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In Loving Memory Of Lisa

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In Loving Memory On Your 12th Gotcha Day

January 9th 2017 6:05 pm
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Lisa, I gave you lots of treats today and you got presents from other kitties. I thank everyone who gave you a present and many kitties (and even a few doggies) love you.

Zoe—the cat you sent to me—is much more comfortable in our house now. She was afraid to come out of her cage at the shelter to come home with me and now she loves it here. You gave me quite a challenge in her and you knew I could take it on. There were times when I wasn’t sure.

I haven’t seen a cat sit on furniture the way you did. You had a way of sitting and looking pretty.

As I do every year on this date, I donated to the place you lived before you lived with me.

I renewed our Catster subscription so I can keep pages for you, Abby and Zoe alive and active. If I can’t have you here, I can look at your Catster page and remember you through the years.


In Loving Memory On Your First Bridge Anniversary

March 12th 2016 3:58 pm
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For the first time, I did for you what I have done in loving memory of Abby on her Bridge anniversary for years--in a way dedicated personally to you.

I gave a donation to the shelter you came from this morning. This shelter has a fundraiser tonight and I want the cats there to get lots of gifts from it. They did very well last year and I hope they get even more.

You share a space with Abby in the memorial place I have at home. I went there and looked at your beautiful pictures, cards, tags and all else you have. Zoe saw what I did. I told her about you and told her to stay healthy. Zoe looked at me all the time I talked to her.

I watched your videos and they show me how I want to remember you—full of life and energy.

If you sent the next cat to me, I thank you for sending Zoe. She was adopted and returned to a shelter before she found me on her second try. The vet told me she was a healthy girl at her first checkup after she came home and will go for her next exam before this month is over and her vaccines expire.

I know you and Abby are in a life free of illness somewhere. I will see both of you again someday.

PS: It looks like Catster will not let anyone give you treats or presents. I tried and I’m sure others have too.


In Loving Memory On Your 11th Gotcha Day

January 9th 2016 8:55 am
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Lisa, this is the first Gotcha Day anniversary when I don’t have you here. As always, I will love and miss you.

I remember at this time 11 years ago, you ran to the front door of the shelter as I approached the door. You knew you were going home with me! I kept the promise I made to you days before Christmas 2004 that if you were at the shelter on January 1, 2005, you would join me in my house.

I took a look at your 10th anniversary entry. I am used to the bed that is lower to the ground and it is sad you couldn’t have used it longer. I wish this could have been an entry for you as a living cat.

You have an entry in 2007 that describes some of the things you did. I also remember how you sat up on furniture.

You were a brave and strong girl to put up with your asthma, lung surgery and breast cancer. I am happy for the days you were with me between May 2010 and March 2015 after you survived your lung surgery. The surgeon suggested that maybe you should join Abby on May 10, 2010 and I insisted that she try the surgery. At the appointment when she took the stitches out, the surgeon was happy that she did the operation and it went well. She did your successful breast surgeries too. Sadly, your kind of cancer usually spreads and claims almost every kitty who gets it. We wanted you to be one of the kitties who wins over this cancer, but it didn’t happen.

You will always be my girl. I only wish you were healthier in your time with me.

I gave a donation to the shelter you came from in your memory today. The next fundraiser will be on the first anniversary of your passing and I requested that the people there remember you on that day.

You already have gifts on your page. Thanks to anyone who gives you a gift to remember you.


I Remember You On Your 12th Birthday

November 1st 2015 4:03 pm
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Lisa, I am sorry you can’t be here with me today on your 12th birthday. I wish you a happy day wherever you are and you are celebrating with Abby and other Bridge kitties.

You were a very brave cat as you went through your treatments. You were in remission for too short a time. When your cancer returned, it came back worse and sent you to be with Abby.

Someone told me that the previous kitty sends the next one to me. I would love for you to be here, but because you can’t I want to thank you for sending Zoe to me.

I give thanks to everyone who sent a gift to you to honor your day.


A Battle I Couldn’t Win

March 15th 2015 2:49 pm
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I fought my battle with asthma and won. I made it through two surgeries to get rid of my breast cancer and the chemo that followed.

Mom looked at me on March 2 and was happy with my movement around the house and renewed interest in washing myself. It didn’t last for long.

On March 11, mom took several minutes to find me and found my tail sticking out from behind the tub. She rushed me to the primary care vet, who is closer to home. He took tests and changed my medication from the chemo pills I took to an antibiotic for an infection he found. I couldn’t tolerate the chemo pills anymore. Cancer and infection spread to my lungs and it was going to my liver. The specialist would have done the same things to me.

