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Bailey Gray Cloud's Most Excellent Adventures

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April 28th 2013 8:31 am
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"FURBEGONE" is a new multi-purpose pet fur removal tool that Mommy bought from Petco yesterday. It's long and has many rubber bristles which remove loose hair from cats and dogs and also furniture, stairs, cat trees and cat or dog beds. It's quite impressive!

At fist, Mommy tried it out on all of us kitties and we love it because its bristles massage our bodies. Secondly, she tried it on the floor wherein I have deposited a lot of my "floof balls" during the spring shed. She also tried it on the arm of the red chair where I love to lay upon, and the carpeted stairs and landings.

Today, she cleaned out our cat beds and cat trees! They look really nice and clean now! I can't wait to put down more floof just to watch her clean again with the Furbegone! He-He!

Anyway, other than that I've been feeling great and play games of tag with Joss.

Lastly, Mommy had an intestinal bug which is mostly gone now. She had to go to the doctors and she told Mommy to stay off work for a couple of days, to get some rest, take certain meds and drink lots of water, Gatorade, and to eat bland foods for those couple days.

She's doing much better this weekend as she had some energy yesterday to take Merl to the vet, go to the post office, gas up her car, and go to Petco to buy us food and that cool FURBEGONE brush. Her appetite is also returning. She told me bland food tastes yucky!

I'm also glad she's feeling better. Us kitties were great nurses and our purrs helped her toward a her speedy recovery.

Well, I'll be on my way to enjoy a sunny windowsill.

Purrs & Breeps,




April 21st 2013 5:42 am
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I'm shedding big time, everycat! Ever since Mother Nature turned up the outdoors thermostat, my floof is steadily falling out in big balls. Mommy has to vacuum extra because of this or in between, pick up by hand, said gray balls of floof.

Mommy calls this the springtime shed. It's not only affecting me but Joss too. Mommy has to pick up black balls of floof. The shorhair's (Merl and Landy) fur only comes out when combed or when they get in a tussle with each other or the rest of us. Also, Joss has lost a lot of her curly red ruff.

Also,we had the windows open last week because it was warm. Unfortunately, Friday's nasty T-storm ended that pleasure. The cold will be with us until Wednesday. It's been around 60 degrees this weekend when it reached into the 70's last week.

Anyway, sorry for not writing in some time. We've been busy and Mommy's schedule has been tight and she's not been feeling well lately. She made an appointment with her primary care physician because her blood pressure has been rising. She was given an EKG which showed a lot of heart palpitations. The doctor said they looked benign but wanted to double check so she had her come back for an echocardiogram on Saturday and to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours.

Mommy takes the thing off in an hour and a half and can't wait. It's the size of her IPhone and she has wires hooked up to her which are taped onto her chest and sides. She also has to wear a belt to hold the device in place so it won't drop anywhere or us kitties get at it to chew the wires. Also, the tape is itching her like crazy. She thinks she has an adhesive allergy.

Anyway, Mommy needs purrs for her heart. She's a constant worrier and prays that she doesn't have heart disease like Sampy or worse. If these palpitations turn out to be arrythmias (sp?. . . none of us can spell this tricky word) she will need to be put on some medication to help keep these at bay.

Well, that's about it. I'm going to turn up my motor for Mommy. All of us have and we've been hanging around her whenever she's not on the computer.

Purrs & Breeps,




April 2nd 2013 9:53 am
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I'm a big boy at eight years old today! Yep, eight is great! I thank HQ for the Birthday cake and also my following friends for their gifts and comments:

1. CALLIE ROSE - pawsome pawmail;
2. FRISKY & Family - cute bluebird;
3. TIGER & Family - yummy shrimp;
4. GLEEK - cute bunny;
5. NOON - pawsome pawmail;
6. SAMOA - cool comment;
7. XENA PRINCESS WARRIOR - cool comment;
8. AEDAN - Lovely crown;
9. ELSA - cute bluebird.

Anyway, I'm glad it's a sunny day for my happy day! I don't want it to rain on my birthday at all.

Well, I got to go downstairs and lay in the sun patch on the living room floor.

Purrs & Breeps,




March 31st 2013 3:26 pm
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I wish all my pawsome friends a very happy Easter! We're having a pretty good one as Mommy let us have some ham. We don't get much ham around here. I think the last time was on Christmas, but Mommy wouldn't let us have any as it was cooked in wine. At least that's what she told us.

Anyway, the day after tomorrow will be another big day! It's my 8th birthday! Can you believe I'm going to be that old! And then Sampy will be 16 years old on April 6th! He's double my age!

Also, Joss is learning to play fetch and retrieve and also she's starting to mellow out and let Sampy wash her and she washes him right back! She also slept next to Landy and me today. Mommy took a picture of this.

