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Birthday Thanks

April 11th 2009 4:48 am
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*Kate fishes her paw under the bed*
I know it's around here somewhere...

Ah, there it is.*she pulls out her dusty diary*

I never write in this thing, but I really think I should.
Especially after so many cats were so nice to me on my fourth birthday, yesterday.

Wally sent me a party hat, with a kimi picture inside. Thanks Wally!
I put the picture on my page, and mom made me some wallpaper to go with it.

Mathis der Meowler, and his family, gave me my very first emerald. He said I would look stunning in green. I think I agree! *blush*

Emily Felicity and her brother Edgar, sent me a party hat too, and so did our new friend, Tabi-Chan. You can't have too many of those on your birthday! Thanks E & E, and TC!

Samoa's family sent me an Easter egg, with the cutest Hello Kitty cake with four candles! *licks icing off her whiskers* purrrr

My "brother-in-love", Loki, and his family, sent tulips. They are beautiful Loki! purrrr.

Hannah's friend, Pepper, a darling Texas kitty, sent a lovely rose, with birthday wishes.

Sweet Sky, another fellow Texan, also wrote me a nice pmail to say happy birthday.

And Moses, the special guy cat in my life, wrote me a letter. I told him not to send me anything. He is saving his zealies for he can give him wings. I hope that isn't too soon. Thanks handsome Moses.

~Thanks to all of you who made my birthday a very special day for me~

Kisses from a grateful Katie Kat

P.S. I just got another bouquet of tulips from my pretty friend, Tilly!
Thanks Tilly! ~Happy Easter to you, and all my Catster friends~


Is Red My Color?

August 2nd 2007 11:50 pm
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So how do I look?
It has been so long since I have written, but tonight I thought I would dust off my Diary and tell you what I learned today! I am all dolled up for the BCCP's first "Smooch-a-thon". I even have a new "stage name ' for it ! My friend, Dr. Francis A. Sinatracat, said that it is a famous name, and comes from a great movie. And the movie "Kiss Me Kate", is made from an even greater book, "The Taming of the Shrew".
So what is a "shrew"? Dad said, "Ask Google". So I did, and it turns out a shrew is a little mammal, kind of like a mouse, or a mole! Cool! Can I chase it?
I guess it's okay for my name to be about that!

Oh, and one more thing...I wanted to say thank you to two special cats...

first to Ashley Jay, for making my "Smooch" picture. Thanks girlfriend!

And second to my Guardian Angel, Black Jack, for putting my badge on his page! He is a swell guy!

See you later, goodnight all!
Kisses from Kate


The Best Birthday

April 10th 2007 11:44 pm
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Today, I turned Two! I really am a big girl now, even though I am still tiny. My brother Stinky and I look so much alike, but he is twice my size. He loves me though, and is never rough with me.
I had the best birthday! It started out with many birthday wishes from friends. I also received several wonderful rosettes.
When mom and dad came home, they brought turkey! Real roasted turkey, not cat food!!! They made sandwiches for their dinner, since it was so late, and we, especially lots of little pieces cut up for us. Mom says it's like feeding pidgons!
They also brought me a new toy! It's two little plastic balls, that open up for catnip to be put inside! There are tiny holes so I can smell it! Ummm, Catnip for dessert!
What a grrrreat day. I wish I could do it all over tomorrow.
Kisses from Kate


The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling!!!

September 29th 2006 10:37 pm
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Oh it's true! I thought that was just a nursery rhyme!! The sky really is falling... Well, Ok, maybe it's just the ceiling. The Ceiling's Falling, The Ceiling's Falling!!! Hummm, Doesn't have the same impact. Well the truth of the matter is, it rained so hard here, that when Daddy and Momma came home from work, they found the roof leaking, and a chunk of the ceiling on the floor. Welcome home mommy. More tears again. Man that woman weeps alot!! So we have all been r-e-a-l sweet, and helped by tracking sheet rock dust and insulation all over the tile!! It'll be ok mom, really. Kisses from Kate


Adoption Fair

September 15th 2006 8:24 pm
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Mommy is so excited, it's time for our local PetSmart to have it's adoption fair. All the local shelters are involved. Daddy can't decide whether to have mom kidnapped, or just drug her until it's over! Seriously though, we will say a prayer for all kitties and doggies to find a special family to take them home. Kisses from Kate


OOOOWW, Score pee on

September 7th 2006 1:07 pm
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Last night there was some excitement around here. We were all playing with a buggie, well, mom thought it was a buggie. I never saw a bug like this before. Turns out it was a score-pee-on. What's that Mom, oh, a scorpion! Daddy had to smash it with his shoe. It waved it's little tail at me. Darn. I was so looking forward to bringing it to bed later. Maybe I'll get luckier next time! Kisses from Kate


Someone got in trouble, but not me!

September 3rd 2006 10:54 am
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Mom and Dad were trying to sleep. It's hard for them to get a good night's sleep when we want to play! Someone, and I'm not telling who, because I'm no snitch, flipped over the food dish, and scattered kibble A-L-L over the floor! What a mess. Mom was too tired to clean it all up, so she said, "Why don't we just let the dog in?" She works as well as a vacuum cleaner, and is alot quieter! Kisses from Kate


Oh no...not again!

August 12th 2006 10:40 am
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Mom says I have to be brave on's time for my check-up and shots! Do I have to go momma? My vet is real nice, though. He uses one of those air guns to do the shots. The noise makes me jump, but it doesn't hurt, because there is no needle! I will be a good girl, and maybe there will be special treats waiting at home! Wish me luck!


Birthday Girls and Boys

April 23rd 2006 9:25 pm
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Well tomorrow is a BIG day around our house. Annabelle's kids are turning one year old! Cary, Bubba, DC (Drop Cloth), and Sissy were all born on the 24th. Lily's son's all turn one on the 25th, except for Queso. He was born at 10:30 pm on the 24th, and Wally, Copy, and Sneaky Pete were born after midnight! Momma will fix us special dinners, and have our favorite toys ready. Dad will get out the laser light and we will chase it all over the house! I can't wait! I'm going to go to bed early, so the day will hurry up and come. Nite, nite. Kisses from Kate


My Wacky Family

April 22nd 2006 4:45 pm
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Life is never dull at our house. Every day starts with a roll call, "TREATS", yells mom, and we all come running. This is to make sure all of us are present and accounted for, no one is sick, injured, or stuck in a closet. With such a large family (26 in all), mom says something is always coming out of one end or the other! Daddy gets all the "ewwww's". He can't smell anyway because he's broken his nose so many times. (He still thinks mommy cooks good...don't tell her I said that please). All of their family and friends think they are NUTS! Why would you want to live with 26 cats? To them, we are each individuals, with very different personalities, temperments, likes, fears, espressions of love, etc. Mom has it figured out. She must have a multiple purrsonality disorder....

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