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Fruit, Flowers and (Best) Friends

February 8th 2010 5:31 pm
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We want to give a big thank you to:

Donna, Baby-G & Be-Little for the Hello Kitty Edible Fruit Arrangement
Diana, Diego & LuLu for the vase of beautiful pink flowers
Janet, Harvey & Mercy & gang for the Hello Kitty Edible Fruit Arrangement
Maggie & Chrissy for the beautiful vase of pink and white flowers
Adriana, Sock & Troop for sponsoring Sunshine in memory of Rocky Ann

Very sweet and thoughtful of all of you. Rocky Ann was a very lucky girl to have lived so many years and to be loved by so many of you on Catster.

Judy & Terry


To Our Catster Family

February 8th 2010 8:23 am
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We can't thank you enough for the outpouring of love during this sad time. You have really given us so much comfort. We want to thank you for all the comments, for all the giftees, all the pictures you have up on your pages of Rocky Ann, all the beautiful diary entries that were written about RA, all the pawmails, graphics, purrs, prayers and love. Thank you to Skeezix the Cat for the wonderful farewell he gave to Rocky Ann in The Cat's Meow Blog. Thank you to all the Hello Kitty Fans, Kneaders, Detectives of the Samoa Detective Agency, Pets for Obama, Cheeseheads and Super Strollers for your support and friendship. Most of all thank you to the people at Catster HQ who gave us this site to all come together. Thru Catster, Rocky Ann's spirit lives on.

♥ Farewell, Rocky Ann ♥

Thank you for the memories. You've all touched our hearts in such a big way, not only this past weekend but the whole time that Rocky Ann belonged to Catster.

Judy and Terry


Notes for Terry & I to remember as we reread this diary in the future:

Rocky Ann was always a Mommy's Girl but the last few months, she was really friendly with Daddy. At the end she was both a Mommy's Girl and a Daddy's Girl. That made Terry so happy.

After we called the Pet Ambulance Service (they give you a couple of hours before they come out) and were laying on the livingroom floor with RA, it started raining out. Every once in awhile the sun would pop out brightly in between the clouds. We knew for sure there was a rainbow nearby. We didn't want to take the time to leave her side to look. We just knew.

We had Rocky Ann's 2 Hello Kitty Ty Angel Beanie Babies sitting in front of her blanket. The ambulance owner came into our house and met Rocky Ann and he said "And there's Hello Kitty!". We knew she was in good hands. We also thought it was nice that she had a female Vet help her make her journey.

Rocky Ann was all about drama. She was the Drama Queen. Her body left us in an ambulance on a rainy night. Seemed fitting for her.

I had the coolest Sanrio Hello Kitty Pet House ordered for her. I ordered it last week as I knew she wasn't going to make it to her April 7th Birthday. It was going to be an early birthday present. It was shipping out from England and the shipping was about as much as the house. I knew she would have loved it. The company was so nice and cancelled the order for me this morning.


Our Little Baby - Rest In Peace

February 6th 2010 8:50 pm
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We helped Rocky Ann take her journey to the Rainbow Bridge tonite. We wanted to give her that last gift because we loved her so so much.

Terry and I spent all late afternoon and early evening laying on the floor in the livingroom with Rocky Ann. She has never been one that liked to be held. So she was in a nest of pink Hello Kitty blankets. We were each laying on a side of her, petting and talking to her. We gave her lots of 'Eric Kisses'. She knew that Eric and Paul loved her so much too. We would warm up little blankets in the dryer to put over her to keep her extra warm. We knew in our hearts that it was time to let her go.

We had contacted Animal Ambulance Inc and they do home pet euthanasia. The owner and a Vet actually showed up in an ambulance. Terry and I were so happy we called them. They were both so sweet and were so careful with Rocky Ann. It was such a peaceful way for her to go. We wrapped her in a plush pink blanket and the Vet carried her to the ambulance like a little baby.

The tears are going to flow for awhile. Our house will never be the same. A piece of us left tonite. But we knew this is what we had to do for our little baby girl.

Maybe whenever you see Hello Kitty, a pet in a stroller or even the color will think of Rocky Ann.

