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October 21st 2012 8:33 am
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I have a visit with the cardiologist tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.for my yearly echocardiogram. I don't like going there as I have to get my chest shaved again! How embarrassing! I also don't like being held down by the tech (even though she's nice) and having the cardiologist rub that probe back and forth over my chest while his silly machine records what my heart is doing. It makes a funny whooshing noise which is my heart beating through the machine!

I'll be glad when it's over with! Last year, I had to be sedated during part of the echocardiogram as I wiggled too much. I hope I don't get sedated this year as the stuff he gave me left me way too zonked out!

Anyway, purrs are appreciated for my heart to still be stabilized. I've been on the Sotolol and Enalapril since September 2009 without having to have the doses or type of meds changed.

Also, little Joss is getting bigger with each passing day! She tries to jump on me and all I do is trill at her and walk away. I don't want to be mean so I sing to her. I don't like to be jumped on and that's when Landy comes in really handy. Landy and Joss are the purrfect playmates.

Lastly, we're starting to work on our Halloween pages. It's going to take some time though.

Purrs & Breeps,




October 9th 2012 3:01 pm
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First of all I concat our new sis, Jocelyn Mae a/k/a Joss, sometimes we call her "Jazz-Lynn" or Jossie. Anyway, she's been writing a lot of diaries, much more than the rest of us. She's a bundle of energy and wants to play non-stop. I think she's really attached to me and Landy. She's also got these Ninja skills that she uses on us. She's even tried them on Merl and Bail. Mommy wanted to take a video last night, but unfortunately, the battery was dead.

Anyway, she's quite the opposite of Cam; she loves us all and is very social. She's not afraid of 17 lb Merl either. Poor Cam was scared of us getting too close to her as she grew up being the only cat from 1992 to 2000.

Still we miss old Cam and know that she is with many angels and young and healthy again. Jocelyn is her gift to us to help our family heal.

Purrs & Breeps,




September 23rd 2012 9:42 am
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Today is a special day as Cam and I both are in the DDP lineup! Thank you Diary Gal for honoring us :)!

I also thank my pawsome friends as follows:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail concats;
2. TATE - cool comment and pumpkin;
3. ANNA & TONY - cool acorn;
4. MILO BLUE EYES & Family - lovely red rose;
5. TIMMY TOMCAT & Family - pumpkin;
6. TABATHA - pawsome pawmail and lovely pic;
7. SMILE CASSANOVA - pawsome pawmail;
8. THE BUSH FURS - cool comment;
9. EDWINA - cool comment;
10. GRAZIE - cool comment.

Also, it's a rather cool day today as a cold front came through last night after the small storm we had yesterday afternoon. Mommy, as usual, got caught in this storm after shopping and getting her hair done in Laurel. On her way home, the sky opened up overhead, but to the sides, there were no clouds and the sun was shining. She called this a "dome" cloud. While it was still raining, the center of this dome-like cloud opened up and there was blue sky. The cloud then became a "doughnut cloud". She wanted to take a picture of this, but unfortunately by the time she could pull over, the cloud had changed it's shape.

Anyway, around 2:00 a.m. a strong wind came up and blew a lot of acorns off the big oak in our backyard. This morning, the squirrels are having a pawty!

Lastly, I still miss Cam and at the same time, I'm feeling better. During the earlier part of the week and last weekend, Bail and I were extra sad. Also, somecat, Mommy's not sure who, had a projectile barf on the litterbox room wall. It was a smelly mess and had also landed on the window/cabinet perch blankie and had dripped all the way down the wall onto the baseboard and floor. Mommy wasn't too happy to be cleaning it up when it was late at night.

Well, that's about it from me except we have to get our fall pages on. Mommy says this weekend and that's almost over with. She's now saying this evening she'll start working on them.

Purrs & Breeps to all,




September 18th 2012 4:41 am
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Thank you Diary Gal for choosing me as one of the diary picks for today and also cheering me and my family up.

We're still missing our dear sister Cam and have been supporting and comforting each other and Mommy during these sad days. We also miss our dear friend Colleen. Poor Bail is really taking it hard. I've been giving him licks of love since both girls have journeyed to the Bridge.

Colleen's passing was too soon as she was much younger than I. Horrible cancer knows no age and Cam's passing was unexpected. Like one of Mommy's friends said, "Cam's heart was holding secrets". Her blood work was better than Mommy's and likewise was her heart; no murmurs nor arrythmias.

Anyway, I must cut this short. Mommy has to finish getting ready for work.

Purrs & Breeps,


P.S. I also want to thank my pawsome friends for their gifts, comments and pawmails:

1. BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. TABATHA - pawsome pawmail and beautiful pic for my DDP;
3. ANGEL SONNY BONO & Family - lovely blue rosette;
4. ANNA & Family - lovely blue rosette;
5. ANGEL COLLEEN - cool comment;
6. STINKY EYE INK a/k/a INKY - cool comment;
7. ZEKE & Family - cool comment.



