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The Queen Is Here!

Cheryl's room.

March 3rd 2006 8:22 pm
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I love Cheryl's room! Its as messy as around my food bowl. But its bigger. Her bed is where I really really love to nap at. But I don't tell anyone that. *snickers* I curl up in a ball and try to trick Cheryl that I am a piece of cotton. But she just smiles and picks me up and hugs me. Then she puts me down. I'm surprised she does not keep me out of her room. She has 2 pet rats in a cage and she has heavy things on the cage to close it. Hmmmm. I wonder if she thinks I like to eat rats? I dunno. I like to nap in her room. Its comfy. :-)


How I found my Humans

March 3rd 2006 7:47 am
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I was a little cat. Way before I was crowned Queen Baby. I was with a doctor that helps kids get muscles. I think its called therapist. There was 3 people. A man and a woman and a baby. I think they liked me. Somthing about my smile. So I was taken home with my new family.

I found out the baby grew up to be in a wheel chair. I don't know why though. But I knew my life was ment to help my humans, Pam, Jeff, Cheryl, and J.D. make the baby (Well, not anymore. *snickers*) feel comfy. That means make her feel better with my love when she is sad or sick. Oh and her name is Jessica. I don't call people baby all the time you know!

Well, I got the name Baby because my humans can't think of a name. And I just rolled with it. ;-) And I was dubbed Queen of the house because I am higher than my owners and they do as I say. Well, except when I jump onto high places (like Jeff's pinball machine). He says, "no". *snickers.

I love my humans. And I think they love me. They feed me chicken and steak whenever we have a barbique. :-)

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