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Dedicated To My Sweet Angel Girl...

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I Am Proud Of My Angel...

July 21st 2013 5:27 pm
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**George comes rushing in, and skids to a stop. He quickly sits down at the catputer, and dictates the following entry for his Diary to his meowmy. She begins to type: **

Wowzer! I can't believe how long it has been since I wrote in my Diary...almost four years! I have asked my meowmy to keep up with my dictations, and take better care of my Diary from now on. She has promised me that she would do this for me. Only time will tell if she is joshing me or telling me the truth! MOL!

Dear Diary,

Hello fur furiends! Long time no meow. It is good to see you! Thank you for reading my Diary. I have some exciting news to tell you today. The apple of my eye, my darling girlfuriend Angel has been a Daily Diary Pick TWICE in the last week! I couldn't be purrouder of her. She is a fascinating subject, and whenefur she meows, I LISTEN! She is a well rounded scholar, and knows quite a bit about all subjects. Is it any wonder that the Diary Gal would pick her Diary for an award, not once, but twice in the last week? Angel is beautifur, jovial, smart, trustworthy, and has a great sense of humor. I am undoubtedly the happiest fur man in the Universe with Angel at my side. Sometimes, when we are out on a date, I pinch myself just to see if I am dreaming. Yes, she makes me THAT happy!

Angel has a furry impawtant job too. She is a Greeter at the Bridge. It is her responsibility to greet the newbie angels as they cross the Rainbow Bridge, show them around, and get them settled. Angel takes her job furry seriously...there isn't anything she won't do for a new angel.

I am SO PURROUD of my darling Angel. It made my heart soar to hear of her Diary achievements. If you don't already know my sweet Angel, pawlease stop by her page and get acquainted. Her brofur Buddie will vouch for her too. He adores her just like I do. You can find her page by searching at:

You can tell her George sent you...

Happy In Paradise,



The Halloween Dance...

November 6th 2009 3:04 am
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Hello felines! It seems that our busy summer breezed right on by, and now we are almost in Winter. I wonder, where has the time gone?

My lady-love Angel and I have been spending as much time togefur as pawsible. We recently went dancing at the Holloween Dance at the Bridge. All of the angels were there, and I must say, the costumes they wore were very good!

Angel dressed up as Scarlett O'Hara, and I of course as Rhett Butler. Angel was a vision in her purple plantation style ball gown, with her fur done up in long ringlets, sporting a diamond tiara. She took my breath away!

Angel and I danced the night away. She is a dream to dance with, furry light on her paws. We danced fast dances and slow dances alike, in fact we spent most of the night out on the dance floor. Angel was the envy of all the fur girls at the pawty, because efurry tom had his eyes on her. The men watched her efurry move. I was bursting with pride to be her date!

I cat wait to go to next year's Halloween Pawty...Angel and I are already planning what to wear! Happy Halloween felines!

Yours Truly,



Concert In The Pawk...

March 24th 2009 4:37 pm
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Hello furlines! I have been having the bestest date this week...I couldn't be happier! Angel and I went to the City Pawk the ofur night to see Josie And The Pussycats in concert. They were purrlaying in the grand stand arena under the flood lights. Boy, were they efur fun to watch and listen to!

My beautiful girlfuriend Angel went with me. We have the most fun when we are togefur. We sat in the V.I.P. Section, right next to the elaborate stage (the stage was shaped like a feline, complete with whiskers!). Angel and I got there early, so we got excellent seats. Angel even packed us a picnic basket full of her home cooking, and I brought a thermos full of hot chocolate. We dined on Angel's famous fried chicken, potato salad, and pickled crickets. She is the best cook I know, so dinner was awesome! We ate like little piggies!

We enjoyed sitting so close to the stage. The sound was out of this world! Josie and those Pussycats are the most talented musicians I have efur heard. Angel and I were certainly glad that we took the time to come to the pawk and see them. It was a purrformance that we will remember fur a long time to come.

Angel looked incredibly gorgeous in her yellow smock with green and brown accents. I am plain CRAZY about that girl! **George grins.** I would do anything fur her!

Josie and the Pussycats purrlayed their little hearts out fur us. We even stood up in our section and danced in front of our seats to the beat of the music! They were awesome. The concert was ofur way too soon fur our taste...they could have purrlayed all night long as far as we were concerned! I heard that they were going to come back and purrlay fur the Fourth of July Celebration in a few months. I hope you can all get the chance to take in their purrformance then...

Happily Crooning,



An Angel Cat's Poem...

June 11th 2007 4:08 pm
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I recently read a really good poem about kitty cats going to the Rainbow Bridge written by my good furriend Tyler's Meowmie. It is such a touching ode, that I asked Tyler (Mr. Boombastic) if I could have a copy to put into my diary. He said that I could, so here goes...

I have friends who are Angels, don’t you know?
Some of them left before wanting to go,
Others knew that it was the right time
To be with God and the Angel Cat-Kind;

Some angels are new and still testing their wings
Chasing flutterbies, mouses and other cool things,
While others are mellow and sit in the shade
Of the great Rainbow Bridge that by God was made.

