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Home:Youngstown, OH  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 16 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 8 lbs.

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"Mouser", "Mouse-A-Mouse", "MOMMY'S Baby", "MISS -"Kat-itude", " ButterBall, AND?, "LITTLE-MISS: "THIS?, is MY House! I?, Rule ALL here!!, I?, AM "QUEEN" AND??,, I WILL BITE YOU, and HARD TOO - Mouser" !! =^..^=

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

October 31st 2000

Black Tiger and White

Being with me as much as possible. Either near me, or ON me, as long as she's with Mommy!!.. She also loves playing chase with her sister Pooky, and fetch with mommy when she's in the mood.

Strangers petting her, and anyone other than mommy trying to hold her.

Favorite Toy:
The Fuzzy Weasel

Favorite Nap Spot:
Either right up, tight against mommy, or ON mommy, and snuggled under the covers of the freshly made bed.

Favorite Food:
Moist Friskies & Purina Indoor Formula Dry Food

She LOVES to play fetch, and brings her Fuzzy Weasel to me while I am sleeping every night. She usually lies it on the bed right by me, then leaves to patrol the house once, then comes back to lay on me and goes to sleep.


Arrival Story:
Mouse was a kitten born to a barn cat, then taken from her mother at 6 weeks old by a friend. My friend decided she couldn't be there to raise such a young kitty, so she gave her to me. At that time I was recovering from a hysterectomy, and living with friends in their small attic. Mouse soon became my baby, and I her Mommy, and she helped me through the roughest month of healing, and was my companion at all times, when otherwise I would have been all alone in the attic. SHE taught ME to play fetch, and learned every word I taught her. She's smart and loving, and was there for me at exactly the right time, and still is!!... A month later, her and I moved into a nice house to rent, and even with all the space she has, she chooses to be always by Mommy!

I was once a tiny runt of a barn kitten, that was taken away from my mommy at 6 weeks, by someone who didn't have the time to love or take care of me... Luckily, the mommy I have now visited one night, and also took me home that night, and she's given me love, happiness, and anything else a loved kitty could want. CATSTER DAILY DIARY PICK: 07/27/07 CATSTER DAILY DIARY PICK: 12/24/07

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9 of 9

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Miss Katitude =^..^=

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"♥HELPING PAWS♥", ★Paradise Kiss Photo Shop♥, * Shutterfly Shutterbugs *, ****PURRS AND WOOFS FOR THE MISSING****, ♥ Chatty Cats ♥ , Cats and Pups in Cartoons / movies, Critters Care Through Prayer, Curious Kitties, FebrezeĀ® Pet Odor Eliminatorā„¢, KittyWhiskas For Catsters, Lazy Daze & Rowdy Nightzz Cat Group.., PAWS FOR PAWS, Pawsome Pages, Purrz fur Palz, Sweet Face, The Pampered kitty's group, The Power of a Purr and Prayer.

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May 6th 2005 More than 11 years!

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Pooky =^..^=Jazz "The
SPAZ" =^,,^=

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Mouse's Meowz & Purrrz


November 23rd 2010 10:27 pm
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"Meow meowmeow. Meow, purr purrrrrmeow purrrrCHIRP meowWOW!!.. Meow meowmeow, meowpurrr purrrr purrrrrrrrrrchirp-chirp meow, meowmeowow....."

Which will NOW BE 'translated' BY Mommy fur me. So that ALL OF YOU, will meowy KNOW WHAT I just meowed, errrrr, SAID!!... MOL MOL.
Now I KNOW, that all my FUR-Riends know EXACTLY what I meowed, but Mommy said I needed to meow it in people-speak TOO,, or at least let HER 'translate' fur me! So THAT WAY, all the purrreople, or 'Mommys & Daddys', will know WHAT I meowed,
SOOOooo, MY 'meowzzz' above? Are simply MY WAY of saying: "HI & MEOWZZZ EFFURFUR & EFFURY MOMMY & DADDY TOO!!!...
I know my sisfur's and I have ALL been awhol fur,, well??... A LONGGGGGG,, TOOOO LONG,,, MEOWY TIME!...
I THINK it MAY even be a year already! MeeeeeeeeeeeeeYowza!!.. But alas, I have no thumbs and NO TYPING SKILLS, HEE-HEE,, and well,,, my sisfurs and I, ALL have the same, ummmm, 'no thumbs - can't type', 'isses', mol. So we haven't been ABLE TO meow here, because poor Mommy just hasn't had the time (OR ENERGY),,
to type FUR US!....

