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January 28th 2007 8:24 pm
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Dad keeps talking about this "Super Bowl" thing like it's the most important event in the world. What kind of game is this that the humans play? Hmm... what can be so exciting that they throw parties and talk about it ad nauseum?

From what I can gather, it's a game where they have a giant ball of yarn and they bat it around a large field until one of the human teams gets it to the other teams house. That team arches their backs and hisses at the intruders but it is to no avail. Since they were invaded they have to give the invaders some tuna treats. Then it is their turn to bat the yarn ball... Yeah I can see where that would be a fun game. But the teams that are playing are the Bears and the Colts. What about feline names? Lions? Panthers? Jaguars? Bengals? Those are the teams that should be batting around the yarn! Then after the game they can serve the Dolphins, Seahawks and Cardinals up as treats for the players.

Today was a fun day. A flock of birds landed outside my window and I got to watch them fly around. I would like to go out and chase them but dad tells me it's dangerous outside for me because of the "cars". I think he means the big metal dogs that run around on the street and chase after each other. Yeah they are kinda scary.

You know what else was fun today? I snuck into the bathroom! I'm usually not allowed in there because I tend to knock stuff over - like dad's expensive... um what did he call it... oh yeah cologne. I'm doing him a favor because the stuff stinks! But I got in trouble for running into the bathroom and dad threw me out. I tried to sneak in again later and was caught again. I must come up with a better plan next time.

Dad went to the store and got me my favorite treats - Friskies moist chicken flavored. MMM-MMM!!! I think I'm gonna go bug dad for a few right now!!!

P.S. Note that I posted a new picture (the last one on the bottom). Actually this is the very first picture taken of me. It was before dad adopted me. I think I was about 6 weeks old. I was hatin' the lady that was holding me... I do not like to be held. I don't remember too clearly but I think I ended up biting her. MUWAHAHAHA!!!


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