They wait for their owners, their earthly best friends
Their love is forever and knows no end;
When their person’s time comes, they will wait by the Light,
And welcome them home where the Rainbow glows bright.

But until then, they will play in the sun,
Chase clouds and chew flowers and run, run, run!
For sure they all miss you, their love runs deep,
But yours are the memories to treasure and keep.

It’s the Circle of Life going on you see,
So rest in the knowledge your friends are free:
Free from old age, disease, cruelty and pain,
And the Circle of Life means you’ll see them again;

So smile sweet friends, because now you know
That when your dear kitty cats Heavenward go,
They are still having fun and getting into things
All that’s different is their gossamer wings…

Written by Jill Jones

Thank you Tyler, thank you Tyler's mom!

That's all for me kitties,

Stay Cool,



The REAL Creation Story...

June 4th 2007 3:22 pm
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I just heard Mom LOL (laughing out loud) in the catputer room, so I sauntered in to investigate. This is what she was reading:

-On the first day of creation God created the cat.
-On the second day God created man to serve the cat.
-On the third day God created all the animals of earth to serve as potential food for the cat.
-On the fourth day God created honest toil so man could labor for the good of the cat.
-On the fifth day God created the sparkle ball so the cat might or might not play with it.
-On the sixth day God created veterinary science to keep the cat healthy and man broke.
-On the seventh day God tried to rest, but he had to scoop the litterbox.

Now, I don't know about you, but isn't this the way it is supposed to be?




Crossing Over The Rainbow Bridge...

January 26th 2007 5:59 pm
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Today was a very sad day for Mom and Dad. They took me and E.J. to the Vet so that he could make us better after the dog attack. E.J. had a bad bite to his rear leg and some internal injuries, but the Vet is hoping that he is going to make it. Right now it is touch and go. My injuries were far worse. I had head wounds, broken teeth, a crushed hip, a spinal cord injury, bad bite wounds to my rear legs, and I had a bad infection and was bleeding internally. After all of this, the Vet was still hopeful for my recovery. First he cleaned all of my wounds and then got me ready for surgery to repair my crushed hip and spinal cord injury. He gave me something for the pain and to fight the infection. It was then that I quit breathing. The doctor fixed it so that I could breathe artificially. He was putting a catheter in me (I hadn't been able to go wee wee because of my spinal injury) when I suddenly went into convulsions. Then my heart stopped. It was over.

I didn't want to leave you this way Mom and Dad. Dogs mauling me brought me into your lives, and now dogs mauling me took me away from you temporarily. Know that I will always love you, and we will be together again someday. I am going to cross over The Rainbow Bridge and be with my sister (Muffy) and brother (Blue) and join my lady love Angel. Angel and I can now be together all of the time. Try to be happy for me Mom and Dad...I am in a better place now, and I am whole and healthy again. I tried to stay alive, really I did, but I just couldn't hang on anymore. You gave me a good home, and I will never forget you. I love you Mom and Dad.



The House Of Craziness!

September 19th 2006 10:21 am
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Hello fur furends!

You would not believe it! My otherwise quiet home has been turned into a crazed maniacal circus. There are "swatches" of every imaginable material in every room. There are bridal magazines on every table and chair. (there are even some in the garage for pete's sake!) There are lists of every caterer, baker, minister, church, and bridal gown store for our county strewn all about in no certain order. I think that there is even a list of lists!

Now, I know that both of my feline sisters are getting married, but this is ridiculous! When is this craziness going to stop? Will there ever be peace in this house again? I have listened to church music and love songs until I am blue in the face. Why haven't they picked out the wedding music yet? I don't know how much more of this I can take! Angel, my sweet Angel, PLEASE come and take me away from here!


My Nerves Have All Left Me,



Good News!

July 27th 2006 12:08 am
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Howdy everyone! Momma took me to the Vet yesterday as previously mentioned. He took some of my blood and tested it. Then he came back into the room and gave Mom the best news she has heard in a very long time! He said that my body has started making red blood cells again. That means that he no longer suspects that I have a bleeding cancerous tumor, or internal bleeding like he suspected! Momma was thrilled to get this news! This news means that I no longer have to take those two yucky pills every night...Mom only gives me a dose of vitamins every night before bedtime now. Boy, am I glad about that! Mrrrrrooooooow! I put up quite a fuss every night when Mom and Dad held me down and forced those pills down my throat! It was awful for all three of us! And do you want to hear some even better news? Big Boss is letting Angel take some more time off, and she and I are spending this weekend together! I don't care where we go, just as long as I get to be alone with my lady love! The weekend just can't get here soon enough for me! That's all for now fur babies.

Your Feeling Better Friend,



My Disappearance...

July 21st 2006 1:16 am
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Hello everykitty. It has been awhile since I updated this diary, so here I go...

