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The Bengal view on it.

Star to the rescue!

March 21st 2009 3:30 pm
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This afternoon while Mordecai slept in the living room, I had to do his job for him. Cuddly Lady had a panic attack in the bedroom and the dog wasn't around to snap her out of it! So I went over and stood on her arm and meowed at her until she came out of it. Even Food Guy couldn't help her and she just kept panicking! Finally she looked at me, put her hand on her heart and let it all come out. She stopped panicking and just let the tears roll instead. I curled up next to her and made sure she stayed there until Food Guy got her a glass of water and she calmed down. Then I let her go. I don't know what these humans would do without me!


Injured tail.

February 16th 2009 5:26 pm
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This weekend we noticed that Star was dragging her tail. When we touched it, she yowled in pain. She was not her usual graceful self. So today, her Royal Bitchiness saw the vet. Star was not happy. Especially when the vet palpated her tail. Diagnosis: fractured tail. Star was given pain killers and antibiotics to stave off infection. She is not a happy cat right now but is eating well and doing anything she can to play outside.

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