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Meet Rosie


August 4th 2006 5:49 am
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Hey Peeps I'm starting to get very sick, I think I'm at my last few day on my last life out of my 9lives. I'm here to say good bye. I'm Finaly going to be in big KittyPalace in the sky with my twin kitty Sister Samantha. Sammy died when she was 13. The truble maker kitty twins will be united again!



October 21st 2005 12:26 pm
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Hey ppl,
I had a bath the other day and I hurt my hip.
it hurts realy bad :(
My owners are worried sick


Week End with Jinxie

September 13th 2005 4:28 pm
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Hey people.

I am stuck here at home with A tail Wacking, two legger suck up!
we're alone for the week end. (oh Joy). I will get sooooooooo,oooooooooooo,oooooooooooo mad if that thing the two leggers call a Cat bops me on the head one more time!!!!.

well, i gotta go I have very important things to do and if you wonder what i have to it's sleep you happy i told You?????!!!!!!

I know what all you two leggers are thinking! oh what a lazy cat, what disgrace to the feline family, What a old fart of a cat this is, YA thats what all you two leggers think, but guess what i did a 60 mile jog! I went to the litter box and back!. so HA.

and if your wondering two legger means human.


May 4th 2005 6:54 am
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to day my sister jinxie got out side and then my owner found out and brought her in the house and when my owner put JInxie down and walked away i gave jinxie a smack in the head with my paw,

well got to go BYE, Rose Bud A.K.A. - Rosie


meet Rosie

May 4th 2005 6:52 am
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Hello, My name is Rosie,

I'm an old cat. All I do is eat, sleep, and tell my little sister Jinxie to go away and stop playing with my tail. Today, my little sister Jinxie got OUTSIDE. My owner found her and brought her back in. When my owner put Jinxie down, I gave her a big smack in the head with my paw. That was my little way of saying NO!!!

Well,I have to go eat. Bye.

Rose bud A.K.A.-Rosie

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