Two weeks ago I disappeared from my home. I was gone for four and a half days. On Sunday morning, Mom and Dad looked out on the front porch, and there I was! They were overjoyed to see me! I, on the other paw, was not looking my best.

My fur was all wet and matted down on my skin...Mom is convinced that I was mauled by a dog or another big creature about that size. I could barely walk, I had lost a couple of pounds during my ordeal, I had trouble swallowing, I would not eat or drink, and I was listless. The Vet wasn't open on Sundays, so Mom promised me a trip to the "Doctor" the following morning.

I grudgingly went to the Vet just to make Mom happy. He is a nice guy, but I just don't like getting shots, and I had a stinking feeling that a shot was coming my way. Mom told him of my ailments, and asked him to check me out from head to paw thoroughly. She also okayed an x-ray if I needed one. The Vet asked her to come back later and pick me up, and he started giving me the once over.

Mom called back at the apppointed time, and she was told that I couldn't come home after all. It seems that I needed a hospital stay in order to keep an eye on me, and make me stronger. I was severely dehydrated and anemic. I also had a nose infection and I needed two abcessed teeth pulled. Before Mr. Vet could pull my bad teeth, I would have to get stronger in order to put me to sleep while they pulled my teeth. Since I was so severely dehydrated and anemic, a hospital stay is the only way that I could receive intravenous fluids, and some drugs to boost my red cell count in my blood. It took three long days at the hospital for my red cells to come up any measurable amount! Finally, on Friday morning, the Vet put me into dreamland and pulled those nasty ol teeth! Everything went well during my oral surgery. After I had recovered from the anethesia , Mom was told that she could take me home ONLY if she PROMISED not to let me outside again! Mom knows how much I love going outside, but she promised him this, for she knew it was in my best interest that I didn't go outside, at least for now. I was never so glad to be home as I was that sweltering hot July afternoon!

I mostly stayed in bed for the next couple of days because I was so tired and run down. Mom said that she wishes that I could tell her what happened to me, just this once be able to talk, so she and the Vet could know exactly what had happened to me on my journey. Two days later, on Saturday July 15th I quietly celebrated my tenth birthday. It was also my baby brother Blue II's first birthday. Mom kept the celebration of our special days very low key because of my illness. Little Blue II understood why Mommy hadn't made a big "to do" over his first birthday, and she promised us that next year we could celebrate our birthdays any way that we want to. He was satisfied with this, and so was I.

This update brings us to yesterday, July 19th. I had my first "Doctor" visit since I had been home from the hospital. Mom put me in the cat carrier yesterday morning, and I growled loudly at her! I didn't want to go to that place with the big needles! Mom told me that I must go, so that I could get better, and that if I got better, she and Daddy wouldn't have to keep giving me medicine every dog gone day! This sounded like a good idea to me, so I calmed down and grumpily went to the Vets. He looked in my mouth, and was pleased with how my mouth was healing from the tooth extractions. He also noted that the swelling of my throat at the back of my mouth was beginning to subside and wasn't so angry and red looking. He was pleased that my nose infection seemed to be better. Then he poked me with one of those nasty needles and drew some of my blood for a test. It showed that my red blood cells were not being produced quickly enough. He was not pleased with this news...he told Mom that she would have to give me a different antibiotic now, and to come back in a week. He also told her that the only way that I could be allowed outside was if she or Dad came outside and watched my every move while I was outside. Great! Now my privacy was out the window too! Oh well, if that is what it takes to get to go outside, I guess that I will do it!

My Angel in heaven has stood right by my side the whole time of this ordeal. She has been there by my side, never leaving me for even one second! She is always giving me her love, encouraging me, and cheering me up. And, she always prays for my recovery too! Now I am sure that I will recover quickly! She is soooooo good to me!!! I am going to go write her a letter right now and tell her how much I love her! (No peeking either!!)

That is all for now folks....I'll meow with you all later!




I was missing...

July 9th 2006 1:12 pm
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Yep, fur friends, I was missing from home for over four days last week. I just showed up on the front porch this morning to my Mom and Dad's delight! They have no idea where I was or what happened to me...I look like I have been mauled by a dog or another big animal too! Mom and Dad are worried because I am acting like I don't feel very good, I am hardly eating or drinking either, so they will take me to the Vet tomorrow. They would have taken me today, but the Vet is closed on Sundays. E.J. my brother was so upset about my being gone that he had almost stopped eating and drinking entirely! He made me promise never, ever to leave him again! What could I do? I had to promise him, he has those big dark eyes...

Well, my angel in Heaven Angel was VERY upset about my being gone....she sent me a beautiful Rosette to help me find my way back home to Mom and Dad, and you know what? It really DID help me find my way home this morning! She is the love of my life, and I adore her. I didn't mean to worry her so much, it just isn't right...I, however, had no control over this misadventure! Right now I must go and calm my sweet lady love Angel down...I am going to be all right, and I must let her know this asap! That's all for now fur friends....see ya later!


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