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Through Queenie's Eyes

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August 22nd 2007 4:29 pm
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It is with a heavy heart that I write this diary entry today. My Sylvester Boo Boo Kitty told me that we would be married on New Year's Eve....and we were married....but I have not heard a single meow from him since that day. His Meowmie had been having a hard time dealing with his passing, so I think she quit doing anything on Catster because it brought back too many memories. I think that this is why I have not heard a word from my beloved Boo Boo.

Sylvester's death has been hard on me too. When you lose the love of your life, it's as if pawt of you has died as well. Efurry day I hoped that I would hear something from Boo Boo.....anything! But no word came from the Rainbow Bridge. Each day that passed without hearing so much as a meow was pure agony.

Since we were actually only married for a few days before his disappearance, I am forced to have our marriage anulled. It is with heavy heart that I do this...he was the love of my life, but he is gone now. I must accept this and move on with my life. I still have love to give someone if I should be blessed with love in my life again. I have waited to hear something from Sylvester for nearly nine months now. It is time that I furget the loneliness that I have felt, and start to live again. I catnot continue to wait in this limbo anymore.

My best furiend Rachel is going to introduce me to some of her furiends in her favorite group....I think that it is called the Rowdy, Naughty, Bawdy Cats & Dog Group (or something like that). You know what? I am actually LOOKING FURWARD to meeting some new getting out of the house and kicking up my heels like I used to! She said that she would take me to meet members of her group furry soon, so I am starting to get excited about it. Rachel is simply the bestest friend in the whole wide world!

Well, this is all that I have to report, so I will close now. Remember fur furiends; life is too short....don't waste it....get out there and live your life to the fullest! You'll nefur regret that you did. Take care good furiends!

Until We Meet Again,



The REAL Creation Story...

June 4th 2007 3:27 pm
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I just saw this on a group page and had to share it with you...


-On the first day of creation God created the cat.
-On the second day God created man to serve the cat.
-On the third day God created all the animals of earth to serve as potential food for the cat.
-On the fourth day God created honest toil so man could labor for the good of the cat.
-On the fifth day God created the sparkle ball so the cat might or might not play with it.
-On the sixth day God created veterinary science to keep the cat healthy and man broke.
-On the seventh day God tried to rest, but he had to scoop the litterbox.

I don't know who the author of this writing is, but they sure know how to put the truth on paper!

That's all fur now fur furrends,



The MeMe Game...

May 25th 2007 1:50 am
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I was tagged by I have tagged're it! Here are the instructions on how to play the Meme Game:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write about themselves (the seven random facts) as well as the rules in their diary. You need to select seven cats to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment (via p-mail) telling them that they've been tagged and that they need to read your diary for more information.

1. I answer with a meow every time my name is called.
2. I am very antisocial with other cats. I am a loner.
3. I love watching things outside through the window.
4. I drink lots and lots of water every day.
5. I "talk" with my Mom the whole time she is driving me to the Vet or back
6. No one knows how old I am, or when my birthday is.
7. When I want someone to pet me I tap them with my paw until they do.

Kitties to Tag
1. Sylvester
2. Rachel 205197
3. Phoebe 205202
4. Angel 63967
5. Eva Princess Sage 288200
6. McKenna 63935
7. Hazel Lucy 64639

Get Me!


Another darn infection...

March 26th 2007 8:15 pm
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Hello furends! It has been a lifetime since I updated my diary, so here goes:

I have been to see the Vet twice in the last ten days. Mom noticed that there was blood in my urine again, so she marched me into the animal hospital again to see the Vet. He is nice to me, so I don't bite him. Not yet anyways. He checked me out and told Mom what she expected to hear: I have a bad kidney infection again. The first time he sent me home he sent me with an antibiotic liquid medicine to take twice a day. I didn't mind this so much as it tasted all right. When I went back to see "the Doc" last Wednesday, he said that I still have blood in my urine. He further stated that I will have to take another stronger antibiotic since the first one did not work. This I object strenuously to, because it is in the form of a big pill, and it tastes terrible! Auntie Jackie got me a "pill popper" to help me take the horse pill, but sometimes I outsmart her, and spit out the bad tasting thing anyways! We'll see who wins this war of "to medicine, or not to medicine"! I know that the darned pill is supposed to make me feel better, but it sure doesn't make me feel better right now when I have to swallow it! Meeeeeoooooowww! Stay posted fur furends...

Your Pal,



Still Planning My Wedding...