She STILL spoils us ALL rotten and she STILL makes the time AND ENERGY to give US attention, snuggles, kisses, huggins & LOTZA lovins'! So if WE HAVE A CHOICE?.. My sisfur's & I ALL AGREE,, it's NO CONTEST, (OR EVEN A QUESTION!!)...
ATTENTION, LOVINS' & SNUGGLES??.. ARE ALLLLLL, LOTZ MEOWY BETTER,, than giving that time UP?? Just to have Mommy type fur us!!....
(We all begged her tonight tho, to PLEASE let US MEOW?? But she said that SHE? STILL has to type/TRANSLATE, FUR US!!.. We begged some MORE?.. And well, I guess you can SEE WHO WON! HEE-HEE)....

My sisfur's and I, ALL,, wanted to meow: HAPPY THANKSGIVING EFFURYFUR & EFFURY FUR-PURRARENT!!.. We've missed a LOT here! So many changes, so many new furry faces and TOO MANY MISSED gifts & 'events'. But MOST OF ALL....

We think about YOU ALL effury day and we MISS YOU ALL effury day TOO! AND FURRY MUCH, ALSO!! Once in awhile, Mommy let's us check in here, but it's usually too quick to DO anything, except miss ya'll MORE!!
We also wanted to meow THANK YOU!.. Thank you ALL, fur the gifts we've still been receiving. The little 'pop-ins' & 'reminders' written IN those gifts,, LETTING US ALL KNOW that YOU ALL, STILL REMEMBER & THINK ABOUT,, US!!...
(We all want to 'reciprocate'?, is THAT the proper word, Mommy?..)
But in plain MEOWZ,, MOL,, my sisfur's & I ALL, want to & WILL, (& hopefully SOON too!),, get mommy to sit still long enuff?.. So WE can send gifties BACK to all of YOU, our very much MISSED Furiends & Fur-buddies! But meowing & doing are different thingies, so we wanted to at least MEOW to ya's that we DO THINK OF YOU ALL! We DO MISS YOU ALL, (& we know that Mommy misses your purrarents/Friends that SHE knows too!)

***Looks at Mommy & nods, knowing and quickly paw taps ON the Laptop, MEOWING LOUDLY!!***

Ok, I got's to let Mommy git. SOOOooo,, please don't furget us, as WE HAVE NOT FURGOTTEN ANY OF YOU!.. We miss and think of you ALL, each & effury meowy day & we HAVE NOTICED and we HAVE BEEN VERY TOUCHED BY, alllllll the gifties, remembered Birthdays & 'Thinking of you's',, that you have SENT IN the gifties you gave to each of us. My sisfur's and I ALL THANK YOU!

God Bless effuryfur & effury purrrarent!.. My sisfur's & I are each gonna let Mommy post this in ALL of our Diarys, so that way??... EFFURYFUR get's to see it!!........
Me owz, Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrz & Love,
~Mouse~ =^..^=


Is it REALLY July ALREADY!?! =^..^=

June 29th 2009 8:44 pm
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MeeeeeeeeeeeeYowza Diary!,,

Mommy made the BIGG meowy mistake of loggin in to Catster to show me my Giftie from Catster HQ!!..Because I meowed SO LOUD & SO LONG, that she had NO CHOICE, but to let me paw at the keyboard... HEE-HEE :-)
Silly mommy, doesn't she know by now that I KNOW, ALLLLLL the meowy TRICKS?.. HEE-HEE-HEE

I DO KNOW she won't let me at this fur long tho,, so I'll make my meowz QUICK, MOL... **GIGGLES**

I can't BELIEVE it's hot, summery AND July already!.. I could have SWORN I was just snuggling with mommy under our blankies... But the open windows, fresh breezes, sunny days, birds chirping and mommy NEVER INside the house any more, TELLS ME it ISN'T "Snuggle Season" any meowy more!.. That's okay tho, cause I LOVE all the purrty flowers mommy grows and all the neat birdies that come to them too! Maybe mommy shouldn't GROW THEM, SO CLOSE to the window tho, because effury time I am watching them at their feeders or at the flowers?, one ALWAYS scares me when it flys right into the window!!.. It sure LOOKS & SOUNDS like it HURTS!, but so far they've all flown away again, okay I guess, to go eat at someone ELSES feeders & flowers!.. Must be rough being a bird!!...

I'll take being a kat ANY DAY tho, THAT'S fur meowy sure!!.. MeeeeeeeeeeYowza!!..
Well, my paws is gettin tired and I hear mommy comin back, so I will quickly MEOW HOWDY TO ALLLLLLL MY MEOWY FURIENDS!!.. Sorry I haven't meowed much lately, but you can just blame it on mommy if ya's want, that's what I ALWAYS DO, HEE-HEEE :-)
I miss my Furiends, EFFURYONE of ya's,, but I DO think of ya's and my sisfur's and I are ALWAYS A PURRRRING fur those who need The "POP"!!.. And I know mommy Purrays too!!!...

SOOooo, even if my sisfur's and I AREN'T meowing much,, we ARE kat-walking about and thinking about you all, and HOPING that YOUR Summer's, (or Winter, depending on WHERE you meowy live!.. MOL),, are ALL NICE, whatEVER Season you're meowy having!!!..

