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Snow, Snow and More Snow!

February 15th 2015 5:21 pm
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Mom says that there has been seven feet of snow in the past three weeks, including a foot between late last night and this morning. The snow keeps piling up because it had little or no chance to melt. It also has been cold and windy outside much of the time.

Although I stay inside, I sense when cold happens. I love to rest in my condo or sit by radiators. It is warm in the house, but I want all the warmth I can get.

My cancer veterinary team has a work week of Monday-Thursday. Mom saw the weather forecast Wednesday night and made the call Thursday to reschedule the follow-up I was supposed to have tomorrow. I will get my ultrasound, X-rays and general exam on February 23—unless there is another big storm next weekend. She wants to make sure the roads are safe to drive on.

Whenever I eventually get my follow-up, we always wish for cancer-free results.


I Made It To My 10th Gotcha Day Anniversary!

January 9th 2015 5:34 pm
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It is my 10th Gotcha Day Anniversary and I am still here!

After my breast cancer diagnosis in July, mom was afraid I would join Abby before today. I am doing fine and mom says that I could outlive her. She is very pleased that I don’t need medicine now. I can be playful at times and I loved the catnip mom gave me tonight. I am still excellent when it comes to growling and hissing. I have a good appetite.

Mom got a new bed that is two feet instead of three feet off the ground for us. She likes it because it doesn’t have lumps in it and I like it because I can jump up to get on it. We hope I don’t need the step stool to get on the bed again.

Our wish is for me to write another entry on my 11th Gotcha Day Anniversary.

Thanks to everyone who sent me gifts!


I Am In Remission!

December 14th 2014 4:25 pm
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I went to the vet place Monday for my fifth and last chemo.

The vet and his helpers did X-rays, an ultrasound and other tests on me before I got my chemo. No one found cancer in me! The vet doesn’t know the exact day I got rid of my cancer and he says that I am in remission now. Mom and everyone who worked on me are very happy about it!

Because of the reaction I had last time, I got a little less chemo. I had a slight reaction to this one, but not a big deal. Mom didn’t give me the delicious food I got after my fourth chemo and I understand why.

I will go for a follow-up on February 16 and we all wish for a cancer-free checkup.


Calling All Chemo Catsters – And Another Cancer Update

November 30th 2014 3:15 pm
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My mom wants to hear from other Catsters who have had chemo or who are familiar with it.

My first three (of five) chemo treatments went fine. I had my fourth one on November 17, and a few days later I vomited and my appetite decreased. Mom got me Cerenia and Pepcid AC for my vomiting and Mirtazapine to get me to eat.

Mom made the mistake of giving me a food I am not used to for my appetite last weekend/early last week. I loved it and ate it, but it made my poop very soft and I tracked it over the house. Mom figured out what caused my problem, the vet confirmed her suspicions and I am now fully weaned off the delicious food. I almost always keep my poop in the box and it isn’t so soft anymore, but there are times when I still want the yummy food I had for too short a time and show my disapproval by putting a small amount of poop outside my box.

I eat my regular food and get great service now—-mom feeds me in bed if that’s how I want it. She told me she has to go back to work tomorrow after a long weekend and I will have to go to my mat in the kitchen to eat, as I did before yesterday.

My last chemo is scheduled for December 8. I will get an ultrasound, X-rays and a checkup to find out if there is any cancer spread. One of the tests will be of my chest to find out if anything is still there and if so, what it is. It will be a follow-up of the chest X-ray I had on October 22.

Mom wants the best for me and we welcome any chemo experience stories.


My 11th Birthday

November 1st 2014 6:55 pm
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Thanks for the birthday wishes and presents!

It was rainy and windy all day and I had mom with me all the time, because she didn't have to go to work. I liked that she never went away from me today.

Mom usually gives me Natural Balance reduced calorie food, which I love. She bought a few different flavors of the same brand earlier this week for me to try, since the vets don't worry about my weight as much as before. After I was diagnosed with cancer, the vets love my big appetite. Mom gave me ocean fish food today to celebrate. I loved it! She will give me a can of the regular calorie food once in a while and most of the time it will still be my reduced calorie food. That's fine with me. No one wants me to be 15 pounds again.

I got catnip on my scratch pad and rolled around in it. I took some of the catnip and got on my back to show mom the hair that is growing back to cover my incision scar.

I got as much love as I wanted from mom and told her in my usual hissy way when I had enough.

I'm taking it easy now in my condo and will enjoy the rest of my day.


So Far, So Good! (My Next Cancer Report)

October 25th 2014 3:50 pm
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On October 1, I went for my second chemo treatment. The vet was happy with my progress and didn’t see any evidence of breast tumor regrowth.

