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My Cancer Update

September 28th 2014 4:53 pm
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On September 10, I went to the vet to get my stitches out and for my first chemo treatment.

Because it was my second surgery in a short time, I had more red on my belly than the first stitch removal. I wore my collar for a few more days than before because of that. When it was time for that stupid cone to come off, I got into a position to make it easy for mom to take it off of me.

Before my first chemo, one of the vet helpers took a chest X-ray. Whoever examined it found something that shouldn’t be there and the oncologist is afraid it could be more cancer. He called mom and asked her if she still wanted me to have the chemo. She told him to go ahead and give it to me because I don’t act like a sickly cat. I still like to jump, eat and show off my kitty attitude.

I went to my primary care vet September 17 for a complete blood count. The results were normal and the vet said that the chemo may be able to take care of whatever is in my chest.

I go for my second chemo this Wednesday. I will have another chest X-ray before my third chemo (probably on October 22) to find out if there are any changes.

The vets don’t want to cut into me again and we all want whatever was found in my chest to go away.


Thanks for my DOTD honors, presents, paw mails and comments!

September 2nd 2014 7:01 pm
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Thanks to Catster for my DOTD honors.

I will do everything to get well and stay well, with the help of mom and my vets. The surgeon did a lot of cutting into me recently and we all hope that I don't need another operation for a long time! Mom told me that she will send a living picture of me to the pet insurance company she uses on the first anniversary of my cancer diagnosis, which will be July 14, 2015.

Thanks to all of you who have sent presents, paw mails and comments. Mom was able to get back to some of you and says if she hasn't, she hasn't forgotten and will do so when she can.


I Want To Live!

August 31st 2014 8:50 am
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On July 12, mom petted me and I rolled over to show my belly. She felt something under all the hair and looked at it. She didn’t like it and she took me to the emergency/specialist vet that is open on Saturday nights and all other times.

Someone was there to examine me. The vet took a needle biopsy and called mom on July 14 with the results.

It was breast cancer.

I had surgery on July 28 to remove the not only the breast with the lump, but they took the entire breast chain on the same side. The post-surgery biopsy confirmed the diagnosis.

On August 27, I had the other breast chain removed. Mom got the results of the biopsy from that surgery yesterday and there was no cancer. It looks like the cancer did not spread beyond the one breast.

The surgery they did to me is perhaps the equivalent to double mastectomy in a woman. They do this to cats because breast cancer is more deadly in cats than in most other animals.

I go back to the vet on September 10 to get my stitches removed and will get the first of five chemo treatments. Mom and I only hope that this cancer never returns.

I always had the will to live through this. Mom would have never known I was sick if she didn’t feel my breast lump. I never lost my appetite or energy and I never vomited (except hairballs) or had diarrhea.

Mom gives me the love, food and rest I want. She has to keep the bedroom door shut and she turned my favorite chair and living room condo around to keep me from jumping. I got on the bed and watched birds from the bedroom window every day between my first stitch removal and my second surgery. Mom told me I can jump again after I get home on September 10.


My Ninth Gotcha Day Anniversary Is Today!

January 9th 2014 3:36 pm
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I set my big paws in my new house nine years ago today. I moved once since then and like my newer place better because I have more places from where to watch what’s going on outside.

I lost 3/4 of a pound at my last checkup. The vet was happy and wants to see me repeat that when he sees me again this summer. I gag even less than before and mom doesn’t remember the last time I did. Mom will make sure my cage has Feliway in it before she takes me to the vet so I won’t cry on the way.

Mom put catnip on my living room scratch pad and I rolled on it. She wanted to take a picture of me after I had my catnip and I kept turning away from her. I won that battle and she got no pictures of me!

She gave a donation to the place I came from to help the kitties who are there. There is a fund for a cat who looks like me and that’s the fund she gave to.

I know mom is happy to have me and wants me for many more years.


Today is my Eighth Gotcha Day Anniversary!

