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ponderings of a pretty pretty princess

I would like to live in this hotel place.

December 26th 2011 8:46 am
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It has taken me fifteen years, but I have discovered something. Hotels are grand!

In a hotel, you have efurrything you need, and nothing you don't.

You have hoomans for company and scritchies. You have a litter tray and food. You have two big beds to sleep on or climb on or hide under or cuddle with the hoomans on. It is kind of like camping, although you don't get to go outside. But you do get a teevee, and a internet, and lots of heat and lectricity and hot water. I don't care about the hot water, but the Mama likes it.

What you don't have is other cats.

Well, I do have one other cat. She lives on the other side of the shiny window. But I seem to remember her from my other house too, a long time ago. She was my furriend there, and we have renewed our acquaintance here. She is furry well-behaved, and she stays in her place and I stay in mine. But we touch noses, and we nap together or just keep an eye on things together. She is a purrfect companion.

It is nice to have my pretty orange-and-white furriend back after all this time. I guess when I moved to our new house, she moved to the hotel instead. But I hope she comes home with me.

Or maybe I can just purrsuade the Mama and Daddy to live at the hotel with me forever.


Christmas travels with the hoomans

December 24th 2011 11:09 am
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Yesterday I got in my carry box and took a LONG truck ride with my hoomans. I went five hundred and twenty fousand miles. It took us twelve hours! I never thought I would stop moving!

The funniest part was when I pooped. I was being nice and quiet in my carry box, happy because all my hoomans were around me AND NO OTHER CATS, and then I started YELLING! And the Mama was like "Pixie, how are you?" And I YELLED some more! And the Daddy was like "Yes, Pixie, we hear you." And I YELLED some more! So then the boy unzipped my box, and I hopped out, and there was poop all over the throwaway pad, but I scuttled into my tray and settled down.

That was stop number 1, while the Mama and Daddy cleaned out the poopy pad and put a clean one in my carry box.

Then was stop number 2, when the Mama and Daddy stopped at a store for the baby wipes they had forgotten to pack.

Then was stop number 3, when I pooped AGAIN. This time I was outside the carry box, so I tried to use the tray, but I missed because Daddy had to stop the truck suddenly while I was pooping. At that point the hooomans were thinking it was going to be a twelve FOUSAND hour trip.

But then we didn't stop until the truck needed to eat, so we gave it some food. And Daddy gave me some food and water then too. After that I settled down under the boy's legs and enjoyed the rocky hummy ride.

Then we stopped because the hooomans needed to eat, so I got another snack. When they were done eating I settled down under the Grandmom's legs for a long time.

Then the Mama wanted to put me back in my carry box! I did NOT want to do that. But she said we had to go inside a Hotel. She carried me into a tall box that lifted us up WHOOOOSH and left us in a hallway. Then she opened a door and we were in a place like a little house, with 2 beds and 2 chairs and a window and a baffroom and a microwave and a fridgerator. And there's a tall window where I can look outside, and another tall window where there's another cat. She looks like a furry nice cat. She's pretty, like me. She doesn't smell like a strange cat. When I sniff at her she sniffs back. She doesn't seem hostile. So I lie down near that window and look at her a lot.

There are lots of soft dark caves in this hotel too, so I can keep an eye on things while being invisible. I like that. A scary man with fur on his face came in to fix our microwave, and he didn't even know I was here because I was in one of my bedspread-caves the whole time!

Tonight the hoomans are going to go visit Grandmom and the uncles and aunts and cuzzins. I think I'm going to stay here though. Maybe I will order some room service while they're out!

I hope efurry other kitty has some fun Christmas Eve and Christmas plans, or other delightful holiday plans!


Oh my!

November 22nd 2011 11:40 am
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I am so excited! I have been named Cat of the Week, and so many cats are congratulating me and sending sweet pressies, and it is all so overwhelming for a shy little cat! I am furry grateful for this honor and for efurrykitty's kindness. I will have to write more later, when I calm down a little - Mama says my heart shouldn't pitty-pat too fast, so I'm going to try to take a little nap for now. I love you all!


Hmmm. Just testing.

August 11th 2011 11:16 am
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There were big upgrades in Catsterland and Dogsterland last weekend. Since that time I've had some issues, and some other cats have had issues too. (You can read more about them in the Olde Furts group, and purrobably in many other groups too.) For example I cannot send pawmails, and I am not getting any email notifications of group messages or much of anything else. I sent Catster customer support a message about this, but I haven't gotten a response and I don't even know if they got my note. I also just posted in the "Diaries, Pmail, Problems" forum, so it looks like I CAN post in the main Catster forums and not only forums within groups.

So now I am testing whether I can write a diary, before the Mama calls them on the telephone. It looks like I CAN write a diary. I guess the only question now is - will it publish?


My heart goes mur-mur instead of pitty-pat.

May 12th 2009 6:30 pm
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I have always said mur-mur. It's how I talk, when I'm not chirping or screeching. And now I know why.

I have a heart that says mur-mur.

Actually, it says gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.

It's a bad thing called Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy, or Hokum. I have to take a pill efurry day for it, and the pill might make it better, or it might make it stay the same, or it might have no effect and my heart will get more and more gurgly and I will have trouble breathing.

I don't want that. I think I'll take my pills. They're very little pills, anyway, so taking them is not so bad.

And I have to go back to see the heart expert guy in six months, or a year, or earlier if I'm not doing so well.

A year is fine by me!

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