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My Life Story

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May 26th 2008 6:40 pm
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Hello everyone in Catsterland. I guess you've all heard about my new little sister. Well, she is almost half a cat now and full of vinegar (Mom's words). She is getting to spend more time out of her room now and I am actually starting to warm up to her a little. We even play some.

Mom doesn't let her out without all of the dogs in because the big ones play hard and might accidentally hurt her. Otis and Woody want to bite her. We have to wait until she is big like me. Zack thinks she is going to whack him so he is a little afraid. Hi other cat, Sammy, and my sister, Sierra don't whack so he really loves them. Right now Sierra and him are sharing the rug in front of the sliding door. Isn't that sweet (Oh brother!)

I'm going to teach the baby how to be a tiger like me. I think Mom is going to call her Maddie. We are still tossing around Toots though. I'm sure she'll let you k now.


It's Been So Long

August 23rd 2007 7:37 pm
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Hello Catsterland. It's been a while since I said hello. How do you like the picture my mom took of me at Christmas? I think it's beautiful!

Things are going great around here. I own all of the food bowls, all of the water bowls and the entire king size bed. I even own Dad! Dad is my favorite. I get to lay on his chest at bed time until he decides he can't breathe any more.

Mom brought home a new sister for us. She's not a cat. Mom said she's a dog. Something called a chihuahua. I think she looks like a rat so I pounce on her. I've got her good and scared. What kind of dog only weighs six pounds? I come in at around 11.

Mom had quite a scare this summer. She had something called an aneurysm in her brain. I guess those can be quite dangerous if they pop. We got hers all taken care of at a really good hospital.

I got to go to the pet resort for the first time while she was gone. I wasn't happy about being stuffed in the box for the ride over there, but I settled down once they let me into my condo. Well, I did growl for a little while. They thought I was mean but I was just acting.

Mom is still trying to get me to lose weight. I told her I will when she does so we are at a stalemate right now.

Ooh! What's that noise. I think I hear the cat food cup. I've gott run!


Bad News

December 26th 2006 8:04 pm
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Hello everyone. Yesterday I was happy to tell you that I had a new brother. Mommy took him to the vet today and the news was very bad. He had 2 different kinds of leukemia. They said he was very sick and if he was around us we would get it too. All we had to do was share the litter box or get bitten. He didn't get to come home from the hospital. We are all very sad. Mommy said that at least his last day was on Jesus' birthday and that he spent it with a full tummy, a warm bed and loving hands petting him.

Mommy is very upset because it seems that someone left him there about a month ago. He might not have been sick then. He was very friendly and tame and loved his belly rubbed. Mommy wishes everyone loved animals the way she does and wouldn't leave their pets to deal with diseases and other bad things when they are tired of them. Of course, we know by experience that not all owners do that. Our neighbor took the other neighbor's cat and did the same thing to her. That is very cruel. Our Mommy doesn't let us out of the house because of the mean people in the world.

I hope Christmas (brother's name) found the rest of our family when he got across the bridge. There is plenty of room for him and plenty of love there too.




December 25th 2006 8:25 am
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Merry Christmas Catsters!

Today is a great day already. Not only did I wake up and find that Santa came but I also have the diary of the day and a new brother. WOW! How cool is this Christmas?

Good things happen all of the time, but it is extra special on Christmas. Even the animals get special help.

Last night Daddy went to work (same place I came from) and called Mommy to tell her that a cat was being very friendly to him and that if he was there when he got off in the morning he would try to bring him home. Well sure enough, he was there. Daddy brought him home to us. Mommy put a bed and a blanket and his own litter box and food in the bathroom before he got home. When daddy pulled into the driveway they wrapped him up on a blanket and brought him in the house. What a lucky guy! He has a bad cold so mommy doesn't want us to be around him until he goes to the vet and gets checked out. He has to have tests for some things that could be very bad for us if we got them. I sure hope he checks out ok and just has a cold. He is a very handsome guy. All black with a white patch on his chest and belly. Maybe he is my real brother.

Everyone out there in Catster and Dogster Lands please say a prayer for my new playmate. We can't wait to introduce everyone to him.




December 20th 2006 8:38 pm
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Hello everyone! This is my second Christmas with Mommy and Daddy. Last year we were having work done in the house and we didn't have a tree. This year Mommy made up for it and we have five! This is my first time and I am getting very good at knocking the ornaments off. So good in fact, that we are now either locked in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom or in the laundry room so things don't get knocked over. Poor poor Nala. Mom lets us out when she comes home and takes us to bed with her at night but we don't get to stay out all day.

Grandma came to visit us this weekend. She brought us presents. Mom won't let us open them until Christmas though. She's so mean sometimes!

I hope I get another bone from Santa next this year. That was great. Right now I have to steal from the dogs.

Well, gotta go now. Mom is calling me to the laundry room for bed time. BYE!



August 16th 2006 10:30 pm
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Mom brought more dogs into our family. I'm not so sure about these. Zack and Marino are quiet and don't try to get me or play with me. Woody and these two new ones want to chase. Well, they won't chase me. The one named Otis ran up and barked at me so I gave him the hardest whacks I could. You could hear his brain bounce around after I was finished. He makes a wide circle when he sees me now. It's kinda funny so now I make sure to be standing in the middle of the hall or on the stairs when he comes by just to see him squeeze through. HA! Don't mess with the Budah cat!


I Love Life!

June 21st 2006 9:39 pm
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Hi everybody! It's been a while since I wrote. I have such a busy life you know. So many fuzzy mice to kill, bells to roll around and stuff to get into around the house.

I just love being domesticated. I mean, there is almost a bottomless pit of food to eat (well, if my sisters would eat theirs I guess it wouldn't be bottomless). Anyway, I am humongous! Everytime mommy and daddy walk towards the food room I run after them yelling. Everytime they eat, I yell and jump on their legs. It's so bad that (gasp!) the spray bottle is back!

Daddy made a suggestion today. He suggested mommy buy a halter and (double gasp and choke) take me on a walk! AAHH! I thought he loved me. . .

Well, I may eat like a dog and act like a dog, but I am a cat! Besides, I don't want any bad neighborhood dog to come and eat me while I am out. I think I would prefer one of those toys that spins around so I can chase it.

Anyway, besides that going for a walk business, life is great in NalaLand.



April 5th 2006 7:39 pm
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Hello Catster World!

Today I had boysenberry cobbler for dessert. YUMMY!!! I love food. Mommy can't turn her back on a plate or dish for anything with me around. She sometimes puts me in the bathroom so she can cook dinner in peace.

I don't know why I'm so hungry all of the time. I don't have worms and I am FAT! Mom is worried that I won't get old if I keep eating like this.

She wants to know if anybody has any diet suggestions that won't penalize my two sisters (who are not PIGS!).


Potato Sack

March 31st 2006 7:04 am
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I have a new name. It's Potato Sack! That's what it feels like when I get on the bed at night. I weigh about 9 pounds now and I'm only 9 months old. I still have to grow into my paws. Mom says I'm too fat and wants to put me on a diet but then my sisters don't get to eat because if they don't gobble I go finish for them. She says she'll figure something out. HA so she thinks!


I'm A Big Girl

February 22nd 2006 9:06 pm
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Well, I'm a big big girl. Mommy says I'm going to be as big as the dogs. I'm already bigger than my sisters, Cleo and Sierra. Sierra doesn't like to play with me. She says I'm too rough. I can't help it that I can hold her down. Cleo plays with me a lot. She is small but wiry and can do flips and stuff. I wish I could do that but mommy says I'm something called a "big lug".

We had to stay in the garage this weekend. I like it in there. There all kinds of hiding places to jump out of. I don't know why my sisters hate it so much. I did miss mommy and daddy though. I love to sleep with them.

My latest culinary delight has been cabbage. Mommy thought if she gave me a piece I would go away, quit begging and let her eat dinner in peace but I gobbled it right down! Yummy. Hmm. . . What's that smell?


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