September 19th 2006 10:36 am
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Hello fur furrends!

Well, not a lot has been accomplished yet as far as the wedding planning goes. My sweet Boo Boo has been so ill that we haven't been able to proceed with our plans yet. I do long to be with my fur husband to be, but I would probably just be in the way. His Meowmie is taking such good care of Boo Boo....I wish that there was something that I could do to help her. At this point, I think that the only thing that I can do is to purray for my sweet fur man. I am going to start lighting a candle each night, and purray for him and all the other sick kitties and doggies too.

My Meowmie has done as much of the planning that she could do without getting some input from Sylvester's Meowmie. She has narrowed my wedding dress choice down to two dresses. I like them both, so I don't care which one I get. I just want to look my best when I walk down that aisle to my Boo Boo to be his furever wife! I catnot wait to be Mrs. Queenie Sylvester Boo Boo Kitty!


The Bride To Be,

Princess Queenie


New Photos for my web page...

September 3rd 2006 7:32 pm
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Hello fur faces! Guess what my sweet Momma did for me today? She put 8 new pictures of me on my Catster page. These are alot more recent than those "old" pictures of last year. These "new" photos show the more svelte, trim me! I am going to really watch how many treats I eat from now until the wedding to Boo Boo, because I want to look my best in my lovely wedding gown....I want to knock Sylvester off his socks! *humming "Here comes the bride"* That's all for now good buddies!

The Bride To Be,



Wedding News...

August 29th 2006 10:06 am
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Hello fur friends. It is Dear Diary time again. Here goes.....

Since Boo Boo proposed to me last month, the time has just flown by me. I feel like the world is spinning, around me, out of control. There is still so much to do before the wedding can take place! Mom has been helping me to pick out my wedding dress, and I think that I have finally decided on a beautiful one. I can't wait for Sylvester to see me in it..... I hope that I will meet his expectations! I would like the wedding colors to be a wine or maroon color, and pink or mauve for the second color, but I am waiting for Boo Boo to tell me if he agrees to those colors, or if he has some special color that he wants to include also. I envision the girl attendants in mauve or pink, and the grooms men in wine or maroon. That is as far as I have gotten with all of this....I need to hear from my dear boy to see what his ideas are, and what he sees for our wedding day. His Momma has been ever so busy, but I am sure that we will make some concrete plans in the very near future. In the meantime, until I hear from Sylvester, I will just pull my fur out!

The Bride To Be,



Boo Boo "popped" The Question!

August 1st 2006 2:22 pm
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Hello Fur faces! I am dancing around like a cat on a hot tin roof! My feet are a hoppin'! I am so happy, I think I might try to fly! Do you know what happened? I went to Boo Boo's house a couple of days ago to spend the weekend with Boo Boos and his family. Sylvester and I are so in love....the time seemed to fly by! Before I knew it, it was already Sunday....I was sad because soon I would have to leave the love of my life and return home....I think that Boo Boo sensed this sadness of mine everytime that I had to leave him. He bent down on one knee....held my paw in his paw, gazed into my eyes....and asked me to marry him! I was speechless! He told me to take my time, and to think it over. Well fur friends, I have been doing nothing else but thinking about it! Me, Mrs. Boo Boo? It had a ring to it! If I were to say "Yes" then I would never have to leave his side again! We could ALWAYS be together! I have thought about it all day yesterday and this morning, and an hour ago I wrote him a love letter and in the letter I told him that my answer to his question is:


I have been dancing around the house....flying is more like it! I have skipped across the lawn, danced over the top of George without even seeing him.....I have been on that famous of all clouds; Cloud Nine ever since my sweet fur man asked me to marry him!!! I want nothing else but to be by his side for all eternity!

Now, we have alot of planning to do.....where do we get married? When do we marry? Will it be a small wedding or a big affair? Who will come? You know what furrends? None of it matters to me at this moment! I just want to be with the fur man of my dreams!!!

Sign Me:
Soon To Be Mrs. Boo Boo,


Weekend with Boo Boo...

July 17th 2006 3:07 pm
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Hello sweet kitties! I just have to tell you all about my weekend with Sylvester Boo Boo Kitty, the love of my life. Actually, it's not an actual weekend that I spent with him, it is Sunday July 16th and Monday the 17th. Momma said that I could go and spend time with him as a surprise....and he was so surprised that I was on my way when I told him about my little surprise trip! Momma made me a little yellow sundress, and then just in case we go swimming, she also made me a little hot pink bikini. Momma makes the cutest clothes for me!