Huggz, Meowz & Purrrrrrrrrrrz,,
Mouse =^..^=


WHY??... WHY, Would MY Mommy DO THAT!?! MOL =^..^=

May 6th 2009 11:00 pm
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Dear Diary,, 5/6/09

Oh,, my,,, KAT!!... Where DO I meowy START!?!... As USUAL, Mommy made the MISTAKE of getting up and LEAVING her keyboard UN-attended to!... And she doesn't KNOW THIS yet, (until she see's my Diary, I guess!!... **Gulps**...)
ANYhoo, since Mommy DOES tend to be ONline one moment, then OFFline the next, doing SOME KIND of "Mommy things",, and she LEAVES her "PRECIOUS" Laptop?, sitting here, just WAITING fur some "Paw-Action"!!... And well,, Pooky, Jazz and I, ALL studied this "thingy" when Mommy ran out quick fur her dinner recently, and between the THREE OF US???,,, we REALIZED,, that IF, we work TOGETHER?, AS a TEAM???,,, well, WE?, CAN DO THINGS, HEE-HEE...

(THAT, is what Mommy doesn't KNOW,,,,, YET...)

Jazz actually SURFED, (some spazzy "Social site", MOL... TYPICAL Jazz "The SPAZ"!!..)
And Pooky??,, do I NEED to meow WHAT Pooky learned that SHE could meowy DO??... YEP!.. You meowy guessed it!.. Little "Miss Motor-Mouth-Pooky"?, figured out the E-MAIL FEATURES, and can NOW meow & meow & meow her way THRU a longggggggggggg, longggggggggggggggggggggg, meowy e-mail!!!!!!!!!....

(She even TRIES to "Lure" Mommy AWAY from her Laptop now!.. Like yesterday, with her, "HairBall Trick"!!.. That?, USUALLY keeps Mommy away LONG enough fur her to meow out a quick e-mail!!... "The HairBall Trick"!!... EWWWW, Pooky,, EWWWWWW!!... SOME TRICK!!,, MOL MOL)....

And ME?, well, I've gottten BOTH Jazz and Pooky "Teamed up" to KEEP Mommy AWAY from this thing, LONG enough fur me?, to meow and EXPRESS MY OUTRAGE, MY UTTER EMBARRESSMENT, at Mommy, MY Mommy, who not only made me TRY ON AND WEAR, A "HOOMAN JACKET"??.. But,, she TOOK PHOTO'S TOO!!.. LOTZ of meowy photos, and a FEW of which?, SHE PUT ON, MY, "Oh my kat, shudders to even MEOW IT"!.. MY PAGE!!.. MY, meowy PAGE!!...
Of course, fur Mommy?, I "TOLERATED" IT and let her HAVE her "Fun", after all, SHE DOES, SPOIL ME LOTZ!!.. And I WILL do ANY MEOWYTHING, TO MAKE Mommy SMILE!!.. But THIS!??!...
**Shakes her head & sighs again**
All I can meow I GUESS, is that it DID MAKE Mommy HAPPY and she DID take it right OFF as SOON as I LET HER TAKE, my pictures!!.. So, it's all meowy GOOD!!.. I just HAD to meow how I FELT, cause it was ALL HER IDEA,, NOT MEOWY MINE!!!!!!....
I?,, am a KAT!... NOT, a,, HOOMAN!!!... MeeeeeeeeeeReow!!....

(OH!!,, and if ya check OUT, Jazz's "Spazzy" page?.. Well, you'll get to see HER dressed up ALSO!.. HEE-HEE) :-)

Only thing about JAZZ??.. SHE ENJOYED IT!.. SHE, THOUGHT she was "Spazzy & Snazzy",, **Giggles**
And IT HAS BEEN, Jazz's "Mission" since the DAY she came here?, to BE a SPAZ and make Mommy SMILE and KEEP Mommy LAUGHING!!... And that?, "SPAZZY JAZZ"?, meowy DOES!!... MOL MOL
SOOooo,, I guess it's,, UH OH,, SHE'S RETURNING!!... HURRY, HURRY!.. Jazz!, Pooky!!, QUICK, ACT LIKE KATZ AGAIN!!.... Thanks Diary, I'm glad I figured out HOW to "Paw IN you"!!... I just HOPE that MOMMY?,, STAYS TOO BIZZY, to even SEE THIS!... HEE-HEE-HEE
Nite Diary, Nite ALL... And remember, PWEASE?,, don't laugh at ME,, it's MOMMY who "Dressed me UP"!!... LAUGH AT HER!!.. MOL
And,, **"SHhhhhhhhhh", "Mums the meow", do NOT let her KNOW that "we" can paw/type!!".... Shhhhhhhhhhh**

Huggz, Meowz, Purrrrrrrrrrrrz & Love,
Mouse =^..^=

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