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My life as Sammie girl.

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Another wonderful fun time with my Shadow

October 15th 2006 2:05 pm
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Wanted to let all of you know, I am still walking on air. I haven't touch the ground yet. You know Shadow makes my heart go pitter patter, pitter patter.
This weekend I saw my Shadow.....such a handsome furgentlemen WOW!!!!
I had spent the entire weekend with him. On Friday night we had spent a nice relaxing night eating, watching movies and just having fun. Then On Saturday morning Shadow took me all around town in Kansas. We went to the Museum of World Treasures to see the guns from the Old West to the Eygtpian artifacts. Wow that Museum was so big and so much to see our little furry paws were so tired from walking. Then we were off to the Exploration place to see Sue a dinosaur she was so big compare to us little kitties looking at her. After our tour of Kansas we then went to go grab a bite to eat. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and a strawberry milk shake. Yummy our favorite thing to do is eat. After lunch we then went to Haysville, Kansas....Shadow wanted me to meet his brother Stormy. Stormy is just as much of a furgentlemen just like his brother Shadow. We had spent a few hours visiting, getting to know each other, laughing and just having a great time. After we left we headed back to Shadows house. When we arrived over to Shadows house my mommy Midnight was there with my daddy Ricki, and the beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster fame with her handsome furhusband Buddie and my sister Popeye.
Well, I tell you all Auntie Paula had this wonderful dinner made for us. She made Grilled Chicken breast and for dessert she had Vanilla pudding with whipped cream. Boy that was so good....that fine taste of the Grilled Chicken breast and the Vanilla pudding with whipped cream was out of this world. Thank you Auntie Paula. We had a wonderful evening of watching movies, laughing, my daddy playing his guitar and all of us singing. Oh boy another wonderful evening. Thank you Auntie Paula and Caitlyn for making this a wonderful evening for all of us. Another wonderful time with my Shadow.
Guess I better go for now, so I can go dream about my Shadow and my wonderful weekend. I sure did have a great time.

Paw ya all later.

Purrs, from one happy furgirl Sammie


A scary Halloween night

November 1st 2006 2:07 pm
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Shadow you really know how to scare the heck out of us kitties. The rocking chair room was so scary....I had to keep running real fast for them not to get my tail. The Canine Graveyard I wouldn't even attempt to go in. Was to afraid of getting bite by the dead or alive. The bathtubs full of water was a great challenge in not getting all to wet. And those vacuum cleaners kept on chasing me around....I hissed and growl at each and every one of them. I was trying to run and hide from those darn things, but I got so scared I couldn't find anywhere to go. Then you came along and saved me. And those sticky toddler hands and big boots sure had to watch out for those.
And you did keep me safe from those Giant Rats. You had no choice I was clinging on to you for dear life. I have to admit the Hair of the Dog punch and rats eyes, well lets not mention that hehehe.
My mommie Midnight, my stepdaddy Ricki, and my sister Popeye also was there. Our hair stood up, our faces were covered with tears of fright. We are still recovering from this scary Halloween night.
Thank you my sweetheart for this wonderful night.

Purrs, Sammie girl


Guess what???

November 3rd 2006 12:27 pm
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Hello To All My Catster Friends,

What a wonderful Friday it is. The sun is out, I am trying to catch birds through the window and my heart is going pitter patter. The best part of this Friday is that....I got a pmail from my Shadow....and he has asked me...the little eating machine for my paw in marriage. And of course I said yes, I am one little happy fur girl. Now I don't know if I will ever hit the ground again. But you know walking on air isn't bad at all. All I can say is woooooo hooooooo I am happy, happy, happy.
Love from one happy furgirl,
Sammie girl