I want to thank all of you for all the love and friendship you've given us thru the almost 4 years we've been on Catster.



My Body Is Shutting Down

February 6th 2010 12:29 pm
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It did not go well at the Vet's office. We got there early and it was good the appointment before us was late so my Vet took us first and spent almost an hour with us. I was very lethargic this morning. It seems I don't have much fight left in me. There was no poop in me to get out so I wasn't constipated. The fluids are too much for my system as I'm not absorbing them properly. My blood pressure is dangerously low. He took blood and pee and the results will be back Monday around noon. But there may be no more they can do. I have to try and eat more and I can eat whatever I want. We are to stop the fluids. My Vet gave Mommy his pager number in case we need to call tomorrow and he will come to the house to help me make my journey to the Bridge.



TCIF & Catster's Community Meow

February 5th 2010 9:21 am
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Happy Friday Friends!!

This morning is going lots better than yesterday morning!! The last time I had the appetite stimulant was 6am on Thursday. I'm feeling so much better without it. I'm looking more with it. I slept thru the whole night without meowing or howling. At 5am I ate the first food Mommy gave me - cat food! It was my Hi-Tor Neo which is a non prescription renal food that I love. It wasn't a huge amount but enough to make Mommy happy and she didn't want my stomach to get upset. Around 8am I chose baby food chicken with a little of the Hi-Tor mixed in. Then I ate a bunch of pumpkin. YAY!! So I will be eating small meals every 3 or 4 hours. I seem to do better that way. Still no poop. But maybe with the pumpkin and cat food, I will be going soon. Would be smart of me to go before seeing the Vet tomorrow. Who knows what the Vet might do to Clarice if I can't poop!

I seem a little uncomfortable carrying around my water weight each day. I'm sure that feels very odd to me. But I will get use to that. It has to be so good for me.

I want to meow a big thank you to Sky and her Mommy for the blanket they sent me with a pretty PINK heart on it and my name on it in PINK!

Thanks again friends for all your purrs, comments, giftees, treats, pawmails, suggestions and ideas. So much appreciated.

Yesterday Mommy went thru the whole *Rocky Ann Stroll*. Thank you to Samoa for coming up with the thoughtful fun idea and to all the kitties with the cute pictures participating in the Stroll!!

Don't forget to sign up for the new monthly *Catster Community Newsletter*. I just got it by email and it is meowy cute!!


No Poopies Expected

February 4th 2010 9:42 am
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The Vet office called Mommy back and they said with me just eating baby food, and not that much of it, poopies are not expected. It made Mommy feel better just talking to them. I should stop taking the metamusil (which she wasn't giving nearly enough of anyways). And if all I want to eat is baby food this week, to go ahead since it is high quality protein. Try to eat more of it.

After a suggestion from a friend, I decided to stop the appetite stimulator as Mommy & Daddy agree it might be too much for my system. That makes sense since I'm eating less now than I was. Also reading up, this stimulator can cause extra vocal such as howling. Which is what I did in the middle of the night. Also lethargy or excitement. A little excitement I could use! Maybe the fluids will help me feel better and want to eat without the stimulator. I wonder if that also could have taken away my sense of smell since it is an antihistamine? Because that is something new that happened to me. Without a sense of smell, food doesn't seem that appetizing.

The Vet wants Clarice to keep her Saturday appt unless I get worse or want to come in earlier. Since Vet visits stress me out so much, we are going to try to wait for Saturday and make some little changes.

Boxing gloves are back on.

Thanks friends for being in the ring with me.



Fight Is Not Going Too Well

February 4th 2010 7:30 am
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I'm not sure I have enough fight in me. Alot of things are going against me.

I'm not hungry even with an appetite stimulant. If I do eat the only thing I will eat is baby food and not even enough of that. 3:30 in the morning Mommy could hear me crying downstairs in the livingroom so she went down there. I did eat some baby food and then fell back to sleep on a pile of PINK blankets. This morning for breakfast I would only eat a little baby food again. This is after Mommy opens new cans of the other foods.