January 9th 2013 4:14 pm
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Eight years ago this morning, I went to my forever home with my mom.

I cried in the car because I hate to travel. When I got out of my travel cage, I went into a house and smelled food. It was for me! I ran to the food dish, ate what was in it and knew I ended up in a place I wanted to stay.

Before mom took me for my checkup last year, she took a paper towel that had Feliway on it and rubbed the inside of my cage with it. I didn’t cry on my way to the vet and the cage smelled good. From now on, mom will always make my cage smell good before she takes me to the vet.

I don’t gag much anymore, but I only lost ½ a pound; the vet wanted to see one to two pounds less of me. Mom promised to play with me more and she has done so. I have always loved my feather on a stick and that’s what we usually play with on the floor. Take a look at the video mom took of me at play!

Mom put catnip on my living room scratch pad and I rolled on it.

She also gave a donation to the place I came from to help the kitties who are there.

Mom told me that she’s happy to have me and wants me for many more years.


My New Kitty Bed

August 17th 2012 4:01 pm
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Mom went into a closet and took out something she uses for storage. She took the bags out, put a towel in it and put it on the floor. I had to sniff it and get in. I liked it and mom was happy I did! She said she gave it to me because I shred the boxes she gives me.

After I told mom how much I like my new kitty bed, she put a toy in it for me. Mom and I play with the ball and I get exercise.

Take a look at the picture mom took of me in it!


Today Is My Seventh Gotcha Day Anniversary!

January 9th 2012 4:01 pm
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Today is my seventh Gotcha Day Anniversary and I had a better year than my last one.

Mom gave me a tunnel toy that makes a sound like it’s a bag a while ago and I finally used it a few days ago. I pounced on it to make the noise and then I sat in one end of it.

For Christmas presents, mom got me pet insurance and a new food dish.

Sometimes I get minor asthma symptoms when I play too hard. My vet said they aren’t bad enough to require medicine. We are all very happy about that.

I still eat my natural reduced calorie food and I lost two pounds at my yearly exam! Yes, I love my food, but now I understand why my vet doesn’t want me to eat so much.


My Sixth Gotcha Day Anniversary and What I Did Last Year

January 9th 2011 3:28 pm
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Today is my sixth Gotcha Day anniversary and I had quite a year.

In May, I was so sick that I had to go to an emergency room. The surgical specialist asked mom if she wanted to send me to where my sister Abby lives because my breathing was so bad; the ride made the stress I had much worse. Mom insisted that she do the operation and told her how she knew she could help me.

I had an abscess on a lung and she removed 20% of it. I recovered so quickly that I was released after one day in the hospital instead of two. When mom took me back there to have my stitches removed, the surgeon told mom how happy she was to have done the operation.

My primary vet had plans to put me on a different asthma medication. There is no need to because my asthma is gone!

Mom spoiled me in my recovery by letting me eat as much as I wanted. When I went for my checkup in September, I gained weight and the vet didn’t like it. Since then, I am on a diet with natural reduced calorie food and we hope I get down to the weight I should be by my next yearly exam.

As she does every year on my Gotcha Day anniversary, mom sent a donation to the place I lived before my time with her.

Mom said she would give me dinner now. As always, it will be delicious.


Today Is My Fifth Gotcha Anniversary!

January 9th 2010 6:28 pm
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I got two new food bowls and a laser pointer toy as gifts and mom gave a donation to the shelter I came from.

Mom always tells me how happy she is because she has me. I know she loves me, but I love food very much and I wish she would give me more of it. She says she doesn’t give me more because I’m a big girl and she needs to watch my weight.

I still love my house very much and mom wants me here for many more years.


I'm Cat of the Day!

October 31st 2009 8:45 am
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Thanks to Catster for giving me Cat of the Day honors this Halloween day!

I want to share this with my angel sister Abby, who is a black cat. Mom misses her and celebrated Halloween with her when she lived with her.

I wish all of you a happy trick or treat day! I hope all of you get the treats you want.

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