Mom came home from work on March 12, found me unresponsive and rushed me to the vet again. I had joined Abby.

Mom and the vets did all they could do for me. I know she misses me very much and will join me and Abby someday.


News From My Latest Checkup

March 1st 2015 3:40 pm
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I went for my latest checkup on February 23. My general physical exam went well, but the vet found a few nodules on my lungs. He told mom they are consistent with cancer spread and we are very concerned. Mom started to give me chemo pills on February 25 (after my vet got my blood work results and told mom it was okay) and I get a pill on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. My next exam is on March 23.

I love to snuggle up next to one of the heat sources, which is normal for me in the cold. I have a good appetite, but I’m not interested in playing or catnip. I had a 50/50 chance of coming out of the surgery I had in 2010 and made it. Although the odds are more against me, we want the pills and anything else to help me win this battle.


Snow, Snow and More Snow!

February 15th 2015 5:21 pm
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Mom says that there has been seven feet of snow in the past three weeks, including a foot between late last night and this morning. The snow keeps piling up because it had little or no chance to melt. It also has been cold and windy outside much of the time.

Although I stay inside, I sense when cold happens. I love to rest in my condo or sit by radiators. It is warm in the house, but I want all the warmth I can get.

My cancer veterinary team has a work week of Monday-Thursday. Mom saw the weather forecast Wednesday night and made the call Thursday to reschedule the follow-up I was supposed to have tomorrow. I will get my ultrasound, X-rays and general exam on February 23—unless there is another big storm next weekend. She wants to make sure the roads are safe to drive on.

Whenever I eventually get my follow-up, we always wish for cancer-free results.


I Made It To My 10th Gotcha Day Anniversary!

January 9th 2015 5:34 pm
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It is my 10th Gotcha Day Anniversary and I am still here!

After my breast cancer diagnosis in July, mom was afraid I would join Abby before today. I am doing fine and mom says that I could outlive her. She is very pleased that I don’t need medicine now. I can be playful at times and I loved the catnip mom gave me tonight. I am still excellent when it comes to growling and hissing. I have a good appetite.

Mom got a new bed that is two feet instead of three feet off the ground for us. She likes it because it doesn’t have lumps in it and I like it because I can jump up to get on it. We hope I don’t need the step stool to get on the bed again.

Our wish is for me to write another entry on my 11th Gotcha Day Anniversary.

Thanks to everyone who sent me gifts!


I Am In Remission!

December 14th 2014 4:25 pm
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I went to the vet place Monday for my fifth and last chemo.

The vet and his helpers did X-rays, an ultrasound and other tests on me before I got my chemo. No one found cancer in me! The vet doesn’t know the exact day I got rid of my cancer and he says that I am in remission now. Mom and everyone who worked on me are very happy about it!

Because of the reaction I had last time, I got a little less chemo. I had a slight reaction to this one, but not a big deal. Mom didn’t give me the delicious food I got after my fourth chemo and I understand why.

I will go for a follow-up on February 16 and we all wish for a cancer-free checkup.


Calling All Chemo Catsters – And Another Cancer Update

November 30th 2014 3:15 pm
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My mom wants to hear from other Catsters who have had chemo or who are familiar with it.

My first three (of five) chemo treatments went fine. I had my fourth one on November 17, and a few days later I vomited and my appetite decreased. Mom got me Cerenia and Pepcid AC for my vomiting and Mirtazapine to get me to eat.

Mom made the mistake of giving me a food I am not used to for my appetite last weekend/early last week. I loved it and ate it, but it made my poop very soft and I tracked it over the house. Mom figured out what caused my problem, the vet confirmed her suspicions and I am now fully weaned off the delicious food. I almost always keep my poop in the box and it isn’t so soft anymore, but there are times when I still want the yummy food I had for too short a time and show my disapproval by putting a small amount of poop outside my box.

I eat my regular food and get great service now—-mom feeds me in bed if that’s how I want it. She told me she has to go back to work tomorrow after a long weekend and I will have to go to my mat in the kitchen to eat, as I did before yesterday.

My last chemo is scheduled for December 8. I will get an ultrasound, X-rays and a checkup to find out if there is any cancer spread. One of the tests will be of my chest to find out if anything is still there and if so, what it is. It will be a follow-up of the chest X-ray I had on October 22.

Mom wants the best for me and we welcome any chemo experience stories.

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