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1 Year Bridge Anniversary

February 17th 2015 3:06 pm
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I was just thinking about you this morning and then realized it was your 1 year bridge anniversary. Time has gone by so fast. It's hard to believe you've been gone a year already. Silly died 4 hours after you did and it's hard to believe he's gone too. Pumpkin died the day after you did. Losing the 3 of you hit me hard but I know that each and every one of you knew that you were loved. I hope that I will see all my babies again some day. Until then, you are in my heart and in my thoughts and I think of you often. I love you Shelby and miss you so much.


Diary of the Day today

February 18th 2014 5:07 pm
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Thank you Catster for bestowing the honor of being today's Diary of the Day recipient. Shelby looks beautiful there! It's bittersweet to lose her yesterday but celebrate her life today with all the condolences and the concats on being a DDP today. Thank you to all for the gifts, the pmails and the pictures of Shelby's selection today. I really appreciate it!!! Shelby was my baby and I'm grateful to have a place to cherish her for all the world to see. Thank you so much Catster for giving us this honor today! You have no idea what it means to me and I am grateful to have my little girl selected!


Shelby got her wings

February 17th 2014 12:32 am
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Shelby's passing was so fast. Thinking back through the day, the signs were there but because I am doting on Silly all day, another dying kitty, I didn't pay attention to the signs. Shelby had a healthy appetite which was no different today. She loved wet food and would cry for it when she wanted it. She spent a good portion of the day on top of the cat trees/towers I have in the bedroom. So, I put the food and water up on the cat tree for her so she wouldn't have to jump down. I had her declawed when she was a kitten (you can read about my stupidity in her bio) so she had problems getting up on things. She was growing weak with age so that didn't help her any either. I watched her stumble a few times trying to get up on things today which was the reason I put the food and water on the cat tree. She had a runny nose today so I had to fight her to wipe her nose. As soon as I did, she'd go back to the food dish and eat some more food. She loved food, even my food, and would literally fight me to get at my food. She made me laugh.

Throughout the day, Shelby laid down on her side and put her head down on several occasions...that's not like her. She stretched out and laid her head down which she never does. I took a few pictures. I found her in the tunnel of the corner cat tree, then she moved to the cat bed on top of the fridge in my room, then when I was getting ready for bed, she moved to the top of the stacked dog kennels I keep set up for the cats in my room. All those places were unusual for her to hang out on because she usually slept on my bed. I just figured she wanted something different and didn't think much of it. I shut the TV off at 12:30 am and dozed a little but because I'm keeping an eye on Silly, I kept waking up to check on him.

At 1:06am, I heard Shelby gurgling on top of the dog kennels. I turn the light on and look over at her, her head is partially hanging over the top of the dog kennel, she's drooling and trying to inhale at the same time. Her pupils are wide open. I grab her and wipe her mouth but I knew it was too late. She was leaving me. All I could do was hold her and tell her I loved her. She took her last breath 4 minutes later at 1:10am. My Shelby girl was gone. It was so quick and I don't think she felt any pain. She was fine at 12:30 and 40 minutes later she was gone. I'm sorry that I didn't dote on her but I didn't know she would be leaving me. I'm glad she was in my bedroom and I got to hold her while she took her last breath. I've had her almost 12 years which is longer than I've had any animal but it isn't long enough. I have so many memories of Shelby and I hope I never forget them.

I hope Catster stays around so I can see her page as well as my other furbabies that have gone before her. I'm in shock that she's gone. Silly is still hanging on but I have a feeling I'll be losing him before the day is gone. I can't imagine losing 2 babies on the same day. Squirt just had his 2 year bridge anniversary yesterday, I lost a cat named Simba last Saturday, now I lose Shelby and fixing to lose Silly. There must be something with the letter "S" in my life right now and I hate it.

God Speed sweet Shelby. May you rest in peace my precious girl. I didn't have any time to say goodbye to you or anything else that I wanted you to hear but I did tell you that I love you before you took your last breath. I hope your spirit stays with me and I hope you wait with the others at the Rainbow Bridge for me. One day it will be my time to cross that bridge and I hope I am eternally reunited with you and all my babies when that day comes. Fly free my Shelby Girl. Until we meet again...I love you with all of my heart and soul sweet Shelby. I miss you already! I love you and will always love you Shelby Girl!!! You were my girl!


I'm The Birthday Girl!!!

September 27th 2007 9:44 am
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Woohoo! Party at our house today!!! We have 3 birthday kitties in our house today and Tanner has a birthday on Monday! That's a lot of birthdays!!!

So, like usual, mom's working right now and left us to fend for ourselves. Whatever will we do all day? Mom wonders because when she leaves the house in the morning to go to work, it's NEVER in the same shape or condition when she comes home after work. I'm not sure what happens, but mom thinks a tornado went thru here some days. What's a tornado? Are we tornadoes? That has to be something good, right?

Then there's the mutt... Mom compares the dog to a bull in a china shop. She says that she should register the dog's tail as a lethal weapon. One swipe of the tail takes out everything in it's path. Can you imagine what happens when the dog gets excited? That tail starts going a mile a minute and we all scatter and take cover. Mom laughs because she's never seen 11 cats depart so quickly. That laugh is short-lived because the dog always knocks something over and mom starts yelling. Oh well. Better the mutt than me!!!

Well, we'll just have to wait and see what's in store for us later. I'm sure there's presents, Fancy Feast for all, catnip and the laser light. We might even get to play with those catnip bubbles. Oh yeah...I can't forget that flashy thing mom points in our faces that blinds us all the time. Mom calls it a camera...I call it blackmail!

