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I'm at the Rainbow Bridge Now...

March 20th 2012 9:24 am
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Sending this diary entry from the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy stayed home from work to be with me yesterday, we both knew the end was coming soon. Mama made a special cushy box for me, and we went to the vet to pick up some pain meds. Right away, she gave me a dropper full and it made me feel all fuzzy and warm, pretty cool! I drank a little water when we got back from the pharmacy, but it didn't satisfy me any more.

I was too weak to walk, so mama just kept me in my foam lined box and she, daddy and I hung out on the couch after dinner. They usually put me back in my room to go to sleep but SURPRISE!, mommy wrapped me up in my fleece blanky and laid me on her chest in her and daddy's bed. It was AWESOME to be back in their bedroom... I haven't slept in there in a year, because they didn't let me roam the new house 'cuz I like to pee on the carpet. If they would just have cleaned the litter box more often, I might not have discovered the joy of peeing in the corner of rooms.

Mama was stroking me and loving me SOOOO much. She wasn't talking out loud because daddy was trying to sleep, but we can read each others minds, so she was saying how much she loved me, and that it was ok to go. Oh man, I've never felt more loved than I did the last two hours I was alive... and my mommy loved me TONS all of my life! I started to not care about breathing... I kind of forgot I was supposed to do it. I was so sleepy... then, something happened inside of me and I gasped for air three times and then I started to float. I could see mommy sit up, stroking my head and body, while hugging and rocking my body. It was fun to fly, I felt so good. Nothing hurt any more, and I felt so peaceful! I showed mommy my new home over the Rainbow Bridge. I could run through the grass again, my newly formed old belly, swinging back and forth as I trotted about chasing mice and insects. I can send purrs to mommy from here, so it's not like I miss her or anything. It seems like she misses me, but she'll soon recognize my long distance purrs...


Wow, I'm getting old

February 26th 2012 11:48 pm
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I'm 21 years old right now, and I'm getting tired. Mommy keeps me and my bratty brother in her office in our new home. Sometimes she takes down the baby gate so I quickly go out into the hallway and go pee on the carpet so the house will smell better. She always cleans it up so fast, it's never going to permeate the air enough if she keeps doing that. It's so sad how plain a new house smells. I've done a good job putting my beautiful odor in the room we live in though... so it's a start.

Mommy put a heating pad on my bed for me. It is so nice, because I'm super duper skinny now, even though she gives me thyroid medicine and feeds me wonderful homemade food. It's kind of hard to regulate my body temp, so the heating pad is the bestest.

I drink a ton of water and pee like a racehorce... dang kidneys.

I'm so old and achy that it's hard to clean myself. I was QUITE the Rubenesque beauty in my younger years, but now I'm skinny and my fur isn't looking great. I just don't feel like grooming myself and mommy is really pissing me off when she tries to brush the knots out. It hurts mommy, take a hint!

I know I'm not long for the Rainbow Bridge, but I don't want to go to sleep with the angels until I know mommy is good and ready. I'm her baby. She tells me that she used to sing to me and my siblings when I was in my fur-mommy's tummy, so she has known me all of my life. I love my mommy more than any other person in this whole universe.


Happy Birthday Month - 21 years old this year

August 5th 2011 11:11 am
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Some time this month, 21 years ago, my baby girl, my first 4 legged pet, Alexis and her 4 siblings were born.

My sweet girl is on the decline for sure. She's "wasting" as they say. She used to be 17 pounds in her heyday (not a healthy weight mind you) and she's down to 7 pounds now. Unimaginable since she was always a fat kitty.

She's gimpy limpy on her hind legs, and suffers from arthritis in her left knee from an old football injury. (actaully, she tore her ACL jumping off the porch).

She sleeps a lot now, and her depth perception is waning. She's pretty much deaf, so I try to stomp on the floor as I'm approaching her so as not to startle her.

I'd say she's dehydrated, as her fur looks spiky. She did NOT like getting fluids dripped in. I've been toying with the idea of getting some thinner, sharper needles to use instead.

She should be taking Potassium Powder and thyroid medicine, but it's hard to separate food (which is how she would get the medicine) from her brother, who should not take the thyroid medicine. So, she's been medicine free for a few months now. I started up again today after discovering "Pill Pockets". I'm going to try to come up with some other alternatives.

I love my sweet Lexy girl. My first pet. I love to hold her and give her kisses and rub her head to make her drool with delight. The sound of her puurrs bring me such peace and joy.

Happy Birthday Alexis. I'm so thrilled to have you in my life for 21 years! xxoo


Happy Birthday to Me-ow, Happy Birthday to Me-ow!

August 1st 2010 10:41 pm
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I'm gonna be 20 years old this month! Mommy had better be making me a big ol' cake with tuna and butter/cream cheese frosting!


Why does mommy get frustrated when I poop on the floor?

October 26th 2008 7:37 pm
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If she would just clean the litter box more, I would use it, but it stinks like pee since I go like 10 times a day.


Back from the vet

August 20th 2008 7:29 am
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I'm 18 years old this month, and boy do I feel like an old fart. My knee hurts from ACL surgery when I was 5, I'm going deaf, and my eyes are starting to get cloudy. Mommy and Daddy keep telling me that if I stick around for another 18 years that would be just fine with them, but they also say they want me to feel good and not get all old decrepit. We'll see how I do! With all the lovin' and good healthy food they feed me, it will be a good long while before I go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Mommy asked them to give me some sedation at the vet because I was VERY UPSET with them poking and proding me, but after an hour I relaxed and they were checking me out and I didn't care much at all. Legal drugs are so fun.... purrrr.

Mommy said my kidney disease is progressing slowly, so I'm glad I don't have to take any other medicine besides postassium powder. I don't mind that medicine because mommy has to put it in yummy wet food for me.


I'm getting cranky

April 25th 2006 9:15 am
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Mom & Dad changed my cat food and I don't like it. Listen guys, I'm old... let me have my yummy food back please!

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