreed and said that they would be very uncomfortable and dangerous in themselves at my age. If the biopsy isn't conclusive, we will treat it as an infection just in case with the appropriate medicine.

I'm home now but still breathing really heavy. If this is cancer it is probably effecting my eating also. Dr. Tom did give me a different antacid to try. Whatever is wrong with me, they are going to make me as comfortable as possible until it is my time. Mommy is going to talk to him about letting me eat whatever I want instead of the kidney food.

Thank you friends for all your Power of the Purrs and sweet comments. I'll write more in my diary when I hear back from my Vet.



Off To The Vet I Go

January 25th 2010 7:45 am
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This past weekend I was not feeling well. Yesterday Mommy could tell I was very nauseated. I could only eat a little bit at each of my mini meals and then I would be licking my lips and swallowing a bunch of times. Its the stomach acid and toxins in my system. I already take Pepcid AC (1/4) twice a day and that is no longer working. I'm hungry and showed up for my meals but just couldn't enjoy them. Also my eyes are a little watery and have some goop in the corners. Mommy can tell I'm looking a little skinnier today and I really don't want to lose any more weight. I'm skinny as it is. (Yes, one can be too thin!)

I have an appointment with Dr. Tom at 9:20. This time I won't even mind going to see him because I'm hoping he can make me feel better. I was suppose to see him next week for my regular checkup but I have to see him today instead.

I think the catvine can see the future.


Honored With A White Star Award!!

January 15th 2010 12:04 pm
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Each year on January 15th, a number of white cats from the Pure White Kitty Club choose some non-white kitties that have added something special to the Catster Community. *2010 White Star Award Winners*

OMC!! Cinderella presented me with her White Star this year!! Cinderella says about me in the award:

"She has been diagnosed with CRF almost 3 years ago and she has been keeping her health so well that she is our hero! We love you very much, Rocky Ann I present you a Pure White Kitty Club Star to proudly wear on your page. Love Cinderella"

I am so honored to receive this White Star Award. Thank you so much Cinderella!!

I bet Hello Kitty would be smiling right now if she had a mouth!!

Thank you to Hazel Lucy for the Heart and always showing so much Catster Love! Thank you to Cinderella for the Furever Crown and being my Furever Friend!

Saturday thank yous go out to Tony & Ashley for baking me a delicious PINK Frosted Cupcake Giftee to celebrate my White Star Award! YUM!!

1/19/10 Thank you goes out to Tasha for the yummy PINK Shrimpie!!


a V for....

January 13th 2010 10:34 am
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I'm so polite. I like to have breakfast at 3am (we go to bed after midnight) I usually like to sleep on the first floor and at 3am go up to the 3rd floor and sit by the doorway to eat breakfast. I just wait politely for Mommy to wake up. So Mommy now has her watch alarm set for 3 so she sees me and we go start our meals of the day. It is so fun!! Then I eat mini meals every 2 hours. It is working out really well for me and I'm enjoying eating.

Mommy usually will go back to bed between the early morning meals and so do I. Daddy usually is up by the time I do my business in the litter box so he has been the one scooping my poop in the morning. He always gives a report. This morning... I pooped a capital "V". Mommy was wondering how that was possible but it was just the way the poopies landed. Right away Mommy knew I did that in honor of my bestest friend Violet. That one was for you Violet!

At one time, Mommy thought our 3 story house was going to be hard for me as I got older. But now she thinks it has been good for me. I love going to the different floors during the day. It gives me space to explore and good exercise too.

I guess it got around the catster catvine that I haven't been doing well. I'm not sure where that came from. For my age and having CRF, I'm doing very well! And Mommy & Daddy can tell that I'm happy. Mommy just hasn't been on Catster much lately. She has been doing other things between my meals. The day goes by way too fast. When she isn't on, please don't think I'm not doing well. I have my next Vet appointments in 2 weeks for blood draw (Tues) and checkup (Sat) so we'll see how my insides are holding up and I'll be sure to update my diary.

Daddy has a new nickname he has been calling me - Melly. Melly Furtado. Funny Daddy! To explain how he got to Melly from Rocky Ann - our last name is Meland and sometimes he calls me by my last name and lately he has been calling me Melly from the "Mel" part. Mol!

Thank you to Charlie for the Thank You Snowman & to Lucy for the Thank You Heart! Thank you to Bellzy for the PINK Rosette and for watching the slideshow on my page of my HK Collection. Thank you to Angel Icy for the Power of the Paw. I'm going to bring that along to my next Vet checkup for good luck!


Some Old Friends Stopped By

January 9th 2010 9:43 am
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Some old (not old in age, they are young) Catster friends stopped by my page. I hadn't heard from them in a long time. But it brought back so many fun memories I had on Catster with *Monkey Blue* and *Cooper Girl*. They dropped off a Mousie on my page and their Mommy gave me a generous gift of Zealies for my Valentine Savings Account! How sweet is that?! Thank you so much Monkey, Cooper and Mommy!!

As Mommy is typing this for me, I am relaxing on my heated bed trying to send warm thoughts to all those kitties in the states that are so freezing cold. Keep warm Kitties!!!

Thank you to Charlie for the Snowman. I think he might melt on my bed! Thank you to Lucy for the Heart!

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