Lastly, I thank all of you who sent out those lovely free-bee Easter eggs. We sent some too and I don't think we got everyone. We did go through our friends and corral listings.

Got to go now.

Purrs & Breeps,




March 17th 2013 3:53 pm
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OMC! OMC! Is Old Man Winter ever going to get out of town? It's almost springtime and they're calling for snow again starting tonight. It'll be mixed with rain and then changing to rain. Still, the best weather we had was last weekend where it went up to the lower 60's.

Also, for two weeks in a row, Mommy combed out some mats that I had under my arms. She worked on the right one last week and on the left one today. I bit her last week (not hard though . . . it was a warning bite with a deep growl included). As everycat knows, I hate to be combed on my tummy and underarm areas.

Lastly, I wish everycat a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Purrs & Breeps,




February 21st 2013 10:49 am
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I thought I'd get off my lazy tail and write something today! All's well with me and I've been sleeping a lot on the arm of the red couch. Because of this, I've coated it with a lot of gray floof. Looks like Mommy has to clean it off again! He-he-He!

On a very sad note, our dear friend, "Daddy Rob" lost his beloved cat Maxx due to heart failure. Rest in peace dearest Maxx and all our purrs and prayers and kitty kisses go out to Daddy Rob at this sad time.

Mommy told me that Maxx's brother, Omar, is also feeling the grief along with his Daddy. Omar wanders around the house looking for Maxx and sits at the water dish staring at it. You see, Maxx and Omar used to drink together from the same dish. It's so sad. We also send purrs & prayers to Omar (his pic is on Cam's page).

Lastly, Mommy is doing fine as her blood condition is benign. Hopefully, it'll stay that way.

Purrs & Breeps,




February 3rd 2013 7:55 am
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During this week, we had four small snow storms and only one they needed to plow our street.

The latest two storms took place this weekend. Looks like we won't get those "snowmageddons" like in 2009 and 2010. That's good 'cause we don't like losing power around here.

Also, yesterday a man came to the house to put up new smoke detectors for Mommy and to reinforce the cellar steps. He is Uncle David, the step-brother of Auntie Mary. Since us kitties never met Uncle David, me, Joss and Merl hid; I under the bed and the others under the living room couch. Landy and Sampy socialized with him. Those two are dog-like cats and followed Uncle David most of the time; Mommy told me this.

Lastly, Mommy has a lot of health issues with her blood and bones. Tests are being run on her to rule out the nasty "C" monster. Our motors are revving high for these x-rays and biopsies to be negative. We want our Mommy around for a much longer time. More purrs and prayers are always welcome.

Purrs & Breeps,




January 14th 2013 7:02 pm
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I'm the spokescat for the rest of us to wish Merl a very happy birthday today along with his litter mate sister, Kali.

Also, the salmon pawty went fine except me, Joss, Merl and Mommy were the only ones attending. Landy and Sampy stayed upstairs and slept through the whole thing. There's more salmon left for tomorrow and so maybe they'll be awake for that.

Well, I got to run. Mommy has to go to bed as it's been a long day.

Purrs & Breeps,




January 6th 2013 2:07 pm
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OMC! I'm one of the Diary Picks today! Thank you Diary Gal for making my day!

I also thank my pawsome friends for their gifts and concats as follows:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. MILO BLUE EYES - purrty blue rosette;
3. TIGER & Family - cool snowman;
4. TIMMY TOMCAT - cool comment;
5. KIBBLES - cool comment;
6. SMILEY CASSANOVA - pawsome pawmail.

Also, it's been nice weather today; Mommy calls it a perfect winter day, sunny, no wind and temps in the mid to upper 40's. This is a tease as sooner or later we'll be getting those nasty snows that always show up in January and February and sometimes March.

Also, Mommy went to the Greenbelt Community Center earlier today for an artist painting party. She says there were several women there around her age and loads of children. The paints they used were watercolors, tempora paints and finger paints. Of course, Mommy didn't use the finger paints.

Lastly, all of us kitties got a nail trim yesterday morning. Boy are we glad that's over with!

I hope everycat had a pawsome weekend!

Purrs & Breeps,




January 2nd 2013 12:55 pm
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Yesterday Mommy threw a salmon pawty! This was the first one in a long time and she actually cooked this in the convection oven Auntie Mary got her for Catmas.

Believe me, believe Joss, believe Sampy and believe Merl that this was out of this world salmon! I never thought Mommy could cook this good!!! We all had a few small tastes last night (Landy slept through it) and there's more left over for tonight. If Landy sleeps through it again, I'll eat his share. I have no problem with that!

Lastly, I concat Sampy of his Diary Pick today! Way to go, bro!

Here's wishing everycat a pawsome and Happy New Year!

Purrs & Breeps,


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