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April 20th 2006 10:01 am
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Mom brought home ANOTHER momma and her one little kitten on Tuesday. She has them locked in the computer room and she won't let me in there. The Momma growls and hisses when she walks in, but them calms down and wants pets when she sees it's my Momma. She has one little baby girl who is orange and real, real tiny. I guess they got rescued out of someones garage attic. The other upstairs kittens are getting big. In fact, two of them climbed out of their condo this am. Mom was kinda upset. I was upset too when Patches clawed me to death and chased me downstairs. But then Momma let the downstairs kittens out for a few minutes and I played with them. Two of them have been sick since Saturday, but Momma says they are eating now and playing so she thinks they are better. They are all getting some medicine that smells better than the medicine Momma usually gives the babies. They are maybe going to Petco next weekend to get adopted. Momma needs to see if they are all better first. I know Mommas gonna be sad, but then she can get some more babies too. :) :)


Harmony in the house

April 13th 2006 7:14 am
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Wow have things calmed down in the house. Little Bit's kittens are 5 1/2 weeks old and Mommy lets me see them now. She named them Lil' devil, a boy, Bruiser, a boy, Weebles, a boy, and Dumplin', a girl. I am more interested in their food bowl than I am in them. They are real cute though. They are climbing on everything and getting into everything, and they get can food twice a day which isn't fair at all. I get can food this Saturday cause it's my birthday. Mom says I won't be a kitten anymore, but I sure still feel like one. The upstairs kittens are doing OK I guess. Patches won't let me in there. She chases me down the hall and hisses at me all the time. And it's my house not hers!!! Mom feeds them baby food twice a day so they grow better. Very messy!! Oh, Mom took Lolly to the cat store last week too. I miss her. So does Mom. But I guess some lady adopted her yesterday. Hopefully she'll keep her cause Lolly still is kinda scared and likes to hide. Well, gotta take a nap now.



March 27th 2006 10:29 am
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After Mom came home from work Friday, some lady came over with a box of 4 itty-bitty kittens, and they took them in the basement to see if Little Bit would take care of them. Well Mom brought them back upstairs a while later, so I guess she wouldn't. I looked at them a couple of times, but Mom locked them up cause I hissed. Then Saturday night, Mom brought home a cat named Patches and her 4 kittens. Mom was sooo happy cause Patches is taking care of everybody. All eight kittens. I ran in there last night when Mom was comming out, and Patches chased me under the bed,we had a big screaming fight for about 5 seconds, and then I ran out. I guess I learned my lesson,but only sort of cause I still peek in there from under the door. Must be those Mommy hormones again. Mom is upset cause Little Bit took her kittens out of the box and under the bed. She also thinks she's not using the litter box either. So someone may be in trouble. Glad it's not me.



March 20th 2006 8:44 am
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Wow this is neat having my picture on the internet. And I have friends and treats already. Mom is going to work on getting my sisters on the internet too. She has a real slow computer and she has to look through their baby pictures and such. Mom went to Petco yesterday for Kindred Kitties and took Lolly with her. She's had her 2 months trying to socialize her. Lolly is alot better but still is skiddish. I like her. We also have Little Bit in the basement. Little Bit had 4 kittens 2 weeks ago. I used to be able to go in the bedroom and visit her, but not since the kittens came. That's OK though, Little Bit doesn't like me much. Probably all those Mommy hormones. Maybe we'll be friends when the kittens get a little bigger because I just love kittens. Well, gotta go for now. Love, Quincy :) :) :) :)

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