A wonderful weekend

November 20th 2006 4:17 pm
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Guess what my friends????? Shadow, me, Ricki, Midnight, Buddie, Hazel Lucy, Tanner, Popeye, Mel and McKenna all flew out to Vegas on Buddie's jet. We all stayed at the Golden, no, no Popeye, McKenna and I had our own room. Us furgirls went shopping courtesy of Shadow's, sister Caitlyn. Then after a long day of shopping..... us furgirls got the royal treatment, a nice relaxing massge. We got our nails clipped, our furs brushed for our good looking fellows. The furboys had complimentary chips waiting for them at the Lucky Paw casino. And then it was off for a nice romantic dinner. We had prime rib which was to die for, with garlic mash potatoes and sautee veggies. Then on Sunday it was off to the see Seigfried and Roys Secret Garden. They had elephants, monkeys, white tigers, horses and any other animals you could imagine. They put on a fabulous show. Oh boy, you should of seen this fantastic magic show we saw, ladies being cut in half, bunnies magaically appeared, and many more wonderful magic trick you could possibly imagine.
Now we are all home safe and sound, sleeping the day away from our wonderful weekend.
Hope all you kitties out there had a good weekend. And have a Happy Thanksgiving.

=^..^= Purrs from one happy furgirl, Sammie girl


Wedding bells

January 17th 2007 1:02 pm
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Mommy is back now, so we had set a date for my wedding. February 14th is the day. So much planning for Shadow and me to do. We are going to have Chef Mee oow cater our wedding reception. Thank you Hazel Lucy and Buddie for letting us use him. So please everybody put our wedding date on your calendar. Our wedding will be all virtual....don't worry we will make arrangements to have each and every one of you flown in.
Thank you.

Purrs, Sammie girl



January 27th 2007 2:52 pm
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My wedding is only 2 1/2 weeks away. How time goes by so quickly. So much to do and so little time. Ladies we have to go shopping for your dresses. I hope you all will be available Tuesday night (01/30/07), at 6:30. Don't worry my daddy Ricki will fly you over here to Chicago. We will go out for some fresh tuna, amd spend the rest of the evening shopping. Then we can go out and have some fun, we can make a night of it. Don't worry human mom's we will all be fine. My daddy Ricki will be looking out for us.
See you all on Tuesday.
Purrs from one happy kitty girl.


Wedding bells

January 29th 2007 12:41 pm
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This is an update to our wedding.
As all of you know our wedding will be at the Shedd Aquarium, at 2:00pm.
The reception will be at the Hilton here in Oak Lawn, with the famous Chef Mee oww catering our wedding.
Talk to you all later.
Purrs from one happy furgirl,


Shopping for the bridesmaids dresses

January 31st 2007 11:58 am
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As all of you girls kitties out there know that shopping is one of our favorite things to do. That is what we did last night. Poppy, Hazel Lucy, Mercy, Sofie, Pebbles, McKenna, Angel, Mookie and Gabriella and I went shopping for their dresses. My goodness so many dresses to choose from. The girls had so much fun trying on all the pretty dresses. It took us so long trying to figure out which dress to pick. We did make a decision at the last second...phew that was close, we almost got kicked out of the store mol.
After we left the bridal store, all of us went out for a few kitty cocktails, we talked, laughed and danced the night away.
Thank you to all of you for a wonderful evening.
It's time for my nap now.
Love, Sammie girl


Wedding update

January 31st 2007 12:09 pm
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We almost got everything done, just a few more things to do. Time goes by so fast!
Can we stop the world for just one day to get caught up with everything? Or go back in time for one month?
There was just so many things for us to do, we forgot the ring bearer. How can we let something like that slip our minds? We did ask Dexter yesterday, and he accepted our offer. I was so excited, I was running around like a little kitten. Thank you Dexter, we appreciate it very much.
I also asked Gabriella to be one of my bridesmaids yesterday, and she said yes.
Thank you Gabriella, I appreciate it very much.
Now it's time for my nap. My little paws are getting tired from typing. I should hire a secretary to do all this typing for me mol.
Love, Sammie girl


My Wedding dress

February 2nd 2007 12:37 pm
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My sister-in-law McKenna had asked me if I would like to borrow her wedding dress. You know you have to have something new, borrow, blue and something old. Now I have something borrowed.
The wedding dress is beautiful. Mommie took pictures of me yesterday, and my mommie Sherry put a framed around it. My mommie did post it on my page.
You know all that pictures taking sure wore me out. I have been sleeping all day underneath the bed.
Gotta go and go sleep underneath the they can't find me mol.
Love, Sammie girl

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