I'm not pooping. Mommy looked at my chart and my last poop was actually Monday and that was a small one. My system seems to be all goofed up after getting nauseated on that antibiotic. The Vet's office had recommended to Daddy to sprinkle a little Metamucil on my food. But so far that is a no go in the litter box. I do let Mommy rub my tummy lots so it must be upset.

I'm not eating my pumpkin. My beloved well-stocked pumpkin - I don't want to eat it anymore. Mommy has gotten me to eat a little baby food squash which the Vet recommended.

I'm not smelling things. Mommy has to put food on my mouth as I seem to not have a sense of smell. Which can be common in CRF cats.

I'm not grooming myself. I use to always have to have my face purrfectly clean after eating, now Mommy washes my face for me. I don't even lick to clean around my mouth :(

I'm not begging for my massages. This really saddens Mommy. I loved my massages.

The only thing that is going smoothly is giving me fluids. But I don't look comfortable carrying around my camel's hump on the side. It is heavy! Even though I'm taking the fluids so well, this also could be stressing me out.

I know I'm all goofed up from the antibiotic, the stress from the Vet visits and of course we don't know if all this is happening because of the kidneys or the lungs.

This fight just isn't starting out on the right paw. Mommy will be calling the Vet as soon as they open. Unless I can poop before then. I think pooping might solve all my problems, well maybe not all... but some.


Camel's Hump

February 3rd 2010 1:55 pm
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Today is going to be a lazy day. Vet visits always take alot out of me, as I worry for Clarice when she goes. I'm still not too hungry but am eating a little bit. My tummy doesn't seem to bother me so much but I would like to do a poop. My poopies are off schedule as is everything else. I did a poopie yesterday but it wasn't up to par. I even let Mommy rub my tummy lots today. Right now I'm basking in the sun. Rest will help my body in this fight.

Now I have a camel's hump!! That is what the Vet calls the pouch of water on me after getting fluids. It's heavy carrying that extra pouch around! Last night while getting my fluids, I was laying there so relaxed. Dr. Dad and Nurse Mommy are so relieved. I think my Vet is surprised that I'm taking them so well. It's not even Clarice getting the's ME!! Mol!

I want to give a shout out of THANKS! to Chrissy Whitesocks for the generous gift of Catster Zealies she sent to my page today. Very sweet of you.

Thanks Catsters for your continued purrs and also for making us laugh. Love your comments. Cross your paws that I take a good poopie soon!!



I Got My Shot

February 2nd 2010 8:03 pm
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I sent Clarice to get my antibiotic shot today. She was a really good girl, the nurse said. It went really quick and it was a very fine needle so it didn't hurt. Clarice made no mess in my carrier this time. Thank goodness. As soon as Clarice got home, I was actually starving and I got pilled and then I ate dinner. Poor Clarice, the only time she exists is when its time to go to the Vet.

Hoping this antibiotic has some good medicine in it to help me in my fight!


Hello February & Happy Birthday Bellzy!!

February 1st 2010 9:33 am
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I lived to see February, that is a positive thing right there!

Happy Birthday to the always lovable and humorous *Bellsnickles*!!!! Wishing you a very Special Day, Bellzy!

Fluids again went well last night and I'm sure that is helping me alot especially after the barfies. I haven't thrown up since yesterday morning so that is good. I still looked a little nauseated this morning though.

Mommy called the Vet this morning. He was going to put me on a different liquid antibiotic but Mommy asked about the catster highly recommended Convenia shot. He said that should be fine. So I need to wait 48 hours since last taking the last dose of antibiotic (Sunday - 6am) and I have an appointment for the shot tomorrow at 5pm. Yay! I think that will be so much more convenient than being given the liquid 2 times a day. And I think my tummy will appreciate it too.

After eating this morning, I wasn't feeling that well. But held it all in. Then a little later ate more and looked better. Then the landscapers were making such a racquet of noise out in the courtyard that I had to get up on the windowseat and see what they were up to. I sat there watching them out the window for awhile. That was fun. Now I'm resting on top of (yesterday it was underneath!) a blanket nest.

Thank you friends for the info and recommendation of the antibiotic shot!!

I hope February is a very good month for all of us :)


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