I guess I'm going to take a birthday cat nap shortly. I have to rest up for the celebration later. Happy Birthday to all the birthday kitties on Catster today! Happy Birthday to me (of course), Princess and Simon too. We turned 5 today!!!


Diary of the Day Selection!!!

June 7th 2007 3:59 am
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Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Mom got an email this morning notifying her of my selection of one of the Diary Picks of the Day! I am such a happy kitty (although you can't tell it since I'm still hiding under the bed after being attacked by Tabby). She must be jealous! Why else would she constantly chase and attack me. I could really use those front claws right about now! Do they make glue on nails for kitties like they do for mommies?

Thank you Sammie and KiKi for the beautiful beach ball rosette you gave me today! Now I have a ball of my own to bat around the house! Thank you!!!

Thank You Catster for this honorable nomination! You have really brightened my day!!! I'm a happy kitty!

Hope every kitty has a purrfect day. I know I will!!!


Random Facts

June 6th 2007 9:55 am
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I wasn't tagged, but most of my furfamily was and I was kind of feeling left out. So I decided to jot down some random facts of my own.

1. I am a very skittish kitty. I even run from mom if she approaches me too fast.

2. I only like to be pet with one hand. If you try to pet me with two hands, I run away. Using two hands usually means I'm having or getting something done to me that I don't like (being put in a carrier, monthly flea protection, etc).

3. I like to burrow under the covers long after mom has gone to sleep. I scratch at the covers and mom automatically lifts them up for me to burrow. She doesn't even know she's doing it.

4. Tigger and I look so much alike. When a stranger comes to visit, they don't realize that we're two different kitties. Tigger has more black in her fur and I have more brown. Tigger also weighs twice as much as I do (maybe three times as much - MOL).

5. Since moving into the new house, I don't venture out of the bedroom too much. Tabby and I don't get along and she always attacks me. It's safer for me if I hide.

6. I'm the only kitty that Daisy the dog allows to clean her ears. I bathe her head and face too.

7. Mom had my front claws removed out of stupidity on her part. Tigger tore up the house and when she adopted me, she assumed that I'd be just like Tigger and do the same thing. She never gave me a chance. Mom has not had another animal declawed since.


Cat Sitter DVD

March 25th 2007 3:24 pm
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Mom made a special trip to Petsmart today just to look for the Cat Sitter DVD's that so many kitties rave about. Mom wanted to see if it worked. A few of us will watch the Animal Planet channel contently as long as there are birds involved. Bella and I love watching hummingbirds. With us getting ready to move in a few weeks, she wanted to make sure we have something to keep us entertained in the new house until the satellite tv people come out and install the system. It could be awhile for that to happen, so she just wanted to keep us happy. We're not spoiled!

Mom bought both Cat Sitter I and Cat Sitter II. I sat in front of that tv for over an hour and just watched those birds. Bella and Lucky both watched tv too for a little bit and mom got it on video. So a few of us have a new video on our pages. While mom was talking on the phone, she watched me jump up at the tv to try to get the birds. Too bad she didn't have the camera for that Kodak moment. I'm sure they'll be another moment to catch at a later time.

Mom has to try the videos out on Tanner and Stormy. They don't leave the bedroom and maybe they'd like some entertainment too. So, we'll have to see how that goes.

So, I think the movies are a hit, but I might be a little biased. You never know how things are going to go unless you try them.



February 27th 2007 9:22 am
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I got a cake today! Would anyone like a piece? Today is my 1 year anniversary on Catster! Yay!!! Thank you Catster for the beautiful cake!!!


Annual Vet Visit

January 6th 2007 3:52 pm
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I knew something was up! Last night mom closed both bedroom doors so that none of us could hide in our usual spots. She'll usually do that when it's monthly flea prevention time or when it's time for one of us to go to the vet. She has problems with me, Princess and Bella so she has to take these steps hours before the actual event.

So, I guess the special treatment was because of my annual vet visit. Mom stuck me in the cat carrier and loaded me in the thing on wheels and off we went. I didn't say one word to her and I even gave her the cold shoulder treatment all the way to the vet.

We got to the vet and the first thing they did was weigh me. I weighed in at 10.9 pounds. Last year I was an even 11 pounds, so I lost a few ounces. Then they proceeded to stick me a few times for the shots and of course they just had to stick that thing up my butt. Mom was very proud of me because I didn't make a sound and I didn't fuss too much. I just wanted to get back in the carrier but mom wouldn't let me. The vet lady still had to come in and check me out. Mom knew I was very uncomfortable and nervous since my little paw pads were sweating. So, mom took the blanket out of the carrier and covered me with it. Mom really knows me, doesn't she! I hid under that thing for a long time before the vet lady came in. I do much better when I'm hiding. The vet lady came in and checked me out and the fecal test came back negative. She said everything looked fine. Yay!!! She opened up the carrier door and I flew into it! Safe at last!

It was a quiet ride home. I didn't give mom the cold shoulder this time. She brought me in the house and went right to the front bedroom and opened the carrier door. I made a beeline to the futon and didn't come out for hours. Mom said I was good to go for another year. Yay!!!


Thank You Popeye for the Rosette!!!

September 29th 2006 5:29 pm
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I made a new friend today and her name is Popeye. We all think she is beautiful! She gave me a Rosette today and I think it's almost as beautiful as she is. So, I wanted to say a special Thank You to Popeye for giving me a Rosette. I think it's purrfect!!! I'm so glad that you accepted our friendship!

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