Angel and Mookie came from Heaven and flew me on their wings to where Sylvester lives. It was a very quick flight, and before I knew it, I was there. As I suspected, Boo Boo was waiting for me outside of his home on the front lawn. We were both so happy to see each other neither of us could find the right words to say, so we just embraced....after that came a long, soft, sweet passionate kiss from Sylvester that took my breath away. He is such a fine kisser! We said our good byes to the Angel Express, and Angel and Mookie flew off into a big fluffy cloud on their way back to Heaven. Boo Boo carried my overnight bag (which Momma helped me pack) and my picnic basket into his house. His Momma was in the kitchen preparing a feast to celebrate our happy union. The smells coming out of that kitchen were to die for! I could hardly wait to eat dinner!

I was a little tired, so Boo Boos and I went upstairs to his room to take a cat nap. There is no draft under his bed, so that is where we snuggled with each other until dinner was ready.

Christine and Paul, Boo Boo's Mom and Dad, were alreedy sitting at the long oak table when we came downstairs to eat. The table looked festive with many hand made decorations. Christine is a marvelous cook, and she had outdone herself this time! She served all of Sylvester's favorites: grilled porterhouse steaks, baked potatoes with bacon bits and sour cream, green beans, and steamed broccoli. She even made my favorite dinner drink: catnip iced tea. Everything was so delicious that we ate like little piggies! Sylvester and I had both been sick recently, and we had lost a little weight. After eating this monstrous meal, I think we had gained all of our weight back!

After our feast, we decided to go take a romatic walk in the park across the street. We walked paw in paw through the paths on the outskirts of the park. It was such a beautiful night out. We watched fire flies flitting about in the moonlight. Sylvester told me how much he loved me....and then I told him that he was my reason to exist....he completes me. We then walked slowly back to his house to see if dessert was ready to eat.

Before I knew it, it was bedtime. Paul and Christine climbed the stairs to their room, and we did the same. We curled up, side by side, under Boo Boo's bed for a long, dreamy sleep. I had wonderful dreams about the things we were going to do tomorrow....we were going on a picnic in another park that has a small lake in it. We were going to rent a paddle boat the next day...I could see Sylvester paddling the boat as I lay by his side in the warm sunshine. My Mom had packed us a picnic basket full of my favorites; tuna burgers, shrimp kabobs, chili fries, cheese dipped crickets, and salmon quiche. She had also packed us catnip ale to drink, and strawberry cheesecake for dessert. I was proudly wearing the yellow sundress that she made for me to wear. Later we would swim in the lake, and I would wear the hot pink bikini that she had sewed for me. I also dreamed how romantic my little love bug was during our was just a wonderful fun filled day.

Before long, I woke up in Sylvester's room. He was downstairs brushing his fangs before breakfast. The day went just like I had dreamed it...everything that I dreamed actually came true....before I knew it, the day was over and I was flying home on the wings of The Angel Express (Angel and Mookie).

Mom was waiting up for me, and all of the outside lights were shining from the house onto the front lawn when we arrived. I said my good byes and headed indoors. Home, sweet was so good to be home, but I had had the most romantic weekend of my life! After telling Mom all about my wonderful weekend, I went to my bedroom for a very long catnap. Yes, it's true, I had the most fabulous weekend of my life, it was truly fit for a queen!!!



The best weekend ever!

April 10th 2006 4:32 pm
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My fur boyfriend, Sylvester Boo Boo kitty just left last night to go home...I miss him already! He flew out here on the Angel Shuttle, on the wings of Angel and Mookie. He just spent the entire weekend taking care of me, napping with me, whispering sweet nothings into my ears...I have been sick for the last few weeks. I have blood in my urine. I had a very bad bladder and kidney infection, but since Mom medicated me, I am over those infections now. There is still blood in my urine, and the Vet doesn't know what is causing it. I am taking medication for the next two weeks, and then I go back to the Vet for a visit in two weeks. Hopefully, the blood will be gone!

Mom and Dad let me and Sylvester spend the weekend alone in their bedroom so that we would have total was like a dream come true! My sweet boy took the bestest care of me in the whole wide world! I can't wait until we are both feeling better, then look out world! His cancer treatments are going well, and his lumps on his throat have shrunk in size since his last chemo treatment. Yahoooooooo! He's on the road to recovery!



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