I went for my third chemo treatment on October 22.

The radiologist still saw some of what I had six weeks ago in my chest, but not as much. Everyone on the vet team was happy to see that, and the radiologist is now unsure if the changes are related to cancer spread or if I have something there that is not cancer-related. I will have a recheck at my last chemo treatment, which will probably be on December 3.

My blood work was normal and I got the same amount of chemo both times.

When the vet helper took me out to mom, I hissed and growled nonstop. The vet helper said that I am unhappy at the vet place. Mom told the vet helper that hissing and growling is my way of thanking her and the rest of the vet team for all they did for me. I like to hiss and growl when I’m home, too. Mom tells me that my hissing and growling is my way of telling cancer to get away from me.

I go for my fourth (and next to last) chemo treatment on November 12.


My Cancer Update

September 28th 2014 4:53 pm
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On September 10, I went to the vet to get my stitches out and for my first chemo treatment.

Because it was my second surgery in a short time, I had more red on my belly than the first stitch removal. I wore my collar for a few more days than before because of that. When it was time for that stupid cone to come off, I got into a position to make it easy for mom to take it off of me.

Before my first chemo, one of the vet helpers took a chest X-ray. Whoever examined it found something that shouldn’t be there and the oncologist is afraid it could be more cancer. He called mom and asked her if she still wanted me to have the chemo. She told him to go ahead and give it to me because I don’t act like a sickly cat. I still like to jump, eat and show off my kitty attitude.

I went to my primary care vet September 17 for a complete blood count. The results were normal and the vet said that the chemo may be able to take care of whatever is in my chest.

I go for my second chemo this Wednesday. I will have another chest X-ray before my third chemo (probably on October 22) to find out if there are any changes.

The vets don’t want to cut into me again and we all want whatever was found in my chest to go away.


Thanks for my DOTD honors, presents, paw mails and comments!

September 2nd 2014 7:01 pm
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Thanks to Catster for my DOTD honors.

I will do everything to get well and stay well, with the help of mom and my vets. The surgeon did a lot of cutting into me recently and we all hope that I don't need another operation for a long time! Mom told me that she will send a living picture of me to the pet insurance company she uses on the first anniversary of my cancer diagnosis, which will be July 14, 2015.

Thanks to all of you who have sent presents, paw mails and comments. Mom was able to get back to some of you and says if she hasn't, she hasn't forgotten and will do so when she can.


I Want To Live!

August 31st 2014 8:50 am
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On July 12, mom petted me and I rolled over to show my belly. She felt something under all the hair and looked at it. She didn’t like it and she took me to the emergency/specialist vet that is open on Saturday nights and all other times.

Someone was there to examine me. The vet took a needle biopsy and called mom on July 14 with the results.

It was breast cancer.

I had surgery on July 28 to remove the not only the breast with the lump, but they took the entire breast chain on the same side. The post-surgery biopsy confirmed the diagnosis.

On August 27, I had the other breast chain removed. Mom got the results of the biopsy from that surgery yesterday and there was no cancer. It looks like the cancer did not spread beyond the one breast.

The surgery they did to me is perhaps the equivalent to double mastectomy in a woman. They do this to cats because breast cancer is more deadly in cats than in most other animals.

I go back to the vet on September 10 to get my stitches removed and will get the first of five chemo treatments. Mom and I only hope that this cancer never returns.

I always had the will to live through this. Mom would have never known I was sick if she didn’t feel my breast lump. I never lost my appetite or energy and I never vomited (except hairballs) or had diarrhea.

Mom gives me the love, food and rest I want. She has to keep the bedroom door shut and she turned my favorite chair and living room condo around to keep me from jumping. I got on the bed and watched birds from the bedroom window every day between my first stitch removal and my second surgery. Mom told me I can jump again after I get home on September 10.


My Ninth Gotcha Day Anniversary Is Today!

January 9th 2014 3:36 pm
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I set my big paws in my new house nine years ago today. I moved once since then and like my newer place better because I have more places from where to watch what’s going on outside.

I lost 3/4 of a pound at my last checkup. The vet was happy and wants to see me repeat that when he sees me again this summer. I gag even less than before and mom doesn’t remember the last time I did. Mom will make sure my cage has Feliway in it before she takes me to the vet so I won’t cry on the way.

Mom put catnip on my living room scratch pad and I rolled on it. She wanted to take a picture of me after I had my catnip and I kept turning away from her. I won that battle and she got no pictures of me!

She gave a donation to the place I came from to help the kitties who are there. There is a fund for a cat who looks like me and that’s the fund she gave to.

I know mom is happy to have me and wants me for many more years.

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