September 15th 2012 4:34 pm
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I'm the one who misses Cam the most as I've known her longer than my brothers. During her last few months on earth, I had gotten closer to her. When she liked sleeping in the bathroom, I would sleep in there with her.

As I mentioned in my last diary entry, I was a bully to her and I regret being that way terribly. Now since she's gone to the Bridge, It's too late to apologize.

Rest in peace dear sister. I miss you and will never forget you.

Purrs & Breeps,




August 20th 2012 4:26 am
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I saw Cam using "us boys' litter box" this morning. I got a big catitude and was ready to lunge at her. Mommy held me back, and when Cam went into the master bedroom, I jumped on Cam and grabbed her by the scruff with my mouth. We fought and Mommy yelled for me to leave Cam alone. I ran downstairs ... I know I shouldn't attack Cam ... I lost it when I saw her not using her own box ... Mommy has given her this right as us boys use her litter box. I must control myself .. she and I we're getting along & I blew it.

It's time for me to chill.

Will Cam forgive me? I hope so.

Got to go now.

Purrs & Breeps,




August 12th 2012 9:57 am
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Wowza! Mommy got a new colorful shower curtain, a white bathmat and an aqua rug. Of course, I love laying on that new rug. I think it's there just for me to sleep on. It's comfy, so why not?

Also, we lost power for two hours very early this morning. We're fine now, of course. It's really strange 'cause we didn't have a bad storm.

The rain storm we had last night cooled it off and dropped the humidity a bit. What a wonderful change! Mommy has the windows open for us upstairs and we get to hear the birds and cicadas chirping.

That's about it for now.

Purrs & Breeps,




July 31st 2012 5:14 pm
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I'm sorry we haven't been around much lately. Other stuff has been happening, and Mommy hasn't been feeling well because of stress at work and flair-ups due to her RA.

She's back on the Cymzia (sp ??) again and hopefully that'll make her feel better and enable her to have more energy (some of the symptoms of RA are fatigue and aches and pains in joints).

Her new knee is doing fine though (that's the only part of her that doesn't hurt).

Anyway,we just found out that our friend NEWMAN had a birthday almost a week ago. We sent him a big layer cake and belated birthday wishes.

Lastly, I've been sleeping in the bathroom with Cammie a lot. I kind of like her and she and I are getting to trust each other more. Of course, we do box each other now and then. Also, I'm a good guycat and never jump her anymore. I sing to her a lot too!

Well, that's about it. Everything else is going okay around here.

Purrs & Breeps,



Good Evening, My Friends

July 15th 2012 3:47 pm
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Bummer! The iPhone won't let me spell a couple of words. One of them is a slang or made up word for fluff. When I try to type it the phone changes it to 'flood'. The other word is 'every cat'. If I type the two words together, it adds a 'h' at the end. The phone has a mind of its own, yet it does let us spell 'breep' without any problem.

Mommy googled the word and a breep is a burp or a noise a bird makes. So when we say Purrs & Breeps we're not burping and making bird calls. MOL!! Breeps to us are those happy trills a lot of cats make.

Anyway, an hour ago, we had a small T-storm. Luckily. it wasn't nasty enough to make us lose power.

Purrs & Breeps




July 1st 2012 5:29 am
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On Friday night, Mommy noticed that I was itching more than usual. At first, she thought I was stealing Cam's food again (she saw me try to do it the other day). Anyway, she took the flea comb to my coat and pulled up some flea dirt and a few fleas. She did it again and found more. Note: we are inside cats and these fleas must have been hitch hikers and came in on Mommy's shoes or maybe even the grocery bags as she always sets them on the stoop before she opens the front door. Perhaps they could have come in our upstairs windows while they were open. That's some high leaping, if that's possible. We never had this problem since 2009 as Cam was already an indoors cat and I was not allowed out anymore because of my heart condition and arthritis. We hadn't any fleas until this year! Mommy saved a lot of money for three years.

This year, we're not so lucky! Merl also had a lot of fleas (but he never had the itchies like me). Landy had a couple and so did Bail. Mommy found nothing on Cam except for dandruff. She doesn't hang with us boys so she got lucky.

Anyway, Mommy treated Merl and I Friday night and watched us carefully so we wouldn't lick the spots where she put the flea stuff. We did good and didn't lick at all. Merl says he never felt the stuff on his neck as his fur is so thick.

The next morning Landy was next and he freaked out when Mommy put the stuff on him. Boy was he a BIG BABY about this! I suppose he got spooked by the way the stuff felt cold on the back of his neck and didn't like the squirting noise it made when Mommy squeezed the tube. He took off like a bat out of you know where and flew downstairs!

Poor Bail, didn't like it either, but Mommy managed to hold him on the bed for a little bit and he took off.

Well, that's it for now. I'll let Bail blog about his grooming ordeal and Merl about the nasty t-storm we had Friday night.

Purrs & Breeps,


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