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"Samoa May 10, 2000 ~ October 12, 2013"

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Age: 13 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 7 lbs.

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"We're hopeful for a new community!"

I was this beautiful, and don

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"I was this beautiful, and don't you forget it!"

Thank you Travis

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"Thank you Travis"

Thank you Tundra!

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"Thank you Tundra!"

Thank you, Tabitha!

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"Thank you, Tabitha!"

Thank you Friday and Krew!

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"Thank you Friday and Krew!"

Pssst. . . have you heard about my detective agency?

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"Pssst. . . have you heard about my detective agency?"

I lived a nice life!

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"I lived a nice life!"

Thank you, Twixy

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"Thank you, Twixy"

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Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

May 10th 2000

Dilute Calico

Guarding the top of the stairs; being very stealth; being combed; being petted while she eats, photo sessions, boas!

Thunder and lightening, aluminum foil, plastic bags, and her two brothers

Favorite Toy:
String on a stick, long fleece strips

Favorite Nap Spot:
Guest room bed or the window shelf

Favorite Food:
Fancy Feast, but not the red can - turns her nose up and walks away!

Licks her lips right before eating, has a bunny hop in her step, master sand artist.


Arrival Story:
Samoa was a stray and spent a lot of time in the woods behind our house. She gradually made her way to the front porch to be fed and eventually let me pick her up. It didn't take long before she made her way in the house, in our hearts, and a member of the family.

She is named after the Girl Scout cookie, because she has a caramel cookie-shaped spot above one eye! And because Samoa cookies are her Mawmee's favorite (but don't tell the others)! Samoa is a very quiet kitty - walks quietly, purrs quietly, and doesn't talk much. When she does talk, it is in little tiny noises and chirps. She is a very girly girl cat. She is also an occasional "love" biter - especially if you touch her belly! She loves, loves, loves to have her head and ears rubbed, and will dribble and drool to tell you how much she likes it. Samoa's fur is the softest ever - almost like down. You can never pet her and not end up with some fine fuzzy fur on your hands. Samoa made her peaceful journey to the bridge on October 12, 2013. She was diagnosed with a cancerous mass in her abdomen. She was a diva to the end, and made her journey with a boa around her neck and wrapped in a pink blanket. Forever loved, she will always be the diva of the house, but now as our guardian angel.

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Samoa Says

Eight is Great - Happy Catster Anniversary to Us!

March 17th 2014 8:18 am
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What a surprise that Catster is still here, and we can see that wonderful 8 on our Catster Anniversary cake!

Yep, eight years ago today we stumbled across Dogster as Mawmee looked to get in contact with a cocker spaniel that was a Katrina (New Orleans) dog. The only way she could contact him with some questions (as she was searching for lost dogs from the Katrina mess) was to join Dogster.

So, Autumn joined! And then we said it wasn't fair and we wanted to join too! As soon as she realized there was a Catster too, we all joined! Of course, being the diva of the house, I was the first cat to join.

And now, eight years later, we have over 7,600 friends, and have at least that many or more wonderful memories!

Unfortunately those memories include countless bridge journeys, and our family has more memorial pages than regular pages. And that is one of the reasons we were so sad to hear about the demise of Catster.

We anxiously await the news about what is going to happen with our beloved Catster. In the meantime, enjoy some anniversary cake, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


There is Hope!

February 12th 2014 3:04 pm
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Have you heard the news?

Hold on to your hats, cats!

The Community is sticking around . . . . . . . somewhere . . . . . .


Complete Dreamboat List and Farewell!

February 8th 2014 2:57 pm
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Oh, I have enjoyed naming Dreamboats since 2008! It is a list that I will hold close to my heart forever. I want to thank all the friends we have gotten to know since we joined Catster almost 8 years ago. I'm sad that Catster will be gone before we get that 8th candle on our cake mid-March.

It was a pawsome place for fun, laughter, sharing the good times and the sad. Our friendships may have started here, but they will continue in other places. Nothing will ever compare to the Catster Community. Thank you to everyone who made it the special place that it will always be in our hearts.

Here are the wonderful mancats that I call Dreamboats:



1. Rufus
2. Diego
3. Stash
4. River
5. Lancelot
6. Captain Morgan
7. Rico
8. Merlin the Cat Wizard
9. Raymond Maxpower Nelson Festa
10. Ruben


11. Arnold P.
12. Sammie
13. KiKi
14. Ember
15. Merlin
16. Smudge
17. Nikko
18. Scooter
19. Mr D
20. Gordy


21. Gibbs
22. Henry
23. Beepers
24. Nikolai
25. Reebok
26. Ozzy
27. Orlando Blue
28. Sylvester
29. PJ
30. Kibbles


31a. Pipo
31b. Minko

32a. Luke
32b. Tully

33a. Tigger
33b. Bob

34a. Alex
34b. Bugsy

35a. Teddy Bearz
35b. Milo

36a. Murray
36b. Willie

37a. Mouse
37b. Cas

38a. Andre
38b. N'Bikay
38c. Gnomey
38d. Sawyer

39a. Skylar
39b. Rusty

40a. Zeeke
40b. Trooper
40c. Romeo
40d. Kahless


41. Hitch
42. Kovo
43. Charlie
44. Leo
45. Calvin
46. Toby
47. Link
48. Ike & Andrew
49. Gilmore
50. Don Genaro
51. Butternut
52. Dashiell
53. Maus
54. Toki
55. Hobert Von Kingston III
56. Linus
57. Big Harry
58. Tiger
59. Orange Ruffy
60. Rory
61. Sigmond
62. Gunnarr T
63. Flash
64. Monster
65. River
66. Teebo
67. Bruce the Boss
68. Jasper
69. Platelicker
70. Gump

71a. Boogers
71b. Hondo
71c. Fido
71d. Mittens
71e. Tiskers
71f. Porkchop

72a. Linus
72b. Rider

73a. Milo
73b. Timmy

74a. Butter
74b. Tuna
74c. Sauce

75a. Sampson
75b. Chico

76a. Blizzard the Catfather
76b. Squeaker
76c. Kringle

77a. Skippy Skipster
77b. Riley

78a. Sparkman
78b. Moose
78c. Purrseus

79a. Nike
79b. Riley
79c. Enzo

80. Finney


81. Ollie
82. Hunter
83. Zack
84. Leroy
85. Vern
86. Gomez
87. Russell
88. Charlie
89. Jaxson
90. Percy
91. Harrison
92. Francis
93. Norman
94. Orvis
95. Squeezix
96. Romeo
97. Wilson J. Scooter
98. Marmelade
99. Sebastian
100. Gentleman Jack

101a. Gimli
101b. RW Kenji Muto

102a. Hobo
102b. Moose

103a. Spike
103b. Tenszing
103c. Fafnir

104a. Paws
104b. Smokie Boo

105. Timo
106. Zeus
107. Muffy
108. Ivan

109a. Tigger
109b. Tommy
109c. Justin

110. Alexander

111a. Milo
111b. Miko
111c. Molokai Timmy

112. Charlie
113. Phantom
114. Zachary Tristan
115. Guido
116. Hartley
117. Pete

118a. Tygre
118b. Dopple Newman

119a. Tony
119b. Greystone
119c. Sammy
119d. Ashe

120. Manytoes

121a. Punkin
121b. Midnight
121c. Tux

122a. Timmy Tomcat
122b. Toby Tomcat
122c. Buddy Bud

123. Vinny
124. Ziggy
125. Sam
126. Mokka
127. Roger
128. Jameson
129. Art Blakey
130. Spot
131. Jack DeJohnette
132. Snow
133. Cole
134. Mikey
135. Tao
136. Spencer
137. Dalton
138. CK Angel R. Knowles
139. Sammy
140. Darcy
141. Trouble
142. Ozzy
143. Mr. Biscuits
144. Stuart
145. Kensington
146. Yoda
147. Lucy
148. Midnight
149. Calvin McCatster
150. Rhett
151. Makana
152. Novi
153. Kody
154. Mojo
155. Grazie
156. Poco Taz
157. Edward
158. Socks
159. Mr. B
160. Griswold II
161. Darian


162. Smiley Casanova
163a. Rupert
163b. Mitchell
163c. Lewis
163d. Frankie
163e. Bob
163f. Jesse
163g. Freddie
164a. Snoopy
164b. Jasper
164c. Split
164d. Ronan
165a. Bear
165b. Severian
166. Beckham
167a. Jonah
167b. Micky
168a. Gimme
168b. Ambrogino
169a. Jules Vern Jr.
169b. Captain Gizmo
169c. Toby
169d. Scottie Squirrel
170. Friday
171. Max
172a. Curly
172b. Jed
172c. Cesar
173a. Harley
173b. Cody
173c. Raj
174a. Blade
174b. Simon & Tony
175. Taz
176a. Tigger
176b. George
176c. Chance
176c. Moonshadow
177. Salem
178. Benson
179a. Crouton
179b. Pistachio
179c. Czar
180a. Dave
180b. Ollie
193a. DaVinci
193b. Buzz
193c. The Drifter
193d. Merlin
193e. Toby Too
194. Nuk Anuk

2014 (Official Dreamboats in 2016)

59/181 Mr. Purrzz
60/182 Indiana Jones
61/183 Jack
62/184 Travis
63/185 Maurice
64/186 Jynx
65/187 Mist
66/188 Bran
67/189 Chesterfield
68/190 PooToo
69/191 Kingsley
70/192 Freddie



1. Frankie
2. James Tailer
3. Garp
4. Buzz
5. Sagan
6. Alexander


7. Dude Kitty
8. Omega
9. Smokey Joe
10. Tigger
11. Silvio
12. Moozer
13. Bosco
14. Alfie
15. Mr. Sam
16. Buddie
17. Foxey
18. M.J.
19. Alfie
20. Wally
21. Moose
22. Mickey
23. Purrcy
24. Scuffs
25. Mr. Fez
26. Pete
27. Spike
28. Jarl
29. Chester
30. Taffy


31. Milo
32. Boots
33. Yoda
34. Sonny Bono
35. Yolo
36. Jacob
37a. Alfie
37b. Albie
37c. Jack
37d. Poppet
37e. Vivaldi
38. Skimble
39. Ben
40. Louie the Lover Angel Guide
41a. Charlie
41b. Nigel
41c. Firestar
42a. Big Head
42b. Inky


43. Blackie
44. Apollo
45. Skeezix
46a. Zoomer
46b. Rascal
47a. Hooch
47b. Prince
48. Moppie
49a. Jasper
49b. Patch
50. Jake
51. Micah
52a. Oupie
52b. Jonty
53a. Zorro
53b. Lalo
53c. Shortstop
53d. Stanley
53e. Jimmy-Joe
54. Buddy
55. Rebby
56. Soc
57a. Poo
57b. Oingo
57c. Boingo
58a. Sigmund
58b. Dexter
59a. Figaro
59b. Tuffy
59c. Loudon
60. Harvey
61. Buzz
62. Augie
63. Nick
64. Muffy
65. Ricki
66. Indiana
67. Toby
68. Tikka
69. Arri
70. Red
71. Smokey
72. Sylvester
73. Thomas
74. Gazza
75. Charley


The Baker's Dozen Honorary Dreamboat List was done in memory of my brother, Calvin.

1. Taz
2. Luke
3. Dave
4. Utu
5. Edgar
6. Leo
7. Jason Cash
8. Jaffa
9. Joey
10. Louis LeBeau
11. Oliver
12. Dewey
13. Jasper

Farewell, my friends!

Love and Kisses,


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