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I'm Sick :(

November 12th 2011 3:30 am
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Ever since I got back from being boarded at the v*t I have had the runs and have been throwing up. I am always grooming my butt which explains the throw up part (I yacked a ginormous hairball this morning). But dad is so worried. He brought me back to the v*t on Thursday and they said it was stress related colitis. But dad is getting sick himself watching me suffer. If I get any worse he's going to bring me into the emergency room. I purray that doesn't happen. I've been there once and did not like it. I will keep you all updated. Keep me in your thoughts.


Dad's Back From Vacation

November 8th 2011 1:57 pm
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Well it hasn't been a good week and a half for Aedan. First, we had a snowstorm that knocked out power. Second, dad went on vacation for a week. While normally it isn't so bad when dad goes away - I have Miss Danielle come in to watch after me - because of the power outage, I had to go to my v*t to stay for a week! I HATE this!!! They put me in a small cage and I felt like a lion in a zoo. Pacing, pacing, pacing. Then every once in a while a dumb human would come along and say, "Oh look at the cute kitty cat!" HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

But I'm back safe and sound in my home. Dad told me some about his vacation. He said that he went to this house in Key West that ONLY CATS LIVE IN! He called it the, um... Hemingway House. He says that there are 44 cats and they have a huge yard and lots of places to nap in the shade. Or they can go inside and snooze. I think this is where I want to go on my vacation!


Her-a-cane Irene

August 26th 2011 6:45 am
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My dad was talking about this lady named Irene today. He called her a "her-a-cane" which I think is a bad word. He says wherever this lady goes, a lot of wind, rain and destruction follow and she is very dangerous.

So be safe this weekend my East Coast furriends. Stay indoors and make sure your pawrents stock up on enough food and treats. I'm really scared because dad says Irene's eye is going to pass right over us. I don't want this bad lady looking in on me while I nap!!!


Friday was bad...

July 11th 2011 5:01 am
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We had really bad flash flooding on Friday. Our driveway was like a raging river. Debris was everywhere - trees, wood, huge boulders... and the mud! There were mudslides and rock-slides. Almost all the roads were closed around here. It took dad over 3 hours to get home from work when it normally only takes him 20 minutes.

The worst part was that it knocked out our internet. I can't read my Catster mail! Luckily dad is a tech guy and he connected his cell phone to my laptop so I can type this update.

What a crazy storm!


Dad is away this week

March 31st 2011 2:39 am
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Dad kept saying he had to go away but I just figured he was going to the store or work and would be back soon. That was Sunday. Miss Danielle has been stopping by to check on me and to feed me. I don't let her touch me but I come out to say hi and let her know I'm OK. I keep meowing to her to tell dad to come home but I don't think she understands my meows like dad does.

I miss my dad. I keep looking out the window hoping he'll be pulling into the driveway. Maybe today... *sigh*

Come home papa! :'(


7th Gotcha Day!

February 7th 2011 4:45 am
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Where have the years gone?! I can't believe that it's been 7 years since I adopted dad! We were meant to be... he is my hoomin soul mate. Well, I'm off to see how dad is going to spoil me today! Hooray for Aedan!!!


I'm Sick :(

January 27th 2011 6:01 am
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Yesterday my nose started running and I started to feel all stuffy. Then my ears started bothering me and I kept shaking my head and scratching at them. Dad stayed up with me all night because he was worried when I started crying as I scratched my ears. But this morning I feel better. My ears still bother me a bit but not as bad. I'm still stuffy but I just go over to dad occasionally and wipe my nose on him (hehe).


I'm Seven Today!

December 5th 2010 1:02 am
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It's December 5th. Today I turn 7! That should mean... 7 times the treats, 7 times the neck scratching, seven times the playing, 7 times the hoomin food, 7 times the catnip, 7 times the ATTENTION!!!

I hope dad is reading.


My Most Favorite Toy is MIA

August 26th 2010 12:20 pm
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Dad noticed I have been moping around lately. He thought that maybe I was sick or something. But he finally realized that my Yellow Monkey is missing. I've been trying to tell him this but he just didn't get it. The last time I saw monkey was when I visited the v*t hospital when I fainted. I bet that evil lady v*t stole my poor monkey and has him. She said some mean things about me that made dad mad.

I miss my monkey! He is my baby! Dad is trying to find another one but hasn't had any luck. I am very sad.


Five Years on Catster and DDP

June 11th 2010 6:49 am
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Wow - I just realized that as of June 9th I have been on Catster for 5 years! Back then I was just a 6 month old kitten learning to live in my forever home. Now I rule it! That's not how dad sees it but deep down he knows the truth, MOL!

And to top it off I am a diary pick today! I want to thank all my great friends for their kind words and gifts. You all mean so much to me. And thank you to Catster for bestowing this honor on me!

The catnip